DDFYM – Chapter 148

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Chapter 148: Leaving together

“How is it, I told you all that she would pass by this place.” Fatty Qu declared proudly.

Sima You Yue walked over, saying, “Shouldn’t you guys be carrying out some mission for the Academy now, what are you doing here?”

Ouyang Fei jumped off the tree, saying, “We just requested to graduate from the Academy and are no longer students.”

“You all graduated?!”

“We felt that we wouldn’t learn too much even if we were in school now, so we decided to graduate from it.” Bei Gong Tang said.

“As for me, I’ve already talked it over with the clan leader. I want to soldier through things with you.” Fatty Qu said, “So, I’m going to stick with you. You definitely have to bring me along!”

“Stick with me?”

“Yeah, stick with you!” Fatty Qu said.

“You know this as well, I have no plans to return after going to Sofia Mountain Range this time. I will be training in the mountains for two years before going out. If things don’t turn out well, my life could end right there on the outside.” Sima You Yue shook her head, not agreeing with Fatty Qu’s decision to follow her.

“In any case, I’ve already announced it to my family and they know that I may never return. However, it’s okay even if I wander around outside. It will definitely be better than remaining in this tiny place. I feel like going outside to take a look as well.” Fatty Qu said.

Sima You Yue was speechless and looked over at Wei Zi Qi. Wei Zi Qi shrugged, “I paid my home a visit as well. They didn’t agree to my departure in the beginning, however, my Granduncle told them that the outside world was stronger than in here and that I would be able to reach greater heights if i went with you. Even if I had to pay with my life, it would be considered cheap.”

She never thought that he would think the same way.

Sima You Yue looked at Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei, who said straightforwardly, “I never planned to stay here for my entire life. I still have to take my revenge and have to leave sooner or later, so I might as well leave with you all. In any case, you are the ones who taught me about the value of a team.”

Ouyang Fei didn’t need to say anything as he was originally a person from the Southern lands. He had escaped to this place because of some prior unknown reason, but he was always going to return.

“You’ve all really thought it through carefully?” Sima You Yue looked at the others, “Especially Zi Qi and Fatty. Once we go out, it will be very hard for us to return.”

“Thought it through, thought it through. Let’s go.” Fatty Qu turned his round body and climbed nimbly onto Ya Guang’s back before Sima You Yue grabbed his shirt neck collar and threw him down.

“Sit on your own Spirit Beast. Don’t flatten Ya Guang.”

Fatty Qu knew that this meant that Sima You Yue had agreed and pouted while calling out his own Spirit Beast to ride.

Wei Zi Qi and the others called out their own Spirit Beasts and the five of them sat on their Spirit Beasts and charged towards the city ahead. They would take the teleportation array to Sofia Mountain Range from there.

Two days later, the group of them went to the foot of Sofia Mountain Range and looked at the towering mountain. They were filled with a sense of hope.

“Ouyang, are you sure that this is the best place?” Fatty Qu saw the sheer cliffs and towering peaks and looked suspiciously at Ouyang Fei.

Because all five of them were powerful, they decided to look for a place that was a little better, where the strengths of the spirit beasts would be a bit lower; a place where they could gradually increase their strength.

Because Ouyang Fei had been in Sofia Mountain Range for a period of time before going to the Imperial Capital, he led the way.

Ouyang Fei glanced at Fatty Qu, saying cooly, “Why don’t you do it then?”

Fatty Qu quickly waved his hands and laughed. He had never come to this place before, how could he possibly lead the way for everyone.

“Ouyang, is this a place you’ve been to before?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Mm, the four great empires lie on that side of the mountain. However, this mountain range is a thousand miles wide. The beasts near to the centre have higher ranks and there are quite a few Divine Beasts.” Ouyang Fei replied.

“It’s so dangerous, Ouyang, how did you enter?” Fatty Qu looked at Ouyang Fei with eyes filled with worship.

“Many people died in order to protect me.” Ouyang Fei revealed hesitantly as he changed the topic, “Let’s rest on the foot of the mountain tonight. We can check whether or not our inventory is complete before entering the mountain tomorrow.”

“Okay, let us set up camp at the base of the Mountain then.” Sima You Yue said.

The few of them found an empty plot of land as they took out their tents and began to pitch camp.

“Sigh, there are traces of people pitching camp here before!” Fatty Qu shouted when he saw the traces of the tent nail marks.

“The amount of treasures on this mountain would definitely be more than the ones on Pu Luo Mountain Range, so it’s a given that many would want to enter the Mountain in order to look for treasure. It’s just that their strength is not enough, so not that many people can enter, but that doesn’t mean that nobody will.” Wei Zi Qi explained, “If our strengths were higher, we would definitely have chosen to enter this place instead of going to the Pu Luo Mountain Range.”

Fatty Qu thought about it for a moment and agreed. Many people went to the Pu Luo Mountain Range and the treasures there were relatively much less precious than the ones here. Why not come here to try their luck.

“Furthermore, those who are strong have to be willing to come here to cultivate.” Sima You Yue added on.

“Fatty, once we get outside, we will definitely meet many things that are weird and out of place. If you keep making a fuss at everything, we’ll pretend not to know you. So embarrassing!” Bei Gong Tang smiled as she said.

“Bei Gong, you were cuter when you were an ice princess.” Fatty Qu complained when he heard the ridicule in Bei Gong Tang’s words.

When they finished setting up camp, Sima You Yue cooked dinner for everyone. Because the Spirit Pearl could not be used right now, she could only prepare some vegetables from her interspatial ring and made some vegetarian dishes since they had no meat.

After they finished dinner, everyone went back to their tents to cultivate. They realised that the Spiritual Qi was a lot denser than in other places. If they were to cultivate here, their strengths would climb by leaps and bounds.

Sima You Yue sat on the bed and looked at her Devil Snare bracelet. She hadn’t gotten a single update ever since Mo Sha took the Spirit Pearl and the Seven Layered Pagoda into it three months ago. There wasn’t a single sign of movement and she had no idea how things were inside. She didn’t know how the Spirit Pearl and the Seven Layered Pagoda were coming along, nor how Mo Sha was doing.

However, she would still take out the Golden Snake Fruit Tree every night and put it beside her hand, letting it come close to the bracelet. This was because she realised it was as if Mo Sha could absorb some the gas given off by the Golden Snake Fruit tree.

She gave a sigh in her heart as she took out the the Golden Snake Fruit tree and placed it at her bed side. Because she could only place it inside her ring during the day, she could only take it out to absorb the air at night. As a result, its current appearance looked extremely bad.

She specifically opened a hole in the top of her tent that allowed moonlight to shine in. Every night, the Golden Snake Fruit Tree would recover a little bit under the moonlight.

“If this continues on, I have no choice but to return you to nature.” Sima You Yue looked at the Golden Snake Fruit tree with helplessness and heartache. There were more than a few leaves that had already turned yellow. “Mo Sha, how much more time do you need to complete it? Sigh-”

She crossed her legs and sat down on the bed and began to enter a state of cultivation.

Because she had tamed many Spirit Beasts during these two months, she had reaped quite a bit of Spirit Power. Adding on to that the increased amount of time she had to cultivate, after a month had passed, she rose to an Eighth ranked Spirit Lord. Just as she was going to leave the Imperial Capital, she had already almost reached the borders of level nine.

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