DDFYM – Chapter 223

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Chapter 223: A terrifying combination

“Armament Master!” Someone cried out.

The guests in the shop had long since noticed the events happening here. Ever since Bei Gong Tang had started selling her pills, they began to crowd around the area.

Encountering two fourth ranked Alchemists was stunning enough, but now even an Armament Master appeared.

Would a group like this lack cash? There was absolutely no way. They sold pills and spirit tools right in front of everyone, wasn’t it just to slap Sima You Ze and gang in the face?

There was a pin drop silence in the large hall and only the voices of the two taking stock of the spirit tools voiced out tiny voices counting numbers.

Little Tu stood beside Bei Gong Tang and said to Wei Zi Qi, “Big Brother Zi Qi, you don’t have pills or spirit tools eh!”

When everyone heard Little Tu start to speak, their hearts rose to their throat. After he finished speaking, their hearts excited hearts fell once again. If another Alchemist or Armament master appeared, this group would truly be too terrifying.

Little Tu hesitated a bit before speaking some more, “Why don’t you let the big brothers here catch a few Saint Beasts for you to tame? Then you can change them for a bit of cash. Otherwise, you won’t have the money to buy things later!”

“Beast Tamer Master!” A few of them understood what Little Tu was saying and stared at Wei Zi Qi in shock.

Little Tu raised the idea of not having enough money once again, causing the people onsite to laugh. This really caused Sima You Ze and the others to be unable to come out to Anyang city for a few days.

Too embarrassing!

Wei Zi Qi laughed, saying, “No need, there’s nothing I want to buy.”

His answer was basically admitting that he was a Beast Tamer Master.

Sima You Yue secretly laughed when she heard Little Tu’s words. She never expected that this brat would have this move up his sleeve.

How come they never realised he had this dark side to him?

Everyone sucked in a breath. They had two Alchemists, one Armament Master and a Beast Tamer Master. This kind of group would be a first class guest no matter where they went!

Furthermore these people were still so young. They looked to be around twenty years old. Were they really bumpkins? Even a first ranked power might not necessarily be able to produce such talent!

Sima You Yang and Sima You Qing were shocked. They had always seen them so calm, they never thought they would actually be so talented.

Huo Zi Yan also cast quite a number of glances at them. However, his faze finally landed on Sima You Yue, wondering what ability she had.

Despite that, he was disappointed as Sima You Yue did not take out any pills nor spirit tools after Fatty Qu did. She only told them, “Go and take the things you have chosen and bring them here while they’re settling the accounts. We’re going to pay the bill! Little Tu, didn’t you see a rock just now, go and take it. I’ll buy it for you for you to play with.”

“Okay!” Little Tu saw the look that Sima You Yue was giving him and he understood. In a moment, he ran outside and took a rock and placed it on the counter before running out again.

“That rock is pure gold. I saw it just now, it costs ten thousand gold coins!” someone exclaimed.

In a short moment, Little Tu took two more pill ingredients and said, “Big brother, I’ve helped you bring the things you took a fancy to just now.”

He ran off again after speaking.

The two pill ingredients were rare treasures. One of them cost ten thousand while the other one cost twenty thousand.

“This is almost the gem of this entire shop!”

After that, Little Tu ran off again, holding on to some items that everyone had taken a fancy to just now.

Just as he placed down the last item, he said to the shop attendant, “Big brother, that’s all. That’s all we want.”

Everyone sucked in a breath when they saw the items. The price of all these things added together was a hundred over thousand!

The shop attendant kept a steady heart as he counted, saying, “The price of these things added together cost one hundred thousand eight hundred gold coins. You can ignore the eight hundred; the one hundred thousand is enough. Do you want to split the bill?”

“No need.” Sima You Yue said, “Although I’m not rich, I can still afford this much.”

“You should have said earlier that you were going to gift them to us. Then I wouldn’t have been so worried about not having enough money and had to sell pills to exchange for cash!” Bei Gong Tang pouted, “You can count the price of the pills and spirit tools and hand them to us. Just let him bear the cost of all the items.”

“Okay.” The shop attendant nodded as he got his men to get boxes to wrap everything inside.

Sima You yue walked over and took out a crystal card and a blue card, handing it to the shopkeeper.

Seeing the blue card in Sima You Yue’s hand, the shop attendant was stunned. His gaze was filled with even more respect as he looked at Sima You Yue as he used both hands to receive the crystal card and the blue card, giving a polite bow, saying “Since you have our most precious blue card, you have a further 15% off, paying 85% of the total price. We will go and settle the payment, please wait a moment!”

After speaking, he took the crystal card and the blue card and went in.

The men in the great hall were shocked speechless by the words that just transpired. It was a long moment later before someone said, “I’ve heard that they Xuan Yuan Pavilion has three kinds of cards. The green card gives you 5% off, the red card gives you 10% off and the blue card gives you 15% off. Furthermore, the blue card is rarely given out. I’ve heard that the number of people who possess it can be counted with two hands.”

Those who thought that Sima You Yue wasn’t anything much just now had changed their opinion of her 180 degrees.

The blue card was extremely important in the Xuan Yuan pavilion. Even a first ranked clan only held a red card. It was only a few great extraordinary experts that possessed the blue card.

Furthermore, she actually had a blue card, which showed that, to the Xuan Yuan Pavilion, she was even more important than a first ranked power!

Huo Zi Jiao’s face was red as a hot chili pepper. She naturally knew the difference between a blue card and a red card because a red card was currently lying in her interspatial ring.

Thinking about how she had just said that these bumpkins would not have much money on them, this action had been a harsh slap across her face.

Huo Zi Yan looked at Sima You Yue and wondered what kind of identity he had that he could actually produce such a precious blue card.

Those who were in possession of a blue card were not only treasured by the Xuan Yuan Pavilion, but were also important guests of the great powers.

Very quickly, the shop attendant from before took the blue card and crystal card and came out, using both hands to return it to Sima You Yue, saying, “it has all been settled.”

After Sima You Yue received the card, she took out three more cards, saying, “This is the money for the pills and spirit tools the three guests sold just now.”

Sima You Yue took them, turned around and handed them out to the three of them. After that, she nodded at Sima You Yang and the others before turning around to leave.

“Distinguished guests, please stay for a moment.” The shop attendant called out.

“Is there anything else?” Sima You Yue asked.

The shop attendant took out an invitation, saying, “In half a years time, the Xuan Yuan Pavilion will be holding an auction and wishes to invite you distinguished guests to participate.”

“Half a month…” Sima You Yue took the invitation and said, “I will come and participate if I’m still here at that time.”

After she finished speaking, she left with a group of them and tarried no more.

“The word ‘extravagant’ can’t even be used to describe it!” Everyone lamented as they watched them leave.

“Spending one hundred thousand in one shot… aside from those great powers, only people like them have the ability.”

“Those Alchemists and Armament master all see that person as their leader. I’m guessing that he has even more talent.”

“Of course, how else would he be able to take out that blue card.”

“What if he just randomly picked up that card?”

It was only now that everyone thought of this and turned around to look at the shop attendant.

The shop attendant shook his head, saying, “When our blue card is sent out, it will be affected by said person’s aura, making it convenient for us to authenticate it. That card was really his own.”

“Really… too terrifying!”

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