DDFYM – Chapter 156

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Chapter 156: Flirting with the Beast King’s Wife

Little Roar tightened his neck as his two eyes darted left and right. His little limbs tried to pat at Sima You Yue’s hand.

“I, I didn’t do anything, okay!”

Sima You Yue made as if to flick him and landed a flick heavily on his forehead, saying, “If you didn’t do anything, why would those Divine Beasts chase after you? Aren’t you born with an innate ability to charm these Spirit Beasts? If you didn’t do anything, how would every single one of them want to chase after you to kill you? Are you going to say it or not? If you don’t say it, I’m going to throw you out. In any case, those Divine Beasts are still outside.”

When he heard Sima You Yue’s threat, Little Roar unwillingly said, “Actually, I really didn’t do anything. It’s just that their Queen was so pretty that I said a few words to her.”

“Said a few words?” Sima You Yue rapped his head again, shouting, “Did you go and flirt with someone else’s Queen?”

“I didn’t even say anything much before that Queen wanted to follow after me.” Little Roar still felt extremely wronged, “Who knew that the Queen really took me seriously, that’s why things turned out this way. Yue Yue, I really only said a few words to her.”

Sima You Yue was speechless. This guy really knew how to make trouble.

“What few words did you say.” She guessed that it wouldn’t be anything ordinary, or else there wouldn’t be so many Divine and Saint Beasts chasing after him to kill him.

“I, I said, Pretty lady, you are so beautiful. Do you want to go somewhere else with you to play and so on…” Seeing that Sima You Yue’s glare was turning darker and darker, his voice became softer and softer and his neck stiffened tighter and tighter.

Sima You Yue saw the way Little Roar was acting, all happy and funny. How could she have such a perverted contracted beast?

Didn’t the ancient books say that ancient beasts were auspicious and peaceful? Why was Little Roar so vulgar? He was even clad in such cute outer clothes.

Every time he messed up, he would evoke feelings of pity with his cute appearance. He looked so sincere but he refused to change.

Little Roar saw that Sima You Yue was angry and he blinked his adorable large eyes, hugging his two front paws to himself, speaking gently, “Yue Yue, I was wrong, I will never dare to…”


The four of them standing at the side all burst out laughing. They never thought that Little Roar would be able to cause this kind of situation to happen. He actually ran over to flirt with the Divine Beast’s Queen.

“Cough cough, You Yue, since he already admitted his mistake, you shouldn’t blame him anymore.” Bei Gong Tang saw how Little Roar was behaving and fell into the trap, pleading on his behalf.

“Mm mm, that’s right that’s right.” Little Roar nodded his head in agreement.

Sima You Yue heavily smacked him, saying, “The next time you flirt with Spirit Beasts, I will lock you in the contractual space for a year!”

Little Roar wanted to use his little paws to hold his head in his hands, however, his paws were too short and could only reach to his ears.

“I won’t, I won’t!” He quickly assured

“Hmph, if this happens again, I will make sure you definitely won’t want to!” Sima You Yue randomly threw Little Roar into the air when she finished speaking.

Once Little Roar regained his freedom, he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Seeing the man and beast, everyone laughed.

“You Yue, how long do we have to stay in here?” Fatty Qu took the initiative to ask.

“At least until those Divine Beasts leave.” Sima You Yue said.

“I think it’s fine no matter how long it takes. It’s fine even if we stay here for a few years.” Fatty Qu said, “The Spiritual Qi here is a lot denser than outside. If we are able to cultivate in here, our results would be even better.”

“This place has its own restrictions.” Sima You yue said, “Little Spirit, let us take a look at the situation outside.”

Little Spirit materialised in front of them and waved his little hand. Something like a curtain appeared in the air as the situation outside played out clearly for everyone to see.

Those Divine Beasts were scouring the outside area nonstop, as if they were completely confused as to why these people had suddenly disappeared.

“Looks like they won’t be leaving for the time being. We’ll have to stay here for awhile.” Sima You Yue saw a few Divine Beasts laying on the ground as if waiting for them to appear.

“You Yue, this is…?” Wei Zi Qi looked at Little Spirit. How did a small child appear here?

“This is Little Spirit. The Artifacts Spirit of this Spirit Pagoda.” Sima You Yue said, “He is the caretaker of this place, he settles everything.”

“Artifact Spirit?!” Bei Gong Tang stared at Little Spirit in shock. When she was in the Primordial Lands , she knew that there were some Divine Artifacts that had materialised an Artifact Spirit, however, that Divine Tool was extremely high in rank and extremely few in number. She never expected that Sima You Yue would actually have one!

“Mm.” Sima You Yue said, “Since we can’t go out now, I’ll take you all for a tour.”

“Great, I’m really curious towards this place!” Fatty Qu laughed as he said.

Although Ouyang Fei and the others didn’t say it, their eyes shone with the same kind of light.

Sima You Yue brought them for a stroll around, the medicinal ground, the alchemy room, the cultivation room and the book pavillion.

Inside the Book Pavilion, they realised that there were many different types of books and were getting a bit dazzled.

“Alchemy, Weapons, Beast Taming, Cultivation… Heavens. You Yue, you have everything here!” Wei Zi Qi saw these books and was overcome with excitement.

“Mm, Little Spirit’s past owner was in every single occupation. These things are all things he left behind.” Sima You Yue said, “If you take an interest towards anything, you can help yourself.”


“Of course. In any case, it’s not like these books will disappear after you read it.” Sima You Yue smiled, saying, “Furthermore, this place is full of resources. You can go ahead and practice anything. Of course, there are no Spirit Beasts here, but there are many outside.”

If this was the past, she would have hesitated before bringing them in here. However, throughout their entire journey together, they had gone through so many things. The had not left her even when she was at her lowest, most difficult point. They had even put in so much effort to help her and comfort her. The fact that the Sima Clan was not swallowed whole when Sima Lie was taken away was largely due to their assistance.

The friendship that they had shown to her was something that she had always kept in her heart. Furthermore, they were afraid of leaving her alone and even chose to follow her here. After observing them for such a long time, she was completely clear about the kind of people they were.

She had said it before that she never cared about the icing on the cake, but what mattered was the coal in the snowy weather. Since these things were just placed here and weren’t really used for anything, there was no reason not to share them.

“I suddenly feel like this is all a dream.” Fatty Qu stretched forth a hand and pinched Wei Zi Qi who was standing beside him. The victim gave a loud shout from the pain.”

“Able to shout… means that he can feel pain. That means we aren’t in a dream!” Fatty Qu didn’t see the rage in Wei Zi Qi’s eyes as he beamed all over.

Ouyang Fei rolled his eyes at the two as he continued reading the book in his hand.

Bei Gong Tang giggled as she lowered her head to look at the book in her hand before putting it down.

Sima You Yue noticed the book that she was looking at. She saw that it was a book on alchemy. She also noticed that Bei Gong Tang’s eyes were filled with reluctance, as if she really wanted to learn alchemy but forced herself to put it down.

“Bei Gong, you don’t feel like learning alchemy?” She asked.

“I want to, but we don’t have that much time to learn now.” Bei Gong Tang said.

Hearing her say this, the smile on Fatty Qu, who was so excited, faded away by quite a bit.

The really had to seize all time to grow stronger and really did not have time to learn this kind of things. They were not like Sima You Yue who possessed such perverse talent.

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