DDFYM – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: “Expelling the Poison”

“All the doctors who have examined you before had all diagnosed that your meridians are blocked, that’s why you cannot sense the spirit energy in the air, rendering you unable to cultivate. When your Father carried you back, he mentioned that your Mother was injured, and that might potentially affect the fetus. That might have been the reason as it might have affected the  development of your meridians. Why?  What’s the matter? Why did you bring it up again? “Sima Lie cast her a strange look.

“Grandfather, I suspect the real reason behind my blocked meridians is not because of a congenital cause, but for another reason… “Sima You Yue said cautiously.

“Are you saying–” Sima Lie’s eyes went wide with shock as he looked at her.

Sima You Yue nodded, saying: “I have been poisoned, and it is the cause of my blocked meridians. After analyzing further, the reason I can’t cultivate… and this matter is certainly related. ”

“Bang –” Sima Lie stood up suddenly, this abrupt movement toppled the chair that he was sitting on.

“Is… Is what you say true? “Sima Lie looked at his delicate granddaughter and asked.

Sima You Yue nodded, and pressed on: “I’m sure, Grandfather, this poison is rare and not easy to detect. And this poison has been in my body for a long time, seemingly it looks like I was poisoned at the time of my birth. ”

“The Emperor has sent quite a few people to check your condition several times before, what more they even comprised of renowned Doctors and Alchemists, they could only determine that your meridians are blocked and did not detect any trace of poison! ” Sima Lie said.

Sima You Yue knows that  the Emperor of Dong Chen Kingdom, Xing Zhantian, had been very fond of Sima Lie, he had certainly sent the best of the kingdom over, so if even they could not detect the poison within, it showed how rare that poison was in this world.

“Maybe the poison is very rare in our kingdom, furthermore there’s no other symptoms other than the blocked meridians. If I had not touched the two small points under my arms, I wouldn’t have found it out too. So it’s normal that no one else could detect.” Sima You Yue said.

“When your Father brought you back, he said that your mother was injured so so he felt that your development may be affected, but I did not expect that your blocked meridians was due to poisoning! ” Sima Lie sighed with regret..

“Grandfather, wasn’t I born at home? What did you mean by ‘when your  Father brought you back’? “Sima You Yue felt that Sima Lie was behaving a little odd as she tilted her head in query and asked.

“Cough,when you were born, your parents were not in Dong Lin City, and your Father only brought you back when you were around 6 months old. He said that he had to go look for your Mother and left you in our care, and has never returned. ” Sima Lie said wistfully. “Yue er, how did you discover that you were poisoned? Who diagnosed it? Tell Grandfather, I’m want to look for that person and get the antidote for you. ”

Sima You Yue shook her head and said: “Grandfather, don’t worry, no one else examined me, I found it out myself. ”

“You found out yourself? “Sima Lie gave her an incredulous look of disbelief as he looked at Sima You Yue, saying: ” Don’t lie to your Grandfather, what can’t you tell Grandfather? Did that person make you say that it’s a secret? ”

“This-” Sima You Yue remembered that the previous Sima You Yue was completely useless and did not harbour much intellectual knowledge, if she were to suddenly say that it was really her, Sima Lie would definitely not believe. So she took out the prescription and said “Grandfather, here’s the prescription for my cure, allow some people to get these herbs and materials written down, remember to do it with utmost secrecy!”

“Well, Grandfather knows what to do.” Sima Lie nodded, and he reached out and took the prescription from her to have a good look. Although the words were a bit ugly, but considering her illiteracy from before, Sima Lie nodded with satisfaction as he called out: “Come, follow this prescription and bring the medicine back!”

“Yes, General.” Two bodyguards came in and they carefully took the prescription and headed out to perform the assigned task.

After settling this task, Sima You Yue leisurely walked back. After returning to her yard, she locked herself in her room and continued to read. She was going to have to spend more time to look through these books, as she had to study these more intensively and in-depth to gain a better understanding.

Soon, the prescribed herbs were sent over to Sima You Yue. She took those herbs and checked them thoroughly, only after determining that they didn’t have any problem did she get Yun Yue to prepare the medicine. She had even given out specific instructions on its preparation method. After having them prepared the bath, and ensuring that they had all left did she slowly step into the red medicinal water.

“Hiss-’ Once she had completely immersed her body in the medicated bath water, she felt her whole body burn up as if on fire, as an intense pain assaulted her whole body.

“Damn it! Didn’t think it’ll hurt so much” Sima You Yue cursed out loud as she writhed about in pain, her whole body felt as if there were flames lit on it and burning every inch of her body that was soaked in the medicated bath.

The medicinal bath soon came into effect as she felt another surge of energy fuse together, further intensifying the heat and she felt as if her body may explode any moment. The red medicated bath water soon turned clear and her head felt foggy for a moment when suddenly she felt a sweet sensation well up in her throat. Before she knew it, she vomited out a mouthful of black blood and  continued vomiting out more black blood on the floor. After she could no longer spit anything out, she finally felt better and regained some clarity.

“It’s a lot smaller now.” Sima You Yue muttered after touching the two little dots under her arm. “It seems like it’s going to take a few more sessions to completely clear this poison.” She sighed and gritted her teeth, thinking back on the pain she had to go through.

As soon as she came out of the bath and dressed herself, she kicked the huge wooden barrel and the whole barrel tilted slightly as a huge amount of bath water gushed onto the floor, washing the black blood away.

“Young Master, is everything alright?” Yun Yue and Chun Jian asked from outside with a slight quivering voice.

“Oh, I was a bit careless and accidentally spilt the bath, can you come in and help me clean it up?’ Sima You Yue replied lazily.

The two maids quickly scuttled in and saw that some of the water in the bath had spilt onto the floor. They hurriedly brought in dry cloths and cleaned the whole floor and removed the wooden barrel soon after.

The next few days, aside from having her meals with Sima Lie, Sima You Yue spent her time burying herself in the books. She had almost completely finished reading the books she had brought out from the Books Pavilion the last time.

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed and this was her last medicinal bath.

Sima You Yue immersed herself in the red bathwater once again and after a quarter of an hour passed by, this time, the blood that she vomited out was no longer black but it had familiar vibrant crimson shade. She quickly touched under her arm and found that the 2 small dots were gone!

She took her own pulse and confirmed that the poison had been completely removed from her body! Although she did not know if she could start cultivation after removing the poison, she still could not conceal her happiness as she felt a wave of exhilaration and excitement.

After she used the same method to wash the blood away like previous days, she grabbed the huge key and walked briskly towards the Book Pavilion. This time, the books she wanted to look for would be those on cultivation methods!

She wanted to ascertain if she could embark on her cultivation path once the poison had been completely flushed from her system!


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