DDFYM – Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: Everyone’s shock

“Okay, if you are really able to tame a Saint Beast successfully, we will fully supply the Sima Clan with Spirit Beasts during this period of time. We will even gift it for free.” The Vice President said, “If you are unable to tame the Spirit Beast, we of the Beast Tamers Guild will still help you, it’s just that we will charge you at cost price.”

“Okay.” Sima You Yue nodded her head, “However, I just have a tiny request.”

“Say it.”

“I want a Public Beast Taming.” Sima You Yue said.

“Public Beast Taming?”

“Right, it would be best if it were a place filled with people, something like a public square would be perfect.” Sima You Yue replied.

The Vice President thought about it before understanding what Sima You Yue planned to do. If he had managed to tame a Saint Beast in front of everyone, his standing in the Dong Cheng Kingdom could rocket immediately. Everyone who was thinking of preying upon the Sima Clan would naturally retreat. It would even allow him to rely on his own name, attracting a few Spirit Masters.

“Okay. Then I’ll get my men to go and settle it. We’ll head to the public square at the capital in a moment to tame the Spirit Beast publicly!”

As those men went off to make the preparations, the Vice President brought Sima You Yue to take a look at the Saint Beast that just arrived.

A second Ranked Earth Bear beast was locked inside a cage. When it saw that someone had come, its eyes flashed with malice.

“Second ranked Saint Beast?” Sima You Yue asked as she recognised the rank of the Earth Bear beast with a single glance.

“The mental strength of this Earth Bear beast is rather high. Although it’s at second rank, it’s not any easier than taming a third ranked Saint Beast.” The Vice President said.

“Mm.” Sima You Yue looked at the Earth Bear beast that was in the cage without a single care about the results.

At this time, two little manservants entered and bowed in greeting to the Vice President, saying, “Vice President, we are here to bring the Spirit Beast over.”

The Vice President nodded, saying, “Go. Be careful.”


The two of them walked over and picked up the cage and left. Although it was in it’s small form, the physique of this Earth Bear beast was nothing to look down on.

“We will head over as well.” The Vice President was the first to turn around and leave after he finished speaking.

Sima You Yue took a step forward, thinking to follow after him, but was pulled to a stop by Wei Zi Qi.

“What’s up?” She looked at Wei Zi Qi with confusion.

Wei Zi Qi pulled her closer, whispering, “You Yue, do you really know how to tame this Earth Bear beast? This is a second ranked Saint Beast, you know. If your taming is unsuccessful, you will receive severe backlash.”

“You should relax. When have I ever done something that I was not assured of?” Sima You Yue smiled as she turned around and followed the Vice President out the door.

Wei Zi Qi looked at Sima You Yue’s retreating back, and sighed as he followed after her.

Although he knew that she was always confident, and able to do the things that she said she could do, wanting him to believe that she was a Great Beast Tamer Master was something that he could not do completely.

When Sima You Yue and the others arrived at the public plaza, she saw that there was a multitude people all around. The plaza was so packed that not even a single drop of water could squeeze through. When they heard that someone was going to publicly tame a Spirit Beast, everyone ran over with extreme curiosity.

Shi Mo Li and Nalan Lan just happened to walk past the public plaza. When they heard that it was someone from the Beast Tamers Guild that was going to tame a Spirit Beast, they simultaneously came down from their horse carriage, coming to the centre of the public plaza to see who it was that was doing things so extravagantly.

“Make way.” A guard opened the way for the Vice President and the others and everyone naturally opened a path when they saw that it was the people from the Beast Tamers guild.

Although this Vice President rarely made an appearance, the people in the imperial capital still recognised him. Seeing that Sima You Yue was following behind him, many were incomparably surprised, with no idea what they were going to do.

The Vice President brought Sima You Yue to the centre of the public plaza, where an Earth Beast bear was placed inside a cage.

“How do you find this place?”

Sima You Yue took a look at the people around them. It wasn’t bad, the influential powers had all come, Furthermore, the people from the Beast Tamers guild worked extremely quickly. Not only did they manage to attract the sea of people. They even set up boundaries, keeping the rowdy people in the area outside.

“Very good.” Sima You Yue said.

“Then you can take note of the situation for a while before starting.” The Vice President said.

“No need.” SIma You Yue said as she walked to the heart of the public plaza, sitting down in front of the cage.

“Sima You Yue?”

“What is he doing, sitting in front of the outside of the cage?”

“Didn’t something happen to the Sima Clan, how can he still be here.”

“Looking at what he’s doing, could it be that he wants to tame the Beast?”
“No way?! Isn’t he a waste? How could he be a Beast Tamer Master?”

“Did you just return from outside? This Sima You Yue had long stopped being a waste. He started cultivating one year ago and is already a second ranked Alchemist now. His talent is something we would never be able to catch up to in our whole lives, how could he still be a waste?”

“What, he’s an Alchemist? A second ranked one too?!”

“That’s right, the last time, at the Emperor’s great banquet, he even refined pills on the spot. This is something that everyone in the imperial capital knows.”

“He’s an alchemist, but why does it appear as if he’s going to tame the Spirit Beast?”

“Could it be that he’s a Beast Tamer Master?”

“How could it be, it’s already a marvel that he’s an Alchemist. How could he be a Beast Tamer Master? If this was really the case, let’s just find a place to bury ourselves. What’s the point of staying alive.”

“But it really does look like he’s going to tame the beast!”

“If he’s really a Beast Tamer Master and an Alchemist, how powerful of a person would he be?! Even if the Sima Clan only has him as its owner, it would never fall.”

“Did you guys notice or not? It looks like there’s a Saint ranked Beast inside the cage!”


Everyone’s eyes locked onto the cage and it truly was a Saint Beast. If he successfully tamed this beast, he would actually be a Great Beast Tamer Master.

Nobody dared to continue that train of thought as they were afraid that they would no longer wish to live if that was really the case.

Many people believed that Sima You Yue was a Beast Tamer Master, but of course there were also those who doubted.

Shi Mo Li was one of those who doubted it, and she looked at Sima You Yue, saying, “Sima You Yue, such a big event has befallen the Sima Clan. What are you doing running out here instead of staying at home? Aren’t you an Alchemist? Why? Do you think you can manipulate it like your pill ingredients? Could it be you think that you are a Beast Tamer Master? If I were you, I wouldn’t stay here to throw my face away!”

Sima You Yue glanced at Sima You Yue, saying lightly, “Who decided that an Alchemist couldn’t become a Beast Tamer Master?”

After speaking, she placed her hands into the cage.

Many of them saw that she directly went over to touch the Earth Bear beast and were so afraid that they closed their eyes.

It was as if this cage that contained Spirit Beasts limited their powers. Although its glare was fierce and malicious, it did not bite her hand.

She placed her hand on the forehead of the Earth Bear and evoked her Imperial Beast Art, starting the taming process.

Bei Gong Tang, Ouyang Fei and Fatty Qu walked past. Seeing Wei Zi Qi standing in the centre of the empty area, they managed to piece the situation together. Seeing Sima You Yue who was currently taming the Earth Bear beast, Fatty Qu was so shocked that his mouth fell open immediately.

“Zi Qi, what is You Yue doing? Don’t you tell me that she’s Beast Taming!” Fatty Qu asked as he walked beside Wei Zi Qi.

“Don’t you see everything for yourself?” Wei Zi Qi rolled his eyes at Fatty Qu.

Bei Gong Tang took a look at the Earth Bear beast inside the cage and said, “Is that a Saint Beast inside that cage? It’s even a second ranked Earth Bear beast?”

“What?!” When Fatty Qu heard it, he quickly stretched forth a hand to support his chin, afraid that it would drop off completely.

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