DDFYM – Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: “Supreme Artifacts”

There was a shriek mixed in with Little Spirit’s scolding hence it was not possible for that shriek to belong to Little Spirit.

Sima You Yue looked at Little Roar who had on the same puzzled expression, so she also ruled him out.

Before she could even continue her train of thoughts, the scene around her had changed and she had already been pulled into the Spirit Pearl and Little Spirit was floating in front of her.

“Didn’t you say that only with my thought then I can enter? How did you manage to pull me in?”

She asked in a disgruntled tone.

Little Spirit gave her another condescending glance and said: “Those are only for the general Spirit Artifacts, those stronger artifacts that are more powerful, like myself, have the ability to take the initiative.”

“Oh, alright then.” She touched her nose and asked again. “So why did you pull me in here? What was all that screaming about?”

“Really an idiot!” Little Spirit couldn’t help but think that out of all his previous masters, Sima You Yue was the most stupid one. He then thought back and tried to figure out how did their destinies get entwined together, having recognized her as a master.

Sima You Yue gently knocked her knuckle on his head and asked in a dissatisfied tone: “Are there Spirit Artifacts like you who despise their own masters? If I ever see you with this same expression on, I’m just going to throw the Spirit Pearl into fire and roast it!”

“I’m just speaking the truth.” Little Spirit answered nonchalantly, not a trace of fear could be found in his voice.

“Alright, just tell me the main reason on why you interrupted me and pulled me in here for.” After saying, she had an an image in her mind and with a thought, a chair appeared before her.

She had already grasped how things worked in here. Her thoughts worked magically in here, whatever she wanted, all she needed to do was to conjure up the image in her mind and with a simple thought, it would appear. Her thoughts were akin to God’s power in here. Whatever she wanted, would simply manifest before her with a single thought from her.

When Little Spirit saw how fast she had grasped onto how things worked here, he furrowed his brows.

“Oh, stop dawdling and quickly spill the beans! Hurry up and say it!” Little Roar who was beside her couldn’t take the suspense anymore and quickly urged Little Spirit impatiently.

Little Spirit still did not answer them and arrived before the dagger and poked it with his chubby hands. “Have you played enough? When are you going to drop all this pretence.”

There was no movement from the dagger.

“Continue on with this farce and I’ll really let her polish you with this whetstone!” Little Spirit threatened.

This threat seemed to have worked better and the dagger above the whetstone shook gently trembled a couple of times and it suddenly shot up above Little Spirit’s head and without any warning, it whacked Little Spirit’s head. A tender voice sounded out: “You dare to polish this Big Master? This Big Master here will chop you up into pieces!”

Little Spirit’s wrath was ignited and he no longer paid any heed to Sima You Yue and immediately lunged towards the dagger.

Sima You Yue and Little Roar watched on speechlessly at this scene in front of them, both still in shock as they watched the two fighting each other while each threw blatant threats at the same time.

“This dagger can speak?” Little Roar asked in astonishment.

“Do you know what’s going on?” Sima You Yue asked him.

“Nope, no idea.” Little Roar answered very simply.

“Didn’t you say that you were an Ancient Sacred Spirit Beast, and you know everything?” She looked at him with contempt.

“Oh, haha, I’m just a descendant of the Ancient Sacred Spirit Beast, I’ve not lived for thousands of millenniums, so how would I know? What I meant when I said I know everything was referring to my heritage, I’ve nothing to do with this guy here, so how would I know anything about him?” Little Roar quickly evaded her eyes, but at the same time, he let out a little sigh.

He had also mentioned this to her before, but now that her soul was damaged, she held no memories of the former.

After watching the two for a while more, Sima You Yue asked: “When are two of you going to fight till? Can someone tell me what’s going on?”

When the dagger heard Sima You Yue’s voice, it flew over immediately as it floated in front of her and the same tender voice sounded out: “Little Yue Yue, don’t use the whetstone to polish me, kay!”

She poked the dagger in front of her in curiosity and asked: “You’re covered in such a thick layer of rust, if I don’t use a whetstone to polish you, tell me how am I to use you? More importantly, you’re a dagger! How can you talk?! Little Spirit! Come over and tell me what’s happening!”

With her sudden change in temperament and her aggressive tone, both Little Spirit and the dagger were shocked.

“It’s not an ordinary artifact.” Little Spirit explained.

“I can see that, quick, say the main points. Tell me, what is this thing?” Sima You Yue rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“I’m not a thing! I’m a Supreme Artifact!” The dagger yelled out in defence.

Not a thing—

Sima You Yue was rendered speechless at the dagger’s defence, at the same time, she was also surprised by what it said last, it claimed that it was a supreme artifact.

“You are a Supreme Artifact? The Supreme Artifact is obviously me!” Little Spirit retorted at once.

“I am the Supreme Artifact, I’m more powerful than you!” The dagger countered back.

“I’m more powerful!” Little Spirit said.

“No, I’M more powerful.”

“Enough. Both of you stop fighting. Can you just explain to me what’s going on? In the end, what is this…thing?” She had to stop their childish banter, the way things were going, if she didn’t interrupt them, they might have gone on till the next day.

“Little Yue Yue! I’ve already said that I’m not a thing!” The dagger said as if being wronged and the voice was full of grievance. “I’ve already said, I’m a Supreme Artifact! I’m the Supreme Artifact Ling Long.

When Little Spirit heard that dagger claim itself to be s supreme artifact, he wanted to retort but he was silenced by that deadly glare from Sima You Yue. All he could do was to swallow back the words he had wanted to say.

“Ling Long? What weapon is that?” Sima You Yue asked, her curiosity piqued.

“It’s means Ling Long.” Ling Long simply said. “I was born from the beginning of time, when the heavens and earth were made, I was made from a piece of the divine rock Ling Long. A deity had picked me up and refined me into an artifact. Before he had picked me up, I had already formed my own awareness and had my own consciousness. When he was refining me, I was cut up into pieces, melded under high pressure and intense heat. Going through all that excruciating pain made me lose my consciousness and when I came to, I had already become like that.”

“Why did he make you into a dagger? A dagger’s attack power isn’t as good as other weapons.” Sima You Yue asked.

“This is not my original form.” Ling Long said. “But this is the only form I can show now.”

“So you mean to say that you can change into other form of weapons?” Sima You Yue asked excitedly.

“Of course! Since I’m a Supreme Artifact, I sure have a great ability!” Ling Long voice became proud and continued on: “I can change into any weapons, spear, saber, sword, whatever you want me to turn into, I can do it! Well, other than this rolling bead in front of me, that is. As long as it’s a weapon, I can turn into it!”

“This shows that you are still not as good as me! Hmph!” Little Spirit stuck out his chest and boasted.

Sima You Yue looked at the dagger with sparkling eyes and asked: “Can you change into another weapon for me to have a look?”

“This transformation is controlled by my master. Little Yue Yue, I like you very much! I’ll acknowledge you to be my master!”

“Acknowledge me to be a master? This weapon also needs to establish a link?” Sima You Yue asked.

“What an idiot! Without establishing a link, tell me if you are able to enter the Spirit Pearl?” Little Spirit retorted.

Sima You Yue stared at Little Spirit and frowned. This kid had been recently scolding her a lot, calling her stupid this and that… Since when was she stupid? She was just very unfamiliar with this world!

“Giggle-” The dagger explained patiently: “In this world, Spirit Artifacts need to establish a link with their masters. This link will also play an important part in drawing out the powers of the spirit artifacts. The closer the bond, the more powerful the Spirit Artifact.”

“Oh, so it’s like this! I didn’t know that. Alright then, let’s establish a link and get this acknowledgment thing going!” Sima You Yue clapped her hands in excitement.


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