DDFYM – Chapter 255

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Chapter 255: Losing out a lot

After waiting two more days, Sima You Yang and Sima You Lan came out at the same time. Sima You Lin only appeared on the last day.

“You Lin, the three of them don’t know how to get out. Do you?” Sima You Yue sat on the floor eating roast chicken quite shamelessly.

Beside her lay a pile of bones that had been licked clean.

Sima You Yang and the others were all holding a roast chicken and gnawing it. The golden skin of that roast chicken really looked exceptionally tantalising.

Sima You Lin walked over and snatched the roast chicken in Sima You Yang’s hands and pulled off a bit and placed it in his mouth. He swallowed it before saying, “There’s no exit here.”

“No exit? Then how do we get out?”

“Once time is up, we will naturally be thrown out of here.”


“Alright then, we can only wait.” Sima You Yue sighed helplessly.

Her strength had grown too quickly and needed to go to the back mountains to look for a few spirit beasts to spar with. Otherwise, her strength would be too superficial and would not be good for supporting her future rise.

Sima You Yang looked at Sima You Lin with grievance, whining, “My roast chicken…”

“You’ve been out for so long, the chicken bones around you are quickly forming a mountain. Eat a little less, save your figure.” Sima You Lin said.

“You Yue…” Sima You Yang cast his gaze towards Sima You Yue, wanting her to roast another one for him.

Sima You Yue threw a chicken at him, saying, “Roast it yourself.”

Sima You Yang lifted the chicken, and just as his eyes met with its large eyes, a white ray enveloped them and they all disappeared from the mountain.

At the valley, Sima Tai and Sima Lin were waiting anxiously with a group of other elders. Suddenly, there was a flash of white light and groups of people were spit out from it.


“I’m going to be squished to death!”

“Who’s sitting on my head?”

Everyone was thrown into a pile on the valley. If they were not Spirit Masters, they would all have been squished to death.

Eldest senior scanned the group and said with shock, “We actually didn’t lose a single disciple this year!”

“Ah? That’s true!” Second senior scanned the atra as well.

“Not only did we not lose anyone, most of them have increased by two or three ranks.” Sima LIn said.

“Was it so easy this year?” Sima Tai and Sima Lin exchanged glances, the circumstances this year were really abnormal!

“Damn it, we really were thrown out. My butt ah-” Sima You Yue cursed.

“You Yue, you’re sitting on my face.” The people below initially wanted to scold whoever was sitting on their face, but when they heard Sima You Yue’s voice, their words immediately changed.

Sima You Yue gently stood up and saw the person whose face was sat on. He was about to be buried into the ground.

“Cough cough, sorry!” Sima You Yue pulled the guy up and apologised.

“No problem, no problem.”

“Alright, all stand up properly.” Eldest Senior loudly announced.

All those people quickly stood up and moved into an orderly fashion.

“Did you all not encounter any dangers when you entered?” Third elder could not help but ask when he saw that nobody was injured.

“Nope!” Everyone replied.

“There are many Divine beasts in there, did you not encounter them?”

“We encountered them!”

“Then why did you say you did not encounter any danger?!” Third Elder blew his beard.

“There was really no danger! All those divine beasts were taken by us and not a single person was injured.” Someone replied.

“Taken by you?”

“That’s right, we took them all out. There’s not a single Divine beast left in there!” Sima You Yang said.

Sima Tai raised his eyebrows, “You all took the Divine Beasts out?”

“That’s right, Grandfather. Brothers, take out the fruits of our labor and display them for the elders to see.”

Sima You Yang ordered this, and those who possessed the Divine Beasts all revealed their Divine beasts.

“So many Divine beasts!” That elder was shocked by the numerous Divine Beasts.

“How did you all manage to contract these Divine Beasts?” Second Elder asked.

“Everyone caught them together, then You Yue tamed them for us and let us contract them.” A disciple replied.

“Good, good, good!” Sima Tai said ‘great’ three times. He was so happy that he expressed his feeling in words, “I initially thought that this would be the last time I would open the ancestral ground because there were too many Divine Beasts and it was too dangerous. I never thought you would actually solve this problem! Not bad.”

“Clan Leader, since the disciples have already come back, you can ask them anything you want when we head back.” Sima Lin said.


The teleportation array back home had already been prepared, and they quickly returned to the Leader’s house.

When they returned, Sima You Yue finally found Sima You Ming and the others and walked over to stand with them.

“Brother, did you rise another rank?” She furrowed her eyebrows, saying, “Your strength has grown too quickly recently.”

“We feel this way as well. That’s why we plan to wait a few days and head out to practice for a few months.” Sima You Ming said.

“I think that they will go out and catch Divine Beasts soon. When the time goes, follow them and fight well, consolidating your strength.” Sima You Yue said.

“This isn’t too bad. We might encounter some danger if we go out on our own. It would be the best to go with the clan members.” Sima You Ran said.

“Fifth Brother, what about you?” Sima You Le asked.

“I won’t be going. I’ll just look for some spirit beasts to spar with.” Sima You Yue shook her head.

After spending two over years in the mountain, she had no desire to go back to that life.

While they were talking, Sima Tai had already finished speaking and let everyone head back. However, he asked Sima You Yue and Sima You Lin to stay behind.

Sima You Yue followed behind them to the large hall, found a seat at the back and sat down.

“You Lin, was what you said true?” Sima Tai asked.

“That’s right.” Sima You Lin said, “You Yue really has the Sima Clan’s bloodline.”

“You Yue, you entered through that door?” Sima Lin asked.

“That’s right.” Sima You Yue said, “That mountain had a stone outside, is it reliable or not?”

That stone is definitely reliable. It’s passed down from our ancestors.” Sima Tai said, “So this means that you are truly someone from our Sima Clan.”

Sima You Yue rolled her eyes and lay on the table wordlessly.

That old fox, if she continued speaking with him, she would definitely end up going around in circles.

“You Lan, your bloodline is feeling a bit restless, could it be that the spirit beast bloodline is one step closer to awakening?” Sima Tai asked.

“Yes, Clan Leader.” Sima You Lan smiled as she said, “This time, I found a pound that excites the blood line. After I absorbed the essence, my bloodline awakened quite a bit.”

Sima Tai nodded, saying, “Your cultivation talent has always been quite good. Now that you are one step closer to awakening your bloodline, you should cultivate properly. Later one, you will definitely be able to go far.”

“Yes, Clan Leader.” Sima You Lan replied.

Sima Tai asked everyone about their legacies. At the end, when he asked what Sima You Yue obtained, she very unhappily took out her book, Fusion. She pursed her lips and said, “All of you got to increase your strength, only I got something that I can teach everyone. Sigh, I’ve lost out, lost out a lot!”

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