DDFYM – Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: “Pill Refining, Round One”

After settling Mo Sha’s issue, Sima You Yue was in a good mood.

“Little Spirit, I remember you telling me before that you had a master who was an Alchemist, right?” Sima You Yue hugged Little Spirit as she asked.

“That’s right, a very long time ago, why?” Little Spirit asked

“I want to learn how to refine pills, do you know where the books on pill refining are?” Sima You Yue asked.

“You want to learn how to refine pills? Then would I have many pills to eat in the future?” The moment Little Spirit heard what Sima You Yue said, its eyes started to shine.

“Do you really like to eat pills?” Sima You Yue asked.

“I do!” Little Spirit nodded his head, saying, “I’ve already eaten all the pills that my previous master had left for me, that’s why there are no pills inside the Spirit Pearl.”


Sima You Yue had her suspicions long ago. Since there was an owner who used to be an Alchemist, it was strange that the Spirit Pearl didn’t even have a single pill! So it was this guy who that had eaten them all!

“Master, I’ll take you to go look for the books.” Little Spirit said as he pulled Sima You Yue and they disappeared. In the blink of an eye, they appeared inside a house.

“Master, all the books in here about books on pill refinement, this is the collection that belongs to the previous Master. I’ve heard him say before that there are many books that belong to the ancient times! There are also many methods of pill refinement that have gone extinct.” Little Spirit said at it pointed towards the house full of books.

Sima You Yue took a look at the books inside the room. There were piles of it that filled a room. No need to mention ten thousand, there were hundreds and thousands of them.

“There are so many books, do you know which ones are for beginners?” Sima You Yue asked.

Little Spirit shook his head. He had never read these books before, how would he know.

‘Oh, right!” Little Spirit thought of something and suddenly disappeared from within the house. When he had reappeared, his was holding on to a pill furnace.

“Master, this is the pill furnace that the previous Master left behind. After reading these books, you can use this pill furnace. If you need any pill ingredients, you can find them everywhere in the ground outside. The previous master had gathered so many different kinds and I’ve preserved them all.”

It was the first time that Little Spirit had been so warm towards her. Sima You Yue’s mouth pulled into a smile. This guy appeared to love anything related to pills.

After taking a look at the bookshelves, which filled the whole house, she decided to first look for the books that catered to the beginner before doing anything else.

So she spent the remaining time to look over the books in the house once over, taking out all the books that were suitable for a beginner. After that, she took them to the table and began to read earnestly.

Actually, the method of pill refining was actually not difficult. It was basically divided into 3 steps, purifying, fusing and binding. However, these 3 steps stumped thousands upon thousands of Spirit Masters.

Purifying- this was done by purifying the essence of the pill ingredients. One needed attentiveness and patience in order to do this.

Fusing sounded easy. It was done by fusing the purified essences of the pills together. This step may seem easy, however, each pill had its own fusion sequence. One had to pay particular attention to what ingredient went in at what time. It was not like you could just pour all the ingredients together.

Furthermore, if one could not master it well, there was a chance that it might even explode. Besides wasting pill ingredients, it was also dangerous for the Alchemist.

The third step was the most important step of all, Binding.

If the previous two steps were successful, but the binding stage was not, the final product would only be medicine, at best. Although medicine had its uses, when compared to a pill, the difference was like a hundred thousand times.

Furthermore, binding required one to wait until all the essences had pretty much fused together before pouring one’s Spirit energy into the pill furnace, turning the medicine into a pill. This step really tested a person’s mental strength. If one did not control it well, all the efforts that had been put in earlier would be completely wasted.

As a result, although pill refinement looked easy, those who could really become Alchemists were few and far between.

Not to mention the fact that pill refinement still needed two very important elements- pill furnace and fire.

The pill furnace was easy to explain, it was obvious that a better pill furnace would have an increased rate of success.

With regards to fire, there were many different types. Firewood Flame, Spirit Beast Life Flame, Deviant Flame, Spirit flame.

The first one was self explanatory. The second Spirit Beast Life Flame was done by asking a Spirit Beast to provide aid while one was refining pills. Because of their contract, their Master could very quickly order the Spirit Beast to control the intensity of the flame. If it was their own Spirit Beast, the Master could directly control the Spirit Beast Life Flame.

This was the fire that the majority of Alchemists used. However, the problem with using these flames were that their quality was not high. Also, they required contractual Spirit Beasts in order to work.

The third type of fire was Deviant Flame. This kind of flames was generated between Heaven and Earth. It had a spiritual nature. If one could control it, the success of pill refinement would exponentially increase.

However, controlling this kind of Deviant Flame was really difficult because one had to absorb the Deviant Flame into their body before pouring it into the Pill Furnace. If one was not cautious and was devoured by the Deviant Flame, he would be burnt to death.

For the fourth kind of flame, not much was written about it. It could possibly be because this kind of flame was simply too mysterious.

When Sima You Yue had finished reading the Pill Refinement procedures, she realised that it was something that really required endurance. Although she lacked money and men in this current life, what she did not lack was patience.

And so she began to practice the first step of Pill Refinement, Purifying.

She followed the methods written in the books with utmost precision, after that, she eagerly ran towards the medicine field to look for a few pill ingredients. When she came to the pill room, she took the pill furnace that Little Spirit had found for her earlier and began her closed door training.

After two days, aside from coming outside to obtain some pill ingredients, Sima You Yue remained inside the alchemy room. For a period of time, the sounds pingpingpingping sounded non stop.

The Spirit Beasts inside the Spirit Pearl all ran over and waited outside the alchemy room.

“Will Master be able to refine any pills?” Ya Guang asked as he looked towards the pill room.

“Of course!” Little Roar, who rolling around on Ya Guang’s back, affirmed when he heard Ya Guang’s question.

“Little Yue Yue is so smart, she’ll definitely be able to refine them successfully.” Ling Long’s body floated in mid air. She had one leg crossed over the other with both hands behind her head, looking as if she was sleeping on top of a bed.

“She definitely has to succeed! Then I will be able to have many Candy Drops to eat.” Little Spirit said.

“Candy Drops?”

“I’m talking about pills. I used to call them Candy Drops.” Little Spirit said.

Boom-” During the pause in the conversation between Little Spirit and the rest, the sound of an explosion sounded from inside the pill room. The shock sent them scurrying inside for a look.

“Yue Yue, are you okay?” Little Roar was the first one to enter. He saw the room full of smoke with Sima You Yue’s silhouette faintly discernable in the centre of it.

“Master, what happened?” Ya Guang and the rest rushed inside and asked when they saw what remained of the door.

The smoke in the house gradually dispersed, leaving the room in the mess. Not just the table, but also the floor and even the walls had been scattered with remainders of the pill ingredients as a result of the explosion.

Sima You Yue stood in the centre of the house. When it had exploded, she managed to protect her face, but her hair had turned into an afro because of the explosion. Her clothes had also been shredded.

“Wawawa, I’m so sad!” Little Spirit saw the state of the house and cried out loudly.

“What’s wrong, Little Spirit?” The other could not understand what was wrong with Little Spirit.

“Other people would only cause an explosion during the fusion process, but Master was just purifying the pills when it exploded. This shows that she can’t refine pills at all. I have no more Candy Drops to eat anymore, sob, I’m so depressed.” Little Spirit cried.

Little Roar and the rest looked at the charred Sima You Yue. She really couldn’t become a Alchemist?


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