DDFYM – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: “The First Advancement”

“Feng Zhi Xing? I’ve heard that he’s quite a powerful figure, he’s very well known.” Sima You Le shared thoughtfully. “Well, since you’ve already made your decision we’ll leave it as that. Come, let me send you back.”

“There’s no need! I’m not a child anymore, I can go back on my own. Bye!” Sima You Yue waved her hand awkwardly and quickly turned to leave.

Sima You Le watched the departing back of Sima You Yue as he let out a small sigh. He felt that ever since the last trashing, this little Brother of his has really become more sensible. Moreover, now he could cultivate, he may catch up to him very soon! If he wanted to continue to be able to protect him, he has to work harder! A flash of determination could be seen in his eyes as he turned and walked back to his own classroom.

Sima You Yue wasn’t very familiar with the Academy as she followed the main path and directions of the signs and found herself standing before the majestic main gate once again. When she saw that the entrance was full of people, she thought back on how this was the second day of selections.

“The next one, Ouyang Fei.” The examiner shouted out towards the group in front of him.

At this time, within the group, a young man came to the front and followed the examiner’s instructions and put his hand on the crystal ball. Sima You Yue watched with interest and saw that when Ouyang Fei had poured his Spiritual Energy into it, the crystal ball emitted a red and green glow.

“My…my god! He actually has dual attributes! This time, our Academy has a Double Faceted Spirit Master! Great! Hahaha!” The examiner was ecstatic when he saw the reaction of the crystal ball. He couldn’t help but laughed out loud and bellowed to the person beside him: “Go tell the headmaster that we’ve discovered a Double Faceted Spirit Master!”

Soon, as if summoned by the wind, a man swiftly arrived and from the memories, Sima You Yue recognized him as the Headmaster of the Academy.

“Where is our new student who is also a double facet Spirit Master?” He asked as soon as he arrived and he saw the examiner pointing excitedly to Ouyang Fei. The director flashed a large smile and walked up to Ouyang Fei and greeted him. He then guided him into the Academy.

Sima You Yue could not help but sneer. This director really was quite a character! When he saw that she was trash, he had on a sour face and now when there was a genius presented before him, he blossomed into a smile that made her irk.

The examiner soon called for the next person and she watched on and soon found that the selection consisted only of this one round which was a crystal ball test. Upon injecting their Spiritual Energy into the crystal ball, they would be able to see their attributes. The deeper the colour, the higher the talent. If the crystal ball reacted like how it did to Ouyang Fei just now, it was an incredible reaction that garnered respect from everyone.

She also gathered from everyone around her was that in this selection, there were no other Double Faceted Spirit Masters.

After awhile, she no longer felt any novelty in this and turned to leave when she heard gasps and loud exclamations from behind her.

“My God! There’s actually a Tri Faceted spirit Master!”

“It’s really three colours!”

“We, we actually got to witness this moment!”

This time there was a huge outburst from the crowd. The people started shouting out loud exclamations in shock and disbelief. There hasn’t been a Tri Faceted Spirit Master in the Academy for hundreds of years, what’s more, just before this, a Dual Faceted Spirit Master was discovered.

The examiner was panting in excitement. This year, they’ve just discovered a Dual Faceted Spirit Master and moments after, a Tr Faceted Spirit Master?! He could not help but pinch himself to determine if he was dreaming or not.

Sima You Yue turned and saw a lone figure that was not affected by this all these bustle and excitement. Instead, she stood beside the crystal ball and watched the people around her who were excited for her. She looked as if she was watching a spectacle and as if the matter had nothing to do with her at all. She was very detached, she stood there expressionlessly, nothing could be seen on her face, no pride, no amusement – no joy.  Sima You Yue could see that she harboured endless loneliness, and also found a trace of hatred that was hidden well within.

She felt Sima You Yue staring at her and she turned to look, expecting to see the same crazed fervour as the rest. Instead she saw a pair of calm and clear eyes looking back at her.

They stood far apart but their gazes locked and they were at this for a full half minute until the girl retracted her gaze and turned to look at the examiner and asked: “Excuse me, I’ve already passed, can I go in now?”

“Of course, of course! However your’s is a special case so you don’t need to go in like the rest, wait here and another examiner will come and guide you in. We have a special arrangement for you!” The examiner quickly answered.

“Alright.” That person gave a superfluous answer and turned to look at Sima You Yue again, however she found that he had already left, leaving only the back view.

Sima You Yue returned to her home and had intended to look for Sima Lie immediately. However, she was told that he was in the palace at the moment so she could only return to her own room and continue reading and cultivating.

Last night she felt that there was progress in her cultivation and she believed that she was just a few steps away from becoming a full fledged Spirit Master. At that time, she would finally be able to bind that ring that her Father had left behind. After all, having an interspatial ring was much more convenient.

She had warned Yun Yue and Chun Jian not to disturb her under any circumstances and had also locked the door from within, ensuring that no one would interrupt her during this crucial period.

She sat down in meditation as she concentrated on sensing the surrounding Spiritual Qi. It was now much easier to sense the surrounding Spiritual Qi than before.

The book that she had read earlier was a book that she had casually picked out which coincided with what she was looking for as it was a basic guide to cultivating for Spirit Masters.

Sima You Yue concentrated on the red orbs of light and slowly guided them into her body and gathered them in her lower abdomen. The multi array of various coloured orbs were all dancing around her, however, only the red ones could enter her body.

At the same time, the box emitted a glow from within and assisted in her cultivation.

When Sima Lie returned home and heard that Sima You Yue was looking for him, he went over to her courtyard. However, when he arrived, he could feel the fluctuations in the surroundings and knew that she was cultivating at the moment and he called Yun Yue over to ensure that no one disturbed Sima You Yue and he left her courtyard and went back.

It’s really true! She can cultivate!

Sima Lie felt exhilarated as he walked towards his courtyard, unable to suppress the smile on his face.

Sima You Yue was furiously cultivating and this time round, it was only after two days later that she woke up.

She felt refreshed and as if her whole body was rejuvenated and a warm stream was flowing within her, a gentle energy was circulating throughout her whole body with her meridians.

Her eyes snapped open and she felt as if her whole body was enveloped in a warm glow, she looked around and saw a small star was sparkling.

“I’m finally a Spirit Master! Hahaha, I’m at the initial stage of a Spirit Warrior but nevertheless, this proves that this body isn’t trash! Right after removing the poison, I can already cultivate..hmm? What’s this?”

The box was unlike previous times that once she stopped cultivating, the light dispersed. This time, resplendent rays of various coloured lights poured out of the box. She couldn’t help but reach out to the box in her stupor.

Once she picked up the box, the lights all disappeared, even the soft glow that enveloped it dissipated.

She curiously opened the box but found nothing out of the ordinary. Only the same three items that were in it before.

“There’s nothing strange in here, what could be the one that caused those lights to appear?” She muttered out loud in puzzlement.

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