DDFYM – Chapter 27

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Translated by Socksrocker

Chapter 27: “Ling Long”

Sima You Yue thought of the previous time she recognised Little Spirit as her master. It seemed as if it was something that needed her own blood. Therefore, she placed her own finger upon the dagger and, before she made any action, Ling Long gave her a cut. In a flash, the fresh blood moistened the dagger.

“You look so old and rusty, I never thought that you would still be so sharp.” Sima You Yue said. She wanted to retrieve her hand but she realised that her hand was completely unable to leave Ling Long’s body. The situation was exactly the same as the previous circumstance as Little Spirit.

“Yue yue!” Little Roar saw Sima You Yue faint and quickly flew over.

“Don’t worry, she just lost too much blood. She won’t die.” Little Spirit said.

After Ling Long sucked enough blood, it immediately lay down beside Sima You Yue, and belched satisfactorily. The rust on the dagger started to completely fall off. The entire dagger was so clean that you could use it as a mirror and the edge of the dagger started to give off a cold ray of light. With one glance, one could tell that it was incomparably sharp.

Not only that, but after the rust completely fell off, in a split second, the dagger turned transparent. Little Roar and Little Spirit only saw that, inside the blade, Sima You Yue’s blood was churning chaotically. As such, every single part of the blade was covered with bloodstains. At the same time, a beam of red light shot towards the heavens and the inside of the entire Spirit Pearl was engulfed in red.

It was lucky that this was the inside of the Spirit Pearl. If it were outside instead, this movement would have undoubtedly drawn more than a little amount of trouble.

Little Spirit and Little Roar were blinded by the red light and could not open their eyes. After waiting for the red light to disperse, they opened their eyes and saw a small child sitting on Sima You Yue’s body, smiling happily. That baby’s voice was small and was really similar to a little doll.

“A, a small child?” Little Roar and Little Spirit were both shocked dumb.

“You, how can you be so small?” Little Spirit pointed at Ling Long, “Furthermore, you’re even a female!”

Although this Ling Long had already been wasting away inside the Spirit Pearl for tens of millions of years, it had always been in the form of a dagger. It completely never crossed his mind that this Ling Long would be a female child.

“Why can I not turn into a small child? Aren’t you one yourself. Hmph!” Ling Long turned her back on Little Spirit. Looking at Sima You Yue’s pale appearance, she asked, “When will master wake up?”

“My dear little sister!” Little Roar flew in front of Ling Long and said, “Little sister Ling Long should not worry, Yue Yue will wake up very soon!”

“Little Sister your ass!” Ling Long turned her body over and stepped on Little Roar’s face and said, “When Big Sis was formed, you were still in some unknown corner of the universe and were not even reincarnated! You still dare to call me little sister? If you want to call me anything, you should call me Big Sis Ling Long!”

Although Little Roar’s face was soon going to be stepped into a meat pancake, he stretched out a small claw to pat Ling Long’s leg and said fawningly, “Does Big Sis Ling Long’s leg hurt? Do you need me to help you blow on it?”

“You are so soft and tender, how could you hurt me?” One sentence of ‘Big Sis Ling Long’ had satisfied Ling Long; this little beast was quite cute. After which, she flew back to Sima You Yue’s body and sat down. With her little hand holding her chin, her face was full of worry as she looked at the Sima You Yue who wouldn’t wake up.

It appeared that Little Roar was able to notice that Ling Long was really someone who had a fiery temperament. If she was dissatisfied with you for a single moment, she would definitely shout to beat and kill you. It was no wonder that people like Little Spirit were unable to handle her, and would quarrel with her for so many years.

Despite that, she seemed to like Sima You Yue. Even before they recognised their master, it was clear to see. But why?

It was not only Little Roar who was unable to figure this out, but neither could Little Spirit. He and Ling Long had been together for so many years. Watching her look for a master over and over again, being filled with regret and returning over and over again, and finally, simply being too lazy to continue searching, they wasted away inside the Spirit Pearl.

For someone who was so fussy about their master, why would she look upon Sima You Yue with such favor when Sima You Yue had only recently become a Spirit Master?

Little Spirit unknowingly asked this question out loud. Ling Long smiled and said, “Because she understands me.”

“But, for someone like you whose nature is so aggressive, don’t you only like people who are strong? She has only just started practicing.” Said Little Spirit.

“She will become strong.” Ling Long said confidently.

After saying this, she stretched forth her short hand and gently prodded Sima You Yue’s face.

Sima You Yue, once again, saw these scenes that she had not seen for such a long time; the raging fire, which burnt the beautiful mansion to ashes. This was not the apartment building that belonged to her world. It was a beautiful, old and antique building. The nameplate ‘Ximen Mansion’ hung upon the front door. The flames quickly rushed up and immediately engulfed the majestic door.

Watching the entire mansion burn down in flames, Sima You Yue’s heart felt as if it was pierced with a countless number of knives. A silhouette appeared amidst the flames and faced her while laughing heartily, “Ximen You Yue, look at your home. It’s turned into a pile of ashes. Hahaha, what qualifications do you still have to fight with me?”

Sima You Yue could not see her face clearly, but she could remember that voice. That voice was incomparably sharp and it pierced straight through her heart.

Why, why did she have this kind of dream again. Was this what Little Roar talked about, her forgotten past?

But she remembered that in her previous life on this earth,  she was killed by an explosion, at the hands of her company’s second in command.

Unless you’re saying, after she had died on the earth, she had passed through this world and lived another life, becoming Ximen You Yue, receiving Little Roar. After which, having her entire family and herself assassinated. The reason was completely unknown. When she had reincarnated for the second time, she became this obsessive love-struck Miss.

Furthermore, like Little Roar said, when she had died previously, her spirit had received a trauma. That was why she had forgotten memories from the middle part of her life. Also, Little Roar had confirmed that she had forgotten those memories and that it was not a delusion but an undeniable fact.

“You Yue, if you can possibly survive, you definitely should not take revenge for us. What we want to see the most, is you living a good life.” — A warm voice sounded from the midst of the sea of flames. However, listening to this voice, Sima You Yue’s heart began to hurt even more, and could not hold herself back from shouting out, “Mother……”

With just one call of ‘mother’, it immediately caused her pair of dry eyes to turn moist, and unstoppable tears fell unceasingly.

It appeared that she had seen a beautiful face, lightly pasted upon her own face, which said while smiling, “ Look, this is our daughter, she really looks like you! She resembles the moon in the sky.”

“Then we should call her You Yue.” — A male voice sounded.

“Alright, silly girl, in the future you will be called Ximen You Yue. I’m your mother, your first word definitely needs to be ‘mother’!”

Sima You Yue stretched out her hand, she wanted to touch that beautiful face. However, before she managed to touch her, that silhouette disappeared into the fire.


Ling Long sat on Sima You Yue’s chest, looking at the tears that fell from her eyes, she said with her heart aching, “Little Yue Yue, why are you crying? Little Yue Yue is really sad, her heart is hurting. Ling Long also wants to cry, sob sob……”

Little Roar and Little Spirit also felt the pain in Sima You Yue’s heart. Little Spirit did not know why, but Little Long guessed that she definitely saw some memories that happened in her past.

“Little Yue Yue, don’t cry anymore, we will be here with you!” Ling Long crawled on the top of Sima You Yue’s head. She stretched forth her hand and wiped away the tears that that were in the corner of Sima You Yue’s eyes.

When Sima You Yue gently opened her eyes, the tears blurred her vision. Looking at the silhouette in front of her eyes that had, seemingly, not disappeared, she said softly, “Mother, Yue Er really misses you……”

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