DDFYM – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: You are my woman!

Their lips touched, they were soft and slightly cold.

Wu Lingyu’s eyes narrowed in delight, this feeling was better than he had imagined.

“Mmmph-” Sima You Yue took advantage when he was not paying attention and bit him on the lips. After that, she crouched down and slipped out of his imprisonment.

“Are you crazy?!” She stood far far away, looking guardedly at Wu Lingyu.

Wu Lingyu touched his lips. He had already smelled the scent of his own blood.

“You really bit me viciously.” He muttered, his face had no trace of trying to calm down.

“Of course!” Sima You Yue glared at him and said, “This Lord really meant it, I have no interest in men like you!”

“Oh? How come I’ve heard of you relentlessly pursuing men without letting go, paying attention to all kinds of men?” Wu Lingyu said as he wiped away the blood on his lips.

“Those were all rumours. I’ve already told you that you can’t believe in rumours. This Lord here loves beautiful ladies.” Sima You Yue could lie without even blushing.

“Hehe.” Looking at the state that Sima You Yue was in, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“You like men?” SIma You Yue sized him up. After that, it was as if she had heard it from some unknown place as she said, “You’re not straight!”

Wu Lingyu saw Sima You Yue’s straightforward gaze and his face sunk, “What did you say?”

“I don’t care whether or not you’re straight since you’re going to leave this place anyway. You should give me my other half of the reward now, after that we can both go our separate ways, never to meet again.”

“Never meet again?” Wu Lingyu moved his body slightly only to appear beside Sima You Yue. She had been completely unable to see his movement clearly, she could only feel that she was being crushed by his power and could not move her body.

Wu Lingyu took out a jade bottle and pulled Sima You Yue’s hand up, placing it in her palm. After that, he moved beside her ear and said, “Next time, remember to change the scent on your body or else those spirit beasts of a higher right, you won’t be able to deceive their noses, woman.”

Sima You Yue froze, he knew that she was a woman?!

Wu Lingyu looked at Sima You Yue’s expression with satisfaction, smiling as he gave her another kiss on the lips. After that, he said, “Although I don’t like woman who cry and whine, since we’ve already shared the same bed for so many nights, I’m not someone who won’t take responsibility. I’ll just have to force myself to acknowledge you as my woman.”

Sima You Yue glared at Wu Lingyu. This guy actually knew everything but he had nonchalantly shared the bed with her. Now he had actually said, she was his woman now, or something. If she was not being imprisoned, she would definitely stab her dagger straight into his heart.

Wu Lingyu saw the rage in her eyes and smiled happily. He stretched out his hand to touch her smooth face, saying, “You’re cute even when you’re angry. I hope that the next time we meet, you would have grown a bit. See you next time, and remember to wear some female clothing for me.”

I’ll wear rags for you to see!

“Hehe.” Wu Lingyu realised that he actually really liked to see her get angry. He took off the Illusion ring from her finger and her appearance changed. At the very least, she was no longer flat chested.

“So you actually do have something there.” He nodded his head approvingly, as he used his hands to cop a feel.

Bastard! Rogue!

“Cursing me? I’m just measuring their volume.” Wu Lingyu said. After that, he took out another ring and pricked Sima You Yue’s finger. He dripped a drop of blood on it, and put it on her after waiting for the drop of blood to enter it. He turned the knob on the ring and Sima You Yue turned into the appearance of a man once again.

Watching Wu Lingyu put the ring on her finger, Sima You Yue suddenly thought of how people swore their love to each other in holy matrimonial in her old world. This was similar to the groom putting the ring on his bride.

Wu Lingyu looked at Sima You Yue’s current appearance with satisfaction, saying, “Like this, even if you encounter a higher ranked Spirit Beast, they won’t be able to sniff out the female scent from your body. Alright, that old guy is pestering me again so I have to go. Remember, you’re my woman. You’re not allowed to flirt with other men, don’t attract any random bees. Remember to think of me.”

After saying this, he gave her another kiss on the lips.

“Woman, don’t forget our agreement, remember to wear female clothing for me next time.”

You asshole!

“Hahaha! If you leave this place, there’s a city nearby. That place has a teleportation array that you can take back to the capital.” Looking at the current state that Sima You Yue was in, he laughed twice more and retreat to a space, with both hands forming a seal. Suddenly, the space around him twisted and moved according to his hands and looked as if it had been ripped open. A black passage appeared in front of him.

When Wu Lingyu appeared in front of that passage, he turned his body to look over at Sima You Yue, saying, “Woman, remember you can’t let other people know that you are a woman, or else if something happens to you, I won’t be able to go and save you.”

After saying this, He turned his body and entered that passage. After he entered it, the passage closed as if it had never appeared in the first place.


After Wu Lingyu had left, Sima You Yue regained control over her body. When she thought of the feeling she had of being imprisoned, she was incomparably angry. Even if he wanted to kill her, she was completely defenseless and had absolutely no strength to retaliate.

However, this also sparked her fighting spirit. Wouldn’t killing one’s enemies based on a type of feeling be considered the strength of an expert?

She looked at the ring on her finger and thought of the fact that he knew she was a female and had even kissed her three times. She really felt the impulse to go and kill him.

“Just you wait! If I don’t manage to take my revenge, I’ll take on your surname!” Sima You Yue had just entered the new place when she roared loudly.

This was the first kiss of two lifetimes, but it had actually been snatched away. She raged just thinking about it.

“Yue Yue……” Looking at Sima You Yue about to explode from rage, Little Roar timidly shouted from the Spirit Pearl.

“What do you want?” Sima You Yue said huffily.

“That, I heard the sound of many Spirit Beasts running. If you continue to linger here……”

Little Roar had yet to finish speaking when she saw countless Spirit Beasts run out from behind the mountain. She used all of her strength to run. That wave of Spirit Beasts had at least a hundred of them. It must be the comrades of the rhinoceros that she had just killed. They must have smelled the scent of his blood and had come to take revenge.

“Damn!” Sima You Yue could not afford to grumble anymore. She could only take to her heels and sprint off, running while asking Ya Guang to come out. She waited for it to turn back to its original body, then rode on its back, running out of Pu Luo Mountain Range.

The space tunnel opened in another world and Wu Lingyu stepped out of it. Thinking about how furious Sima You Yue was just now, he could not help but break out into a smile.

He called out Fire Qilin and let him return to his original body before sitting on him.

“Master, your actions just now were quite unlike you.” Fire Qilin said as he flew.


“You couldn’t possibly be thinking of making her your woman, right?” Fire Qilin asked.

“Why not?” Wu Lingyu asked.

“But she’s way too different from you. Even the women inside the palace are better than her by a least a few thousand times. How could you think she’s good enough?” Fire Qilin could not understand. He had only left for half a month but his Master, who had never used to even stand close to a woman, had become like this!

“This Lord likes the things that she cooks.” Wu Lingyu said slowly.

If Sima You Yue had heard him, she would definitely be filled with regret that would transcend generations. If she knew this earlier, she wouldn’t cook anything for him!

Wu Lingyu laughed. Actually he also had no idea why he would tell her that he wanted her to become his woman. However, when he had said it just now, he had no evil intent or feelings, as if it was something that just had to be done. The little obstinate face, unyielding bravery in the face of danger, ability to barbecue such amazing food; every single part of her was different from the other women he had met.

In these little ways, she had found a place in his heart.

‘His woman’. Thinking about it, he was filled with sweet pleasure and could not help but smile. This form of address was really not bad.

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  1. Im done says:

    uhhh ok. This story is so~ Mary Sue, it seems more like the plot of a cannon-fodder retaliation story than a legit fic.

    AGHH how does she have so many golden fingers? Ring, beasties, hot men… whats next? A grandpa who’ll teach her his cultivation technique?

    And that romance? Pshh came outta nowhere, she’s the one girl who charms his heart? Unless the food in the whole world uses no spices, there is no way she can cook better than a chief from a God-like place such as the Holy Temple thingy. My god.

    This novel is so shallow.

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