DDFYM – Chapter 189

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Chapter 189: Mo Sha’s request

Sima You Yue and the few of them all gathered together. Even Little Tu toddled over as well.

“Who knows what these few items are.” Wei Zi Qi pointed at the few things below as he said.

“Doesn’t even have a name, they only drew the appearance.” Fatty Qu said, “These kinds of things could be treasures or could be useless as well. After browsing through these things, are there any that you want to buy?”

Wei Zi Qi and the others shook their head. They really didn’t lack anything right now, so these things didn’t entice them at all.

That black grade high level martial art was not bad, however, if he had to fight for it against those large clans, there’s no way that he would be able to beat them. It was better to just forget about it.

Sima You Yue saw that nobody had any opinions. Although there were many treasures listed here, it wasn’t appealing because nobody here was greedy.

“Since there aren’t any items that appeal to you, we’ll just wait until that time to see if there’s anything that we want. Right now, we’ll go back and wait for the auction to arrive.”

When they returned to the Sandgull army, Sima You Yue went to look for Bai Yun Qi to tell her that they were going to participate in the auction on their own, without needing to tag along with the army.

Bai Yun Qi was initially shocked when he heard that they wanted to participate on their own, but he appeared understanding after that. They definitely would have their own ways of thinking, so he didn’t say much after that.

When they returned to their own houses, Sima You Yue placed the auction list on her dresser and took her shoes off before lying down on the bed.

Mo Sha came out of her Devil Snare bracelet and appeared on her desk.

“Why did you come out?” Sima You Yue looked at him and asked while reclining with her right hand on her head.

Mo Sha waved his hands and the the list floated over. The long list of names appeared right in front of her.

“What, are you interested towards something in this auction?”

“Buy these two things for me.” Mo Sha said.

“What’s caught your interest?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Lazurite Pearl and Dark Stone.” Mo Sha pointed at these two things and said.

Sima You Yue was so shocked that her head almost fell off her hands. She stood up and ran over barefooted, saying, “Hey brother, this Lazurite Pearl is a treasure and the starting bid is over ten thousand gold coins. I don’t have so much gold coins with me, how am I supposed to help you bid for it?!”

“You have no money?” Mo Sha raised his eyebrow.

“When did you ever see that I have money? My things have always just be directly taken from the Spirit Pagoda. I think that even my entire clan only has one thousand gold coins!” Sima You Yue said, “Furthermore, what is that dark stone you were talking about?”

Sima You Yue pointed at the nameless picture of the dark stone at the bottom.

“The starting bid for this item is only two hundred gold coins and is easy to get. But the Lazurite Pearl isn’t easy!” Sima You Yue said after glancing over it.

“You think of something. I must have this Lazurite Pearl.” Mo Sha said.

“What use is this Lazurite Pearl that you actually like it so much?” Sima You Yue asked curiously.

“This is an item that belongs to me from the start.’ Mo Sha said, “I have to obtain it no matter the cost.”

Sima You Yue pursed her lips, saying, “Easy for you to say, this is the number one item in the entire auction. How am I supposed to battle those large clans for it!”

“Think of something.” After he finished speaking, he turned back into black smoke and returned to the Devil Snare bracelet.

“You… jerk!” Sma You Yue stomped her feet and walked over to the bedside before lying down, saying, “Really. What are we supposed to do?!”

She tossed about on the bed for a while before she went to call Ouyang Fei and Bei Gong Tang over.

“What’s up?” Bei Gong Tang asked.

“There’s something I need the two of you to help me with.” Sima You Yue said as she locked the door behind them and brought the two of them inside the Spirit Pagoda.

“What is it? You even brought us in here.” Ouyang Fei looked at Sima You Yue and felt that there was something abnormal about her?

“There’s something that I’ve set my sights on and need to auction for. However, I need money. That’s why I need you two to help me refine pills for a while, so that I can use it to exchange for money.” Sima You Yue said.

“What have you set your sights on?”

“Lazurite Pearl.”


“That Lazurite Pearl with the starting bid of ten thousand five hundred?!”

Ouyang Fei and Bei Gong Tang were shocked senseless by a single sentence from her and said, “That Lazurite Pearl has a starting bid of ten thousand five hundred, and is something that everybody wants to get their hands on. We’re just afraid that you wouldn’t be able to bid for it even with a few tens of thousands.”

“Thats right, that’s why I said that I needed to find a way to earn money!” Sima You Yue was also dying inside, but had no tears to cry.

“I still have a bit of money with me, take it first.” Ouyang Fei took out a card and handed it over to Sima You Yue.

This was a savings card of the Yi Lin continent, and every card could contain a bit of coins.

“Green card?! This is a a card that you can only use when you have ten thousand!” Sima You Yue stared at Ouyang Fei in shock; who knew that he was a nouveau riche!

No, a super nouveau riche.

Bei Gong Tang looked at the green card and said, “Never thought that you would actually have so much money!”

Ouyang Fei didn’t comment on the responses of these two and shoved the card into Sima You Yue’s hand, saying, “Take it to use first.”

“What if you suddenly want to buy something?” Sima You Yue asked.

Ouyang Fei shook his head, saying, “I’ve seen everything there, there’s nothing that I want.”

“Then I’ll use it first and return it to you in the future.” Sima You Yue said as she kept the card away.

“However, this still isn’t enough.” Bei Gong Tang said, “I feel that with so many powers fighting over this, ten thousand can’t cut it.”

“That’s why I still have to find ways of raising money.” Sima You Yue said, “Right, take out all those lowly ranked items that are useless and sell them. After that, I’ll take those lowly ranked pills out to sell as well.”

“We’ll talk about it again when we see how much we can earn.”

Two days later, Sima You Yue and the others lugged a huge quantity of pill spirit tools out to sell, however, they only sold twenty thousand gold coins worth of them.

“Master, you have so many pills. You can sell them at the auction as well!” Thousand Resonance saw that Sima You Yue was so flustered so he reminded them, “Didn’t you take your Frost Cold Pill to the auction as well, you can take the Hundred Revolution Pill to the auction this time. It’ll definitely be received even better than your Frost Cold Pill.”

Sima You Yue’s eyes shone and she hugged Thousand Resonance and rubbed her head against him, saying, “You’re truly the smartest! How come I didn’t think of the Hundred Revolutions Pill! However, this Hundred Revolutions Pill is so uncommon in the Primordial lands, I’m sure it will be even more precious in the Yi Lin continent. When we go, it’s better to conceal our identities. Otherwise, it’ll be troublesome if we provoke those people.”

“Master can let Big Brother Mo Sha change your aura for awhile, then you can don a disguise or something to change your appearance.” Thousand Resonance said.

“Not bad. Thank you, Thousand Resonance.” Sima You Yue released him and began to fiddle with her Hundred Revolutions Pill before leaving.

This Hundred Revolutions Pill was something completely out of her reach just two years ago, however, she was able to refine them on her own now. Adding on to that, the most difficult to obtain Golden Snake Fruit that was inside her Spirit Pagoda, this Hundred Revolutions Pill was definitely not difficult for her to obtain at all.

She said she was going to do it, so she did it. Sima You Yue chose four Hundred Revolutions Pill and the remaining ones were left for Sima You Le and the others. She waved goodbye to Bei Gong Tang and the others before leaving on her own.

She came to an inconspicuous little alley and quickly entered it when she saw that nobody was looking. By the time she came out, she had already completely changed her entire aura.

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