DDFYM – Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Little Roar who loves to trick others

“Yue Yue.” Little Roar looked proudly at Sima You Yue; his little body compared to the Four Winged Roc resembled the contrast between a mouse and an elephant.

Sima You Yue saw the cockiness in Little Roar’s eyes and said, “Let them all leave.”

“Oh.” Little Roar sounded in reply before roaring towards the Spirit Beasts. Those Spirit Beasts left successively, leaving behind Four Winged Roc and himself.

“It doesn’t want to return?” Sima You Yue asked as she cast a glance at the Four Winged Roc.

Little Roar climbed down from the Four Winged Roc’s back and came to plop on her head, saying, “Big Roc is my friend, he will accompany me everywhere, of course he won’t leave!”

When Sima You Yue heard it, she immediately thought of that time where it had cheated Ya Guang into coming into a contract with her. Could it be that this Four Winged Roc would be tricked as well?

When Little Roar felt that she was harboring some suspicions towards him, he protested in his heart, “When did I deceive others? Ya Guang and Big Roc all voluntarily followed me, okay? Don’t group me in with people like you who have a belly full of evil tricks!”

When she heard that Little Roar said in his heart that she had a belly full of evil tricks, Sima You Yue immediately threw Little Roar down from the top of her head. Before she had even had the chance to reprimand him, she saw that Four Winged Roc transformed  itself and flew towards her. He landed on her shoulder as he closed his eyes, falling asleep.

When she felt that the little bird was falling off her shoulder, Sima You Yue threw Little Roar away as she stretched forth her hands to catch the little bird.

“Yue Yue, you’re so biased!” Little Roar roared.

Sima You Yue rolled her eyes at it before looking at the little bird in the palm of her hand, saying, “How come it fainted?”

Wei Zi Qi walked over and said, “It’s possible that the knockout medicine from just now is the cause of this.”

Qing Wu Ya cupped his fists towards them saying, “Qing Wu Ya thanks the few of you for your benevolence in rescuing me today, in the future, if you have anything that you need Wu Ya, please immediately ask, ten thousand deaths would not stop Wu Ya from coming to help!”

“Big Brother Qing’s words are too serious.” Wei Zi Qi raised up his pair of hands, saying, “However, why would Big Brother Qing still be here in the Pu Luo Mountain Range?”

“I will tell you these things later, we should leave this place first.” Qing Wu Ya said.

Being an experienced mercenary, he had been to the Pu Luo Mountain range all year round and he knew that the smell of blood would definitely attract other Spirit Beasts.

The five of them quickly left the camp as Qing Wa Ya explained what he was doing here while they travelled.

It turns out that they had already completed the previous mission ten over days after entering the mountain. After that, their group received a second mission, which was to bring a group from a large family clan into the inner regions.

The were unwilling at first. After all, the inner regions were really too dangerous. However, the men from that clan said that the Pu Luo Mountain range would be safe during this period of time because all the Spirit Beasts would have been attracted away. Added on to the fact that the remuneration was also generous, Qing Wu Ya’s dad agreed but they would only bring the two of them whose strengths were greater. Furthermore, Qing Wu Ya appeared as if he really wanted to go and take a look at the inner regions.

After he finished talking about himself, Qing Wu Ya said, “Why are you all still here in the mountain? Furthermore, you are even in the inner regions. Even though it’s relatively safer now, this may not always be the case.”

“We’re just here to participate in the fun.” Wei Zi Qi said, “Just now, looking at the way Big Brother Qing was acting, it appears that you’re acquainted with those mercenaries?”

“Yeah, that’s the group that always sets itself against the Green Ridge Mercenaries. They’re called the Black Bear Mercenaries. Although their Boss, Hao You Cai, is pretty strong, his personality is bad. He always brings his group to steal other’s business and he has done no small amount of bad things! I never expected that this time, it turns out that he was doing things on behalf of the Beast Tamer Master Guild” Qing Wu Ya said.

“Are you acquainted with Master Mu?” Wei Zi Qi asked.

“I know him. He’s a Beast Master Tamer from Salt City’s Beast Master Tamer Guild. I’ve heard that his personality is not that great either. However, he also wouldn’t do this kind of things.”

“I think he is not the kind of person who would do this kind of things. If he dared to do this kind of things, it means that the Mercenary guild has a great backer. Possibly, it could be that the Guild was the one who incited them to do this!” Wei Zi Qi said, “Once I go back, I will definitely tell these things to my Great Uncle.”

When Qing Wu Ya heard what Wei Zi Qi had said, he immediately knew what his identity was. Initially, he merely guessed that he was not an ordinary person, but he never expected that he would actually belong to the aristocratic family of Beast Tamer Masters!

They headed towards the mountain peak where the Golden Snake Fruit was and reached the campsite in a day. Qing Wu Ya invited them to go to the campside together, however, Sima You Yue politely turned him down. If they were together with others, it would be troublesome to act when the time came.

Initially, Qing Wu Ya had been quite worried about them. However, since they did not agree, he didn’t force them. He just told them to immediately look for him if they encountered any trouble.

Sima You Yue and the others readily promised before Qing Wu Ya left.

Seeing that the mountain valley had an influx of people and Spirit Beasts, Fatty Qu held on to Sima You Yue’s shoulders and said, “You Yue, a lot of people have come these two days.”

Seeing the mountain filled with people and Spirit Beasts, Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang’s eyes were filled with a mysterious and imposing light.

“There’s still a day and a night before the Golden Snake Fruit ripens. Let’s first go and rest nearby.” Sima You Yue suggested.

The few of them found an area that was relatively more concealed, but where they were still able to observe the situation below.

Because this space was too small, although it was better at concealing them, nobody occupied this space.

While waiting for the Golden Snake Fruit to mature, Sima You Yue wanted to go to another place to keep away from Wei Zi Qi and the rest conveniently.

She scanned her surroundings and saw that nobody was there so she called out LIttle Roar and stared at him as she asked, “What’s up with the Four Winged Roc?”

“Talking about Little Roc?” Little Roar shrunk his neck and replied, “Because I saw that you wanted to seize the Golden Snake Fruit… this Little Roc can fly so when the time comes, he can fly us across!”

“That’s why you tricked him into coming?” Sima You Yue said.

“Sigh, Yue Yue, this Spirit Beast is willing to follow you is a good thing, you know!” Little Roar said.

“Of course I would also like to have more and more Spirit Beasts, but if you trick others, when the time comes that they recover their senses, what will you do when they come to settle the debt!” Sima You Yue stretch forth a little finger to prod Little Roar’s head, “This Four Winged Roc’s rank isn’t low, right? When the time comes and it goes crazy, are you able to defeat it?”

“With Big Brother Crimson Flame around, which Spirit Beasts dares to act rashly in front of you!” Little Roar muttered softly.

“What did you say?” Sima You Yue carried Little Roar as she asked.

“Nothing!” Little Roar recalled that Crimson Flame had said not to talk about its situation and hurriedly denied it. He went back to the topic and said, “In any case, Little Roc won’t harm you, so you can rest assured!”

“But right now, the number of contracts that I can have is maxed out, I can’t form a contract with it.” Sima You Yue said.

“No problem, just let it stay where Little Spirit is. When you are able to form a contract with him then do it!” Little Roar said nonchalantly, “Even though he’s a Ninth Ranked Saint Beast, he carries the blood of the ancient Big Roc in its body. Once its bloodline awakes, he would be a decent Spirit Beast.”

When Sima You Yue heard what Little Roar had said, the corner of her mouth curved into a smile. What was a Ninth Ranked Saint Beast? It was a Spirit Beast that was only one step away from breaking into the Divine ranks, okay? It was equivalent to the existence of a Spirit Emperor. If Sima Lie wanted to fight it, the winner and loser would be unknown! How did Little Roar end up speaking of it as if it was some kind of cabbage?!

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