DDFYM – Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Ultimate Sovereign Pill

Sima You Yue took out a pill and looked at the black thing in her hand. She never thought that a random pill that Mo Sha could refine to recover one’s Spirit Power was already third rank. In that case, what was his rank as an Alchemist?

“Since you are able to refine pills yourself, why do you still need me to help you?” Sima You Yue thought about how he wanted her to help him refine pills and was filled with confusion.

“In the end, I’m just a soul. I can still stand it if it’s just refining these few low ranked pills. But if the pill is a high rank then I don’t have enough Devil Qi to fuse the pills.”

“So this is the case.” She kept the pill and stood up. “ Let’s begin.”

Mo Sha couldn’t tell what Sima You Yue was thinking now as he brought her to the Alchemy room.

Little Spirit was already inside waiting. He knew that she was anxious right now and merely looked over at her without saying anything.

“I’m going to begin. Wait for me to give the signal to begin then you should also start to pour in your Spirit Power. If I don’t ask you to stop, you can’t stop or else it will end up worthless. If you don’t have enough Spirit Power, please use those pills.” Mo Sha reminded her in a rare moment of kindness.

“Mm.” Sima You Yue nodded as she cast her gaze onto the the Pill Furnace.

Although this was a time for her to refine a pill for Grandfather, it was also a good time to learn. Watching others perform alchemy was a good time to notice one’s own shortcomings in the pursuit of self improvement.

Mo Sha was also thinking the same thing, so while he was refining, he intentionally slowed down the process in order to let Sima You Yue understand as she looked. However, the consequence was that something that initially only needed 3 to 4 hours, was extended by an entire hour.

“Begin.” Mo Sha said.

Sima You Yue also guess that it was around the time to fuse the pill so she had made preparations beforehand. The moment Mo Sha called out, she condensed her Spirit Power outside her body and poured it into the Pill Furnace.

In order for the Pill to contain Spirit Power, she needed to send in the Spirit Power quickly. As a result, she quickly felt that the Spirit Power in her body was insufficient.

Just when her Spirit Power was almost drained dry, she took out the pill that Mo Sha had given her and ate it. The pill very quickly showed it’s usefulness once it entered her body, as she felt the empty tank of Spirit Power fill to the brim once again . She didn’t know whether the power came from the pill itself or pulled from the surroundings.

Mo Sha was initially worried that Sima You Yue wouldn’t be familiar with her Spirit Power, and would end up breaking off the stream of power, however, seeing her continuously send in a uniform stream of power, he cast her a look of approval.

After she had eaten two pills, she held on for another ten or so minutes more before Mo Sha shouted for her to stop. Sima You Yue hurriedly returned her hands to her side and her entire person was depleted of energy as she sat on the floor.

Mo Sha continued refining, waiting for the pill to be complete before extinguishing the fire and retrieving the pill.

A golden coloured pill appeared in front of Sima You Yue and that shining golden colour was like the colour of hope to her.

“You should stay here properly to rest and recover a bit of your Spirit Power.” Mo Sha said.

Sima You Yue nodded, crossing her legs right there as she meditated. The Spirit Power in her body was currently completely drained as she absorbed Spirit Power from the surroundings, which quickly entered the empty space in her body.

Feeling the Spirit Power in her body fill up once again, the feeling of control returned to her once again.

Sima You Yue could feel that the Spirit Power had some kind of movement as the outside Spirit Power was still flowing into her body ceasingly.

“This feeling… could it be I’m about to advance in rank?” Sima You Yue talked to herself, “since that’s the case, why don’t I try and see if I can advance to the sixth rank.”

Just as she was prepared to just charge straight into it, Little Spirit appeared in the Alchemy room and interrupted her cultivation.

“What’s wrong?” Sima You Yue looked at Little Spirit and asked.

“I’m just helping you make sure you don’t waste your time and energy.” Little Spirit said, “you will never be able to advance in rank while in the Spirit Pearl. No matter how much Spirit Power you absorb, you will merely store it within your body.”

“Can’t increase in rank? Why?” Sima You Yue didn’t understand.

“Because this place doesn’t have the Heavenly Law.” Little Spirit said.

“Heavenly Law? What’s that?” Sima You Yue continued to ask.

“It’s not too convenient for me to tell you what that is, figure it out yourself.” Little Spirit said, “Since you can’t increase in rank here, why don’t you go outside. Who knows, you may be able to succeed there.”

Thinking of Sima Lie’s condition, she also felt that she didn’t want to delay here anymore so she stood up and prepared to go look for Mo Sha. However, when she opened the door, she found him standing in front of the door with his hands clasped behind his back, looking at the sky outside.

“Done?” Mo Sha turned around and asked.

“Mm, let’s go.” Sima You Yue said.

Mo Sha nodded and Sima You Yue walked out first.

Inside Sima Lie’s room, Sima You Ran and Sima You Le were looking at Sima Lie worriedly.

“Third Brother, the doctors and Alchemists that we called over all said that they didn’t know what to do. How is Fifth Bro going to save Grandfather?” Sima You Le said.

Sima You Ran thought of Sima You Yue’s retreating back and said, “I don’t know either. Right now, we are just hoping that he has thought of a way. We hope that he really has an idea…”

Sima You Le felt that the things Sima You Ran said were strange but he couldn’t pinpoint what exactly.

Shao Ling knocked on the floor twice and pushed it opened to enter, saying to the two of them, “Third Young Master, Fourth Young Master. Fifth Young Master appears not to be in the house.”

“Fifth Bro isn’t in the house?” Sima You Le said disbelievingly, “If he isn’t in the house then where is he?”

“This subordinate went to knock on Fifth Young Master’s door but there was no response.” Shao Ling said.

“It has almost been an entire day since Fifth Bro went back; now that Grandfather is only left with one day, where could he have gone at this time?” Sima You Le said worriedly.

“I went out to look for something. “ Sima You Yue suddenly appeared at the door, giving the three of them a shock.

“Fifth Bro, have you thought of a way to save Grandfather?” Sima You Ran asked.

Sima You Yue nodded, saying, “Thought of it. However, I need absolute silence. Can you all go out for a moment?”

Sima You Le and Sima You Ran exchanged glances; they had no idea what Sima You Yue wanted to do.

“Rest assured, I will definitely save Grandfather.’ Sima You Yue assured them, “I won’t let anything happen to Grandfather.”

Sima You Ran got up and came close to Sima You Yue, wanting to pat her head. However, he stopped halfway and put his hand down, saying, “We will be waiting for you outside.”

Sima You Yue nodded and Sima You Ran saw a strange glint in her eyes and it was if he understood something. It caused him to wonder whether or not she had already become aware of her real identity.

“Fifth Bro, we’ll entrust Grandfather to you!” Sima You Le saw that Sima You Ran was leaving and left along with him.

Sima You Yue turned to close the door and looked at the few of them who were outside, saying, “Don’t worry. Grandfather has cared for me so much that it’s my turn now to repay him.”

After saying this, she closed the door.

Sima You Le watched Sima You Yue’s behavior and exclaimed, “Fifth Bro has really grown up!”

Sima You Ran looked at the tightly closed door and was speechless towards what’s Sima You Le had said.

Did she really grow up? Or… did she change into an entirely different person…?

Inside the house, Sima You Yue came to Sima Lie’s bedside and with a thought, Mo Sha appeared beside her.

Because there were people outside the house, Sima You Yue could not speak. She used the connection they had a result of their contract to communication with Mo Sha.

“Mo Sha, let’s begin…”


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