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Moon Bunny Cafe is just a cafe that caters to satisfy the tastes of our readers, for translators and authors to be able to reach a broader audience. Each and every group in this cafe is listed in the About Us tab of the website and have given us permission to host their series in this cafe. They shall also upload their newest releases here if they choose to do so. Do note that while groups have come together here, Moon Bunny Cafe is not liable for anything that any group on this website does. Please refer to the individual groups for any individual concerns and comments. If they have their own official website, please make sure to check them out!

In an effort to give back to the community and support manga authors and artists, we are currently buying raws of manga volumes picked or recommended by translators/translation groups affiliated with Moon Bunny Cafe. If anyone is interested in picking up any raws listed in the Comics tab, please contact us via the Contact Form. We will only allow groups or interested translators to have these raws, as they are going to translate it for everyone’s reading pleasure. Hopefully, this will also encourage others to support the authors/artists of the translated series by purchasing a copy of their work as well. In the near future, this will also expand to manhua/manhwa.

Can you translate XXX?
We are currently compiling a translation request spreadsheet for readers who wish to have a series translated. See if the series you want to be translated is on here. If not, fill out the Translation Request Form.

Is XXX dropped?
Unless a series here has been moved to Purgatory, they have not been dropped by translators hosting their translations here.

Can I make everything into PDF/ePubs/MOBI?
You may make them for private use only. You are not allowed to make them and distribute them without the translator’s permission and knowledge unless otherwise indicated.

May I re-translate a project hosted on this website?
You are not allowed to re-translate any project on this website without the translator’s permission and knowledge unless otherwise indicated.

What are your release schedules?
All translation schedules are at the translator’s own pace unless otherwise stated.

Can I add another series here?
The translator/group must personally contact us and request their translation to be added to our community of translators. We will not randomly upload another translator’s work without their permission.

I see a spelling mistake/typos/grammar mistakes.
Any typos, punctuation mistakes relating to a translated series should be commented in the comments section of the chapter. The translators themselves have access their hosted translations so they will see to that!

First, we would like to thank all the readers of this website from the bottom of our hearts for reading our translations whether you have donated or not.

Every user on this website will be able to choose whether or not they want to accept donations. If you wish to donate to a series, please donate to the specific group currently working on that series. All donations for each translator will go to PayPal account of the specific group. Donate buttons can be found in their bio pages in the About Us tab if not on their project pages.

If you like a translated series on this website and it has a published form, consider buying an original copy of the series in its native tongue to support the author. We will usually have a link to their official website or a place where you can buy a copy of the novel’s original form on their project page, if they have one.

Taken from /r/LightNovels' FAQ
1) What is a Light Novel?
A Light Novel is a type of Japanese Novel that primarily targets the young adults demographic. What we define as Light Novel on the subreddit are such novels that are published originally in Japan. Light Novels are released with illustrations and are physically published. This is what we define as Light Novels.

2) What is a Japanese Novel?
Japanese Novels in regards to our definition is of a longer length series such as series like Hyouka or Another. These series fall into a length longer than the maximum to be considered as a Light Novel as well as tend to target an older demographic in comparison. They are also published as physical novels and include illustrations.

3) What is a Chinese Novel?
What we define as a Chinese Novel on the subreddit are novels that are published originally in China.

4) What is a Korean Novel?
What we define as a Korean Novel on the subreddit are novels that are published originally in Korea.

5) What are Web Novels?
Web Novels are non-published novels that are distributed by the author online.

These are non-published novels from Japan typically by Japanese authors. (Originally written in Japanese)

These are non-published novels from China typically by Chinese authors. (Originally written in Chinese)

These are non-published novels from Korea typically by Korean authors. (Originally written in Korean)

These are non-published novels from western authors. (Originally written in English)

6) Can a English/Chinese/Korean Web Novel become a Light Novel?
No, only popular Japanese Web Novels can eventually lead to being published as a Light Novel. This is commonly done through contests hosted by the publishers. This is how series like Sword Art Online and Log Horizon got physical publications.

7) What is the difference between a Japanese Web Novel and a Light Novel?
The simple difference is that a Web Novel is essentially a first/rough draft of a Light Novel.

Web Novels are posted online by the authors while Light Novels are published by real publishing companies. Web Novels do not have illustrations typically while Light Novel projects are given an artist to do illustrations. A Web Novel does not go through any sort of required editing process while a Light Novel has to go through an editor as part of the publisher to raise the level of quality of the story. This editing process will make a shiny rock into a diamond.

When a Web Novel goes through the process of becoming a Light Novel, it also rarely stays the same as the author is now given the opportunity to change situations, expand on story-lines, and improve the series as a whole. An analogy is playing through a game. The Web Novel would be the first playthrough where mistakes are made and you die a few times. The Light Novel would be the second run where you know the ins and outs and can make the best decisions on how to reach the best ending. Thus, one cannot expect the Light Novel to just be the same content as the Web Novel.

Some further explanation of the difference /u/krytyk ‘s comment:

Ok, well. I’ll write here as one of the VERY few people who have read both versions of a certain work, the web novel and the light novel. Some know already, others don’t. I translate Only Sense Online from the light novel version, but I also read two or three times the web novel version of it. So, as one of the people who have the most experience with the topic of LN/WN, I’ll say that there’s a need of definite distinction between the Light Novel and the Web Novel. Basing on my experience, Light Novels and Web Novels often tell a vastly different story. Only an utter dumbass would write OSO LN is perfectly same thing as OSO WN, from what I read on other webnovel/lightnovels, it’s mostly similar situation.

One of the main things you mention, editing (purely grammar-based point of view). Yes, there’s a huge difference in the writing between both versions, that alone would warrant distinction of the two Editing, the changes in the story, changes in the time-line, character changes. They’re all there when Web Novel is converted into a Light Novel and released as such. Bringing up OSO as an example, you could call it re-envisioning of the novel by using the Web Novel as a source, it’s done by Author together with the Editor’s advice. It’s not just purely editor’s suggestions, as authors use the chance to go back to the start and change things around, to relay their vision better.

So yeah, major difference in the story, characters, flow.

Next point is what everyone focuses on, the format. Light Novels have a set format which is completely different from Web Novels, they’re contained into 3 to 8 big chapters instead of divided into 25-50, the flow is different, they often contain less detailed information but are easier to read… and so on.

Illustrations, I find it funny that people pick out illustrations out of Light Novel and fit them into Web Novel, especially when they cannot fit them into Light Novel because said scene doesn’t exist in the Web Novel (sigh). Light Novels’ illustrations are Light Novel’s exclusive, that’s how it’s intended and changing it around is intervening into the original, why would you do that? In other words, basically, I believe everyone who tries to force the view of WN=LN is an ignorant ape not deserving to read the translations or the original works.

Light Novel isn’t a Web Novel, and Web Novel isn’t a Light Novel. Get over it.

8) Can a Chinese/Korean Novel become a Light Novel?

Disclaimer: Everything here is translated by fans for fans. Moon Bunny Cafe does not own any of these titles that are currently being translated on this website. All original works belong to their respective authors and copyright holders in their respective countries. If you are the copyright holder of any translation projects being hosted here and has an issue with some of the groups here translating your series, you will have to contact the translator or group to take it down upon request. Moon Bunny Cafe is not liable for any discretion made by any group on Moon Bunny Cafe as we are just a hosting platform.

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