DDFYM – Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: Causing Trouble (2)


The bird that had been kidnapped together with Little Roar cried out as well. Its call was too piercing, forcing the men to cover their ears.

“Master Mu, what’s wrong with these Spirit Beasts” The Mercenaries had been frightened by the current situation so Hao You Cai had come beside Master Mu to ask in a trembling voice.

“It looks like the Spirit Beasts are going to wake up!”

When Master Mu finished speaking, he walked towards the tent where the Spirit Beasts were kept. Even before he pulled open the door curtain, a hoard of transformed Spirit Beasts ran out.


The Spirit Beasts shouted as their recovered the strength in their bodies, as they crammed the entire camp, one by one.

“Outrageous humans, you actually dared to use this kind of despicable knockout medicine on us in this way? Accept your fates!”

The Saint Beast that had recovered its strength looked at the mercenaries as they charged towards the people in the group.

Sima You Yue did not know when she arrived beside the basket that shut Little Roar inside but she threw it open and Little Roar immediately pounced on her.

“Boohoo, Yue Yue, I thought that I would never get to see you again!”

Little Roar wailed in Sima You Yue’s embrace, however, she could not see even a single teardrop.

“Enough, stop pretending.” Sima You Yue lifted Little Roar’s neck, saying, “Didn’t you say that you were going to probe the situation? How did you end up getting caught in this place?”

“Eh- um- oh no, my friend is going to go on a rampage, I have to and give it support!” Little Roar’s pupils spun. When he saw that the bird that was with him had recovered its strength, his body nimbly twisted and threw off Sima You Yue’s strong grip and flew, landing on the back of that bird.

“Big Roc, you are a giant legendary bird, yet these few men dared to catch you! Let them have a taste of your power!” Little Roar shouted as he sat on the body of the Four Winged Roc.

The men from the group of mercenaries were all completely panic-stricken. All these Spirit Beasts were brought back by them when they were in a daze; under normal circumstances, even a few of them would be impossible to defeat. Now that there were so many, furthermore, each and every single one of these Spirit Beasts were glaring hatefully at them, they would most definitely get torn apart.

Hao You Cai watched helplessly as the Spirit Beasts emerged on by one, transforming in front of their very eyes. With fear and trembling, they pulled on Great Master Su’s clothes, saying, “Great Master Su, didn’t you say that this Knockout medicine would at least last one to two months, why is it that they’re all waking up now?”

Great Master Su no longer had the awe-inspiring authority that he had just now. Looking at the three-metre long spirit beasts, he gulped. When he heard what Hao You Cai said, he replied, “How would I know!”

“Boss, this is definitely the work of those few brats!” Ah Cai pointed to Sima You Yue and said when he called what he had said to him.

“Haha, you all guessed it right!” Wei Zi Qi and the others came out from inside the tent, holding bitter-sweet smelling grass in his hands.

“Bitter-sweet smelling grass!” Great Master Su recognised what Wei Zi Qi was holding in his hand at a glance, “Bitter-sweet smelling grass is able to nullify all knockout medicines. No wonder our knockout drug would stop working!”

“Humph! As a Beast Tamer Master from the Beast Tamer Master Guild, you actually would ignore the contract that humans have with the spirit beasts, using knockout medicine to kidnap these Spirit Beasts!” Wei Zi Qi yelled.

“Since you know that I am someone from the Beast Tamer Master Guild, you should also know that I am doing things on behalf of the Beast Tamer Master Guild but you actually dared to cause trouble!” Great Master Su heard what Wei Zi Qi had said and replied him while sizing him up. Listening carefully to what he said, it he was not an average person.

“Beast Tamer Master Guild? Who knows whether or not the Beast Tamer Master Guild would be willing to be your protective umbrella when they find out what kind of shady business you’ve been done! I’m afraid that Wei Heng won’t let you all off!” Wei Zi Qi smiled coldly.

“How are you, how do you know Wei Heng?” When Great Master Mu heard the name Wei Heng, he started to feel guilty.

There was nobody in the Beast Tamer Master Guild who did not know of the vice president of the Guild. However, he always stayed indoors without coming out, so rarely appeared outside and very few people knew him. Hearing Wei Zi Qi talk about Wei Heng at this moment revealed clearly that his identity was definitely not simple!

“Wei Heng is my Great Uncle, I am a member of the Wei Clan!” Wei Zi Qi said proudly.

“A member of Wei Clan!” Great Master Su’s eyes were open wide in shock. He had almost killed a member of the Wei Clan!

“Zi Qi, why are you wasting words on him. These Spirit Beasts are almost all completely recovered. If we don’t leave this place, we’ll also be implicated.” Fatty Qu reminded him from the side.

The Spirit Beasts who had just awakened from their stupor were extremely irritable. What they wanted most now, towards the humans who had plotted towards their capture, to let them feel their wrath! Now that they were able to see the humans who had hurt them, they were unable to hold back.


The Spirit Beasts roared towards them before charging towards the mercenaries. Wei Zi Qi and the others had already left far away long ago, rushing quickly to an ancient tree far away.

“You were already here but you didn’t call out to us!” Fatty Qu saw that Sima You Yue and the other four were already sitting down on the branches of the large tree and complained.

“We saw that you all were talking to them so happily that we didn’t want to disturb you.” Bei Gong Tang jested in a rare expression of humor.

“You all did it on purpose!” Fatty Qu sat on the branches as he complained in a small voice.

“Those Spirit Beasts have all become so irritable, how come Little Roar is unaffected?” Wei Zi Qi asked when he observed Little Roar, who was hopping and jumping while giving commands, on the back on that Four Winged Roc.

Sima You Yue shrugged, saying, “I don’t know either. Whoa! Those Spirit Beasts are truly malicious!”

Everyone looked towards the direction that Sima You Yue was looking in and saw a Black Leopard just happen to split Ah Mo in half, filling the entire compound with blood.

“The bitter-sweet smelling grass by itself would already make the Spirit Beasts violent. Adding on to that the fact that they have enmity with them, having hatred in their hearts, it’s natural that their hands would be so heavy!” Ouyang Fe said with an unchanging face.

Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang didn’t have that much feelings towards the scene that was taking place. Those men had tried to kill them to silence them earlier, and even violated the contract, so it could be considered their own fault for having this kind of outcome.

Fatty Qu and Wei Zi Qi had never seen such a bloodbath, so seeing that the whole ground was flowing with blood caused them to involuntarily turn their heads away.

Although that group of mercenaries had about thirty over men, when compared to those twenty over Spirit Beasts, they paled in comparison in battle strength. Those few men had been wiped out by those Spirit Beasts very quickly.

The Spirit Beasts who were relatively weaker would come and fight together after killing off the men.

“Little Roar!” Sima You Yue suddenly shouted.

Little Roar glanced at her then cleared his throat, suddenly lifting his head to roar.


It was strange even as one said it, the Spirit Beasts, who had initially been incomparably rash and ready to battle, all completely quieted down, creeping on the ground, completely different from how it was just now.

Sima You Yue jumped down from the branch and directly walked over to where Little Roar and the rest were, leaving behind the few of them who stared at her while completely stunned.

“Little Brother Sima You Yue, what Spirit Beast is that?” Qing Wu Ya asked while staring blankly.

“We have never seen one that looks like it.” Fatty Qu said.

“However, even if we saw one before, we wouldn’t necessarily be able to recognise it. Being able to cause the other Spirit Beasts to acquiesce to it is not something that just any ordinary Spirit Beast can do.” Wei Zi Qi shook his head while saying.

“In any case, it’s a damn awesome Spirit Beast!” Fatty Qu said with pride, as if Little Roar was his own contracted Spirit Beast.

“Revolting!” Ouyang Fei walked past Fatty Qu and could not help but roll his eyes at him.

Sima You Yue came to the campsite from earlier, where the corpses were all strewn about on the ground. She looked at Little Roar’s friend, the Four Winged Roc and realised that its eyes still contained the scarlet aftereffects.

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