DDFYM – Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: Murong An’s downfall

When Nalan Lan first heard the conversation from the Sound Stone, she was a bit happy at first since there was no way that Murong An would be able to be with Mo Shi Li anymore.

She never thought that the moment she looked away, Shi Mo Li would give him a slap. She quickly walked over and pulled Murong An, shouting at Shi Mo Li, “What are you hitting people for!”

Shi Mo Li snorted coldly, saying, “I’m not just going to hit him, I’m going to hit you as well!”

After saying this, she tried to slap Nalan Lan.

However, Nalan Lan was not some weak chicken. When she saw Shi Mo Li reach out in an attempt to slap her, she stretched forth a hand to block it and was pulled to a stop by Murong An who was standing beside her.

“Nalan Lan, don’t make a fuss!”

Nalan Lan’s hand was pulled to a stop, but Shi Mo Li’s hand wasn’t. As a result-


A handprint mark appeared on Nalan Lan’s face.

Nalan Lan was dizzy from the slap and blankly turned her head to look at Murong An.

“Why did you pull me?”

Murong An had no time right now to bother with Nalan Lan. He released her hand and came in front of Shi Mo Li, saying, “Mo Li, don’t believe these words. It was all because she kept pestering me just now and even seduced me. In order to deal with her, I had to say those words. You have to believe me!”

In front of thousands of stating eyes, Nalan Lan could not believe what she heard at all and held her face as she stepped backwards slowly.

“What, what did you say…”

Murong An glared at her, saying, “I stopped liking you a long time ago. You kept pestering me. Wasn’t it you just now who kept pestering me to go to the riverside with you?”

“Murong An, you scoundrel!” Nalan Lan was pierced by Murong’s An words and cursed and swore as tears streaked down her face.

“Mo Li, you have to believe me. I really love only you.” Murong An ignored Nalan Lan and only cared about explaining himself to Shi Mo Li.

When comparing the Nalan Clan with the Alchemist Guild, there was completely no competition. As a result, he had no choice but to continue hugging onto the thigh of Shi Mo Li in order to continue receiving support.

“Oh? How come I didn’t hear even a hint of you being coerced from the way you spoke? It sounded like you were really enjoying it!” Fatty Qu suddenly cut in.

The others nodded their heads successively. They didn’t hear any irritation or coercion. It sounded exactly like he was the one who was taking the initiative.

Shi Mo Li kept silent. She merely gazed coldly at Murong An and Nalan Lan. When she saw that Murong An was pulling her hand, she forcefully threw it off, saying coldly, “Murong An, it’s over between us. I don’t want a husband like you and my father cannot accept a disciple like you!”

After she finished speaking, she turned around and ran out.

“Mo Li!”

Murong An broke into a run and wanted to chase after her but he was stopped by Nalan Lan who kept berating him.

“Murong An, if you chase after her today, I will break off all ties with you!”

Murong An turned his head to cast a glance at Nalan Lan, before running outside without turning back.

Nalan Lan never thought that Murong An would dash outside without a second thought and was completely stunned before breaking out into hysterical laughter.

“Murong An, you’re definitely cruel enough! I will definitely make you regret it! We’re leaving!”

The girl who had been accompanying Nalan Lan the whole way had not said a single thing before leaving with her.

As they were leaving the great hall, Nalan Lan suddenly recalled the true mastermind behind it all and and turned around to hatefully glare at Sima You Yue. A deep hatred ran thick behind her gaze, as if it would leak out like water.

Sima You Yue smiled at Nalan Lan, looking as if she merely wanted what was best for her. It enraged her so much that she turned her head and left.

The lead had already left, so Fatty Qu waved his hands at everyone, saying, “Alright, alright, the show is over, you all should eat whatever you wanna eat and drink whatever you wanna drink.”

Wan Bai Chun left for a moment and realised that something about the atmosphere was off when he returned. He called a palace maid over to ask her what happened before he knew that such a big thing had actually occurred.

Seeing the two people drinking by themselves in the great hall, there was no way he believed that they had done so innocently. However, now that Sima You Yue was an Alchemist, even if it was him, he had no way to interrogate him. In the end, he merely heaved a few sighs and let them do as they please.

They remained at the wine party for a bit longer before Sima You Yue and Fatty Qu went to look for Wan Bai Chun to tell him that they wanted to leave. Wan Bai Chun said a few pleasantries before letting them leave.

After leaving the palace, Sima You Yue and Fatty Qu burst into laughter. Holding it back the entire night really almost suffocated them.

“You Yue, did you see Murong An’s expression just now? His entire face was green! HA HA HA, I can’t breathe!”

Sima You Yue smiled, saying, “In the future, being blacklisted by those two great powers, the future of this Murong An will definitely be uncertain.”

“Right. This Murong An is definitely not a good guy, it’s only normal that he would end up this way!” Fatty Qu nodded, “However, You Yue, why did you come up with this idea to attack him?”

Why? Sima You Yue looked up at the moon in the sky. She whispered in her heart; she merely wanted to carry out the vow that she made to the original owner of this body at that time…

The situation that happened in the wine party had spread throughout the entire capital on the second day. When Shi Lei and Nalan Le heard the cries of their own daughters, they naturally blacklisted Murong An.

Nalan He ordered that not a single person from the Murong Clan would be allowed to work in their shop, and refused to have a single dealing with their clan.

Shi Lei was even more cruel. He directly stopped the Alchemist Guild from supplying them with any pills and would no longer sell their clan any pills in the future.

When the Murong Clan heard about the punishment metered out to them by the two large Powers, they were stunned. After they heard that this was the result of what Murong An had done, they harshly berated Murong An, so much so that in order to appease their anger and achieve the forgiveness of the Alchemist Guild and the Nalan Clan, they got him to withdraw from the Imperial Academy and sent him to some area on the fringes to govern some project for the Clan. It was only after this was done that the two large powers removed the punishment metered out on the Murong An Clan.

When Sima You Yue received the news, she just happened to be lying inside the house sunbathing while eating some spirit fruits. Thinking about how Murong An would never be able to turn this around for the rest of her life, her mood was extremely good.

“Would this count as taking revenge for you?”

A gust of wind blew as if it was giving her an answer.

She lay on the imperial consort’s chair and closed her eyes in a moment of bliss.

Chun Jian walked over. Seeing the peaceful aura emanate from her body as well as the look of bliss, she was momentarily stunned.

“What’s up?” She felt it the moment Chun Jian walked in and asked when she didn’t say anything.

Chun Jian came back to her senses and said, “Young Master, the General has sent men to invite you over.”

“Grandfather has returned? I got it, you can go down.”

Chun Jian gave a bow before leaving the house as Sima You Yue finished eating the Spirit Fruit in her hand before standing up to walk towards the Sima Lie’s study.

Ever since she had returned from the banquet, Sima Lie had been going out early in the morning until late at night every day. Sima You Yue had not managed to meet him at all. She didn’t think that he would come back so early today.

But what did he call her over to do?

When she arrived at Sima Lie’s house, the guard bowed towards her and pushed the door of the study open. She happened to see Sima Lie standing there blankly.

“Grandfather, you’re looking for me?”

Sima Lie came back to his senses and waved his hands at Sima You Yue, saying, “You Yue, you’re here. Come and sit.”

Sima You Yue went over. Seeing how strangely Sima Lie was behaving, she said, “Grandfather, did something happen?”

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