DDFYM – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: “The Plan’s Execution”

When they returned to Sima You Yue’s room, the first thing they did was to take a look at the results of using the Sound Stone.

She took out the Sound Stone and inserted a bit of Spirit Energy into it. After that, she placed it on the table and the veins on the Sound Stone began to move. It quickly began to playback the conversation that had taken place between He Qiu Zhi and Nalan Lan at the lakeside. Once the conversation had ended, the Sound Stone quietened down.

“This is truly very strange.” Sima You Yue’s eyes flashed after she had finished listening to it. She never expected that the stone would be so powerful but she still had a question in her heart. This Sound Stone was so rare that even the Xuan Yuan Pavilion didn’t have one, so how come Bei Gong Tang did?

“You Yue, you should answer our questions now right?”

Fatty Qu’s voice caused Sima You Yue to gather her thoughts and she looked at them with confusion, “What questions?”

“The matter of you being able to cultivate?” Fatty Qu looked pointedly at the inconspicuous ring on her finger. If it wasn’t for the fact that they knew it was an interspatial ring, many people would not even think of it. “You being able to use that interspatial ring, being able to infuse the Sound Stone with Spirit Energy, this means that you are a Spirit Master.”

“That’s right, I’m a Spirit Master now.” Sima You Yue admitted.

“But weren’t you unable to cultivate?” Wei Zi Qi and gang probably didn’t know, but Fatty Qu and all those who were close to her all knew that inside information about Sima You Yue.

“Yup, in the past, I was unable to cultivate.” Sima You Yue explained, “but during this time when I had gone missing, I happened upon some fortuitous encounters and my clogged meridians were opened. Thus, I am able to cultivate now.”

“Really?” Fatty Qu’s eyes widened. Who knew that him going missing was actually a blessing in disguise. Not only had he survived, he even gained the ability to cultivate.

Sima You Yue nodded her head, saying, “But the details of my encounter, I really find it difficult to elaborate on, anyway this is its end result. With regards to this, previously it was only my family that knew about it, but now you two know as well. You two definitely have to keep this a secret for me!”

“But why?” Fatty Qu could not understand, “Your ability to cultivate is a good thing, why would you not want others to find out? If others knew that you were able to cultivate, they would no longer curse at you for being a waste.”

“What others want to think about me is their own problem, I don’t care.” Sima You Yue said, “But if others found out that I knew how to cultivate, I’m afraid that it would draw no end of troubles.”

Fatty Qu knew that Sima You Yue was talking about the Nalan Clan. He’d heard about it the last time when he went back home. The feud between the General’s residence and the Nalan Clan had increased in tenacity. It was only because they knew that Sima You Yue was a waste and so had not made any moves to hurt him for the time being. If they knew that he was able to cultivate, they would definitely move against him.

“Okay, we will definitely not speak a word of this to anyone.” Fatty Qu nodded his head fervently in agreement.

Wei Zi Qi nodded his head in a similar fashion.

Sima You Yue smiled, saying, “Thank you both.”

“Why are you thanking us!” Fatty Qu said, “We are friends, of course we would help you to protect your secret. We’d initially planned not to let you go fulfill this mission with us because it would be dangerous to you. Although you can cultivate, your rank must not be too high. If you go, you will still be in some danger. However, if we’re talking about cultivation, this is a rare opportunity to put it into practice. So you can think about whether or not you want to go.”

Sima You Yue merely smiled when he heard Wei Zi Qi say that her rank was not high and did not reply. His words had no intent to hurt her and people normally would not think that she would be able to cultivate to such an extend in such a short period of time.

Furthermore, he had said this with her best interests at heart.

“Since it is a mission that has been assigned to our group, I definitely have to be there.” Sima You Yue said, “But you all can relax, I will not drag you down.”

“We are not afraid that you would drag us down, it is just that this mission is quite dangerous. If there happens to be a dangerous situation where we cannot protect you, it is possible that you would lose your life!” Fatty Qu explained.

“I understand” Sima You Yue said, “I’m someone who really values my life. You two can rest assured.”

“Since you’ve already decided then it’s fine.” Wei Zi Qi did not add anything else, only looking at Sima You Yue and saying, “So when do you want to expose the true colors of these two people?”

Sima You Yue looked at the Sound Stone lying on the table and smiled sinisterly, “With regards to this, the earlier the better so as to avoid harming my eyes whenever I have to look at them.”

“That Nalan Clan is truly more rampant inside the school compounds. If you were to cause the talent of their family to be expelled from school, that family would definitely explode in anger.” Fatty Qu laughed.

Explode in anger?  Sima You Yue smirked, that would be great!

On the second day, Sima You Yue attended class as per normal and when people saw her on the way to class, they stared at her with wide eyes.

“Didn’t that waste die? How come he’s back?”

“Yeah, didn’t they say that all who entered the Fourth Teleportation Array would never survive to return?”

“That’s what they say.”

“Then how come that waste is back? Furthermore, looking at his appearance, nothing happened to him at all.”

“Could it be that the Teleportation Array had no killing power towards that waste?”

“Damn, if that’s really the case, isn’t that trash too lucky?! Being a trash actually saved his life!”

“Don’t’ speak so loudly, if he heard you, he’d call men from the residence to dispose of you!”

“Tsk, isn’t he just relying on support from the General.”

“Enough, let’s go. My mood is ruined from looking at that waste.”

A few of them left after speaking a few sentences. When Sima You Yue walked in front of them, she heard everything clearly. These few people were just jealous because they didn’t have superior family backgrounds and felt that, as a waste, she actually had this kind of life and environment. Life was really unfair to them.

When the new students from the elite class walked into the classroom, they weren’t as surprised as the people before. After all, many people had already seen her yesterday.

When Sima You Yue entered the classroom, she saw He Qiu Zhi and she also saw her. Seeing that she looked over, she smiled profoundly, causing her to look down immediately in fear.

She sat with Bei Gong Tang at the last row and saw that her seat was completely clean and free of even a single speck of dust.

“I don’t like the seat beside me to be dirty.” Bei Gong Tang explain simply as she took out a textbook to read.

“Thank you.” No matter what she said, she had helped her to clean her desk and so deserved her gratitude.

“You guys went out yesterday night, have you settled things?” Bei Gong Tang was still looking at the textbooks but thinking of the way that Sima You Yue had looked at He Qiu Zhi, she thought that there would be a good show to watch soon.

She didn’t know why but looking looking at Sima You Yue gave her a kind of amiable feeling. She even cared about his problems. This was something that she had never felt before.

In the past, her heart was strong and when she had returned to that place, she had exacted her revenge on some people.

Actually being able to care for something like this was something that she thought was strange.

“Yup, it’s all been settled. I’m just waiting for class to end.” Sima You Yue smiled as she replied.



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