DDFYM – Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Golden Snake Fruit

Meanwhile, within Sima You Yue’s tent, she stared at the newly emerged Mo Sha with surprise.

“How did you come out when I didn’t call you?”

“I am able to enter and leave this Spirit Pearl freely, until the time comes when your strength is greater than mine.”

“Okay then.” Sima You Yue shrugged, saying, “What did you come out for this time?”

Mo Sha looked towards the inner areas and said, “I picked up on a scent.”

“A scent? What kind of scent? How come I didn’t smell anything?” Sima You Yue used all her effort to sniff around, but she didn’t pick up on any particular scent.

“It’s really far from here, how would the current you be able to smell it.” Mo Sha said with a hint of disdain..

“What could it be, that it would actually be able to draw you out.” Sima You Yue asked curiously.

“Golden Snake Fruit.”


Once she heard about the Golden Snake Fruit, Sima You Yue’s brain immediately thought of a fruit similar to the red apple from her previous life on earth. However, she knew what it would definitely not be something ordinary like that.

She had seen it once in a medical book the last time she was inside the Spirit Pearl; the Golden Snake fruit was a kind of golden colored fruit. It flowered for seven hundred years, bore fruit for seven hundred years, another seven hundred years to ripen. Each time, it would produce seven fruits.

The fruit could directly be used to increase one’s cultivation rank, however, one could only eat a piece around the size of a fingernail at each time. If not, the energy would accumulate beyond what the body could stand and it would easily result in one’s meridians exploding.

If one refined it into a pill, they would not end up with this kind of outcome, however, this kind of pills would cost at least thousands upon thousands of gold for a single pill. When compared to the pills that cost only a few tens of gold per piece, it was more than a few hundred times more precious.

Not only would this fruit be able to increase one’s cultivation rank, its branch, leaves and roots were all precious. As a result, once the Golden Snake Fruit was noticed, everyone would fall over themselves to rush to the fruit.

However, this Golden Snake Fruit was not easy to obtain. It goes without saying that there would be many Spirit Beasts guarding it, but once that fruit ripened, its fragrance would spread for thousands of miles, attracting all the Spirit Beasts nearby. This was because the fruit was not only useful for people, it could also be used by Spirit Beasts to increase their rank.

“I never expected that this Golden Snake Fruit would be so attractive that even you would be moved by it.” Sima You Yue teased.

“A precious treasure of Heaven and Earth is definitely not easy to encounter.” Mo Sha did not deny it at all, “Furthermore, this item also benefits you.”

“What benefits does it have? Will it increase my cultivation capacity?” Once she heard that it brought some benefits to her, Sima You Yue’s enthusiasm surfaced again.

Mo Sha shook his head, “Some people only know that it will be able to increase their cultivation, however, very few people know that it something that can nourish and repair one’s spirit. Your soul had once received a great deal of damage, which would have very large impacts on your future cultivation and alchemy. If you were able to obtain the Golden Snake Fruit to warm and nourish you, it would definitely be extremely useful for the recovery of your soul.”

“Huh? It’s also able to recover one’s soul?” Sima You Yue looked at Mo Sha with shock.

“That’s right. This Golden Snake Fruit has absorbed the moonlight, and after that, when it’s transforming the inside of your body, will give off a milky white gas. This kind of gas is extremely beneficial for a person’s soul.” Mo Sha explained, “Even if your soul didn’t receive any wounds, after being nourished by it for a long time, it would become much stronger.”

“That’s amazing! It really is a treasure! Hehe, I definitely have to obtain this item.” Sima You Yue immediately sat up and saw that Mo Sha had turned his head around to look at her. She smiled and said, “I know, you want to use this item to recover your soul, if not, there would be no reason for a guy like you, who never wakes up early in the morning, to come out and say all these things to me.”

“I am able to sense that there is at least one Divine Ranked Spirit Beast within the vicinity of the Golden Snake Fruit.” Mo Sha said, “Furthermore, once that Golden Snake Fruit matures, it will draw large quantities of Spirit Beasts. Add that onto the people who will be drawn, it will definitely not be easy to seize.”

“You will help me.” Sima You Yue said with confidence.

“Oh? You are so confident of that.” Mo Sha raised his eyebrows in question.

“Of course.” Sima You Yue said self-assuredly, “If this item had nothing to do with you, you may not help out. However, it is unknown how for how many years your spirit has lingered outside your body and the wounds you sustained are no less than mine. Although the Spirit Pearl can nourish you, the process is not quick. If you were able to obtain the Golden Snake Fruit Tree, you would definitely recover at a quicker rate. And so, you definitely need to obtain this Golden Snake Fruit.”

“I can’t intervene rashly.” Mo Sha said.

“I know, you just have to act when the time is right.” Sima You Yue replied as she waved her hands.

“This Golden Snake fruit is very picky about its living environment. Who knows why it has grown for such a long time here in Yi Lin Continent, which is such a low leveled place.” Mo Sha puzzled.

“Who knows, maybe it knows you and I need it, so it decided to grow.” Sima You Yue joked.

Mo Sha’s mouth curved into a slight smirk when he heard what she said, and was too lazy to reply her. He closed his eyes for a while to perceive something, then opened them to say, “The Golden Snake Fruit still needs twenty days to mature. You should go and check out the situation two days before that.”

“I got it.” Sima You Yue nodded in reply.

When he saw this, Mo Sha turned back into a wisp of black smoke and returned to the Spirit Pearl.

Sima You Yue lay on the bed once again and spoke to herself, “twenty days… we already have enough Spirit Beast bodies so we’re just left with having to find some pill ingredients. In half a month, we should be done with them as well. However, it’s so dangerous in the inner regions, at that time, it would be best for me to go by myself in order to avoid putting the others in danger. But how would I get them to let me go? Forget it, I won’t think about it. I’ll settle it when the time comes.”

After thinking through it, Sima You Yue closed her eyes and recited the Secrets of Soul Refinement in her heart as she began to cultivate her soul.

After a day and night of recuperation, added on to the use of pills, Fatty Qu and the rest had pretty much tended to their wounds. At the very least, they would have no problems hurrying on with their mission. Thinking about how they still had a few different kinds of ingredients to find, they packed their things and got on the road on the morning of the second day.

In order to save time, Sima You Yue threw Little Roar out and let him look for a Spirit Beast who could talk, so they could ask it where the ingredients grew. After he told her, she brought everyone there to harvest it.

As a result, they used a total of twelve days before they managed to finish harvesting all the pill ingredients they needed.

Along the boundary of the middle and outer regions, Sima You Yue and the few of them kept the Fire Grass, that they had picked from the valley, into their interspatial rings.

“Hehe, I really never thought that this place would have so much Fire Grass.” Fatty Qu laughed heartily, “Bei Gong, didn’t you say that there would be a lot of danger surround the Fire Grass, how come we haven’t seen a single Spirit Beast?”

Bei Gong Tang was also a bit puzzled, saying, “Normally, this place is where Spirit Beasts tend to gather, but how come there aren’t any around?”

“They should have been drawn towards the activity within the inner regions.” Sima You Yue said, “Haven’t you guys realised that we rarely encounter Spirit Beasts recently. They say that when some treasure appears, it will cause a great commotion. I think that they have gone to join in the fun.”

“So that’s why.” Fatty Qu pretended to nod his head earnestly.

After they had finished harvesting the Fire Grass that had matured for a certain number of years, their mission this time was considered to have been completed. Wei Zi Qi looked at Sima You Yue’s figure from behind. He initially thought that bringing him would be a burden, however, he never expected that once they arrived at this place, his contribution to everyone would be the greatest.

“Since our mission has been completed, when shall we return?” Wei Zi Qi asked.

Hearing what he said, Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang’s bodies stiffened.


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