DDFYM – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: “Mysterious Spirit Beast Egg”

Little Roar was flying beside Sima You Yue and surveying the area when she suddenly halted in her tracks. Seeing her odd behaviour, he asked: “Yue Yue, what happened?”

“Did you hear that?” She asked.

“Hear what? There’s only the rustling of leaves, what are you talking about?” Little Roar froze and perked his ears up, fully focused on picking up any sounds. No matter how hard he focused, he didn’t hear anything!

“There is.” She affirmed and ran forward quickly and finally stopped in front of a cave.

“Yue Yue, how did you know there was a cave here?” Little Roar flew to her side and looked at the dark cave entrance.

“I did not, it was the voice that led me here.” She answered truthfully.

“What’s inside?” Little Roar asked.

“I don’t know, well, once we go in then we’ll know.”  Sima You Yue picked up a piece of broken branch on the ground and lit it up and she entered the dark cave cautiously with Little Roar, with the torch in hand.

The deeper they went in, the higher the temperature rose. It became so hot to the point that it was they felt as if they were being cooked alive.

“Yue Yue! It’s too hot in here!” Little Roar could not take it any longer. The him who usually didn’t work up any sweat was now drenched in it, and his fur clumped up with his sweat dripping down profusely.

When she saw the severity of the state he was in, she quickly sent him into the Spirit Pearl as she walked deeper into the cave alone.

Because the temperature was too high, the entire torch burnt out quickly but luckily, she had reached a stone chamber before the flame extinguished.

She dug around the interspatial ring her cheap dad gave her and retrieved a night pearl from it. When she held it in her hands, her surroundings lit up and she could see much clearer.

She had initially walked close to the walls of the cave which had finally led her to this stone chamber. Now that the night pearl had illuminated the place, she could see that the wall was actually red. Although she still maintained some distance from the walls, she could feel the heat that it was radiating out.

“What place is this? Such a rich fire Spiritual Qi! If I were to cultivate here, I wonder how many levels I can increase?” She closed her eyes and sensed the dense red little dots dancing around, and surrounded her, as if wrapping her in a layer of aura.

“It’s actually much more than what I have inside!” She exclaimed. “Master, this is an absolutely good opportunity for you! There’s no need to hurry out, stay here and cultivate first. This place is extremely favourable to you, it would definitely increase your cultivation by leaps and bounds.” Little Spirit quickly voiced out.

“I’ll have a look around this stone chamber first before I start then.” She was also excited when presented with such a great opportunity. Maybe she’ll be an expert when she leaves this cave!

Before she entered, she saw that there was something placed in the middle of the stone chamber. She could only make out a vague shape then but there wasn’t enough light to see what it was.

When she walked closer, she cried out: “Spirit Beast Egg!”

Suddenly, the egg emitted flashes of resplendent red lights and the sudden glare made her shield her eyes with her arm.

After the dazzling flashes of red light dispersed, the egg emitted a faint red glow which illuminated the entire stone chamber.

She could see the room in it’s entirety and saw that this stone chamber had nothing else other than the Spirit Beast Egg. The egg reached up to her chest and she could not put her arms around the whole egg.

The Spirit Beast Egg had a beautiful pattern resembling a flame on it and it left her fascinated, and she could not help but reach out to touch it.

Prior to entering the cave, the cloth that was initially tied to her right hand was removed as it was too hot. When her hand touched the egg, her whole palm seemed to have been stuck to the eggshell.

The temperature of the egg suddenly rose and she could feel an excruciating burning sensation from her palm, almost seemingly a barbecue smell wafted in the air.

She wanted to retract her hand but she felt as if her blood and strength were flowing out of her body from her palm. She could only helplessly stand there, watching her blood flow out and formed various lines and runes and soon, the whole egg was surrounded by some strange inscriptions, eventually disappearing into the egg.

“With thy blood, held within my body, thou shalt henceforth be joined, life and death are one. By the glory of this vow of contract, illuminate the lands. Human, wouldst thou be willing to embrace and be bound to me by this contract?”

Just as she was about to faint, an archaic voice resounded and that kept her awake.

The pain was so severe to the point that she was trembling non stop, her teeth was chattering and her mind almost blanked out. Hearing the oppressive voice, she wanted to speak out but no sound came out.

“Are thou willing?” When the voice did not hear her answer, it asked again.

“I…am..willing…” She gritted her teeth and squeezed out these three words, after mustering all her strength.

Beneath her feet, an array which comprised of a pentagram and some ancient runes appeared. A silvery white light wrapped around both the egg and her and no longer felt any pain. A comfortable warmth embraced her and it was a if she was soaked in warm water and she felt it wash away all her pain and a rejuvenate her.

The pentagram slowly narrowed and condensed into two flashes of silvery white light. One flash flew into her chest while the other flash of light flew into the egg, concluding the establishment of the contract.

She touched her chest and could feel that she was linked to the Spirit Beast Egg in front of her.

She had actually established a contract just like that?

Before she had the time to think further, she felt an influx of Spiritual Energy and the Spiritual Energy in her body suddenly grew.

At her foot, a small star appeared, symbolizing her Spiritual Power had increased and showing her level.

While she was still stunned, the small star quickly increased, from one to two, two to three and it quickly increased to nine stars when it suddenly condensed again and eventually a moon and a small star appeared.

That small star glowed again and it was as if another star was going to appear but the light dimmed and it finally stopped.

“Spirit Lord! First grade Spirit Lord!” Sima You cried out in surprise when she saw the moon and star by her feet. Even after the lights had all disappeared, she was still frozen in stupor.

She had heard before that establishing contracts with Spirit Beasts would increase their own strengths but she did not expect such an outcome. She didn’t think that establishing a contract with a Spirit Beast, well in her case it was establishing a contract by a Spirit Beast, would actually trigger off such a big increase in level!

“This promotion was just like drinking water!” She couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Yue Yue, that’s because it’s not the usual average Spirit Beast that you’ve established a contract with!” Little Roar who had witnessed everything from the Spirit Pearl explained. “That’s because, the greater the power of the contract and the higher the level of the Spirit Beast, would result with the greater the Spirit Energy the Spirit Master can attain. The Spirit Beast that you’ve contracted to must have a very pure lineage from a great background.”

“That’s strange.” Little Spirit said.

“Why? What’s strange?”

“I didn’t feel any signs of life when you entered, that is to say that egg should have been a dead egg.” Little Spirit answered as he explained his analysis out in a befuddled manner. “However, the moment your blood touched it, it was as if it had awakened in an instant.”

“Really? There was such a thing?” Sima You Yue looked at the egg and tried to feel through their link to ascertain that this was indeed alive. Didn’t that archaic voice belong to the Spirit Beast within the egg?

“I’m very sure.” Little Spirit answered solemnly. “This Spirit Beast Egg doesn’t look like it’s just been placed here, it should have been around for a long time. If it wasn’t a dead egg before, I think perhaps your promotion would have even been greater.”

At this time, the Spirit Beast Egg suddenly moved a bit and Sima You Yue thought that it was about to hatch when it suddenly just flew straight into her body.


When the egg went into her body, she felt her body was ablaze and realized that she was cloaked in fire!

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