DDFYM – Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: Tit for Tat

Sima You Yue was extremely bored while waiting for the banquet to begin, she took a Spirit Fruit to eat to ease her boredom. But the Spirit Fruit simply couldn’t satisfy her taste. It wasn’t up to par to the usual Spirit Fruit that she was used to, those that she had casually picked from the Spirit Pearl. It simply didn’t taste good at all. High praises could be heard all around the banquet as the guests clamoured nonstop on how supremely delicious those Spirit Fruits were. A sudden thought struck on Sima You Yue and made her feel how luxurious she has lead her seemingly normal life.

In fact, to other people, these Spirit Fruits were really hard to come by because for a ordinary fruit to become a Spirit Fruit, the habitat the Spirit Fruit grows in is very important. It definitely has to be an extraordinarily place and it also takes a long time to evolve.

Spirit Fruits and Spirit Vegetables are the same. Everyone wants to eat it because anyone who consumes it can increase their Spiritual Qi. Whenever there were any Spirit Fruits available for sale, they would be sold at a high bid pricing and sold in a quick second. Even the first-class or highest authority might not able to eat a Spirit Fruit commonly.

Common people may not be able to eat a few Spirit Fruits in their life, but right here at this feast, at least a few plates of these Spirit Fruits were placed on each table for guests to eat casually.

“Royalty is indeed royalty, what a lavish feast.” Some people sighed.

Sima You Ming and a few people each ate a Spirit Fruit and stopped eating after. Sima You Le sat beside Sima You Yue, turned to her and murmured, “This Spirit Fruit tastes far worse than what you have given us”

“The Spirit Fruit here is indeed far worse and cannot be compared with the fruits I give you.” Sima You Yue nodded and replied. “Mhm..It’s lacking in terms of Spiritual Qi …the taste too.”

Ever since she had discovered the Spirit Fruit from the Spirit Pearl, every three to five days she would send some to the Sima Lie family. At first, they were extremely surprised that Sima You Yue had so many fruits, but they all knew that Sima You Yue was not of the Sima Clan’s flesh and blood. So even if they knew that she had a secret, they generally accepted it without probing her any further.

“Yo, there will be a good show tonight.” Sima You Le suddenly voiced out.

Sima You Yue quietly looked up straight to Sima You Le’s eyes and raised her eyebrow with surprise when she saw that someone was here.

Nalan Lan actually came…here comes the good show!!!!

Nalan He walked into the banquet with Nalan Lan and two other young men, as his empty sleeves shook along with him while he walked in while swaying.

It was obvious that the past incident did left some mark on him.

Nalan Lan followed her father into the hall and saw the figure of Murong An. At that moment, he and Shi Mo Li had their heads bent low and were very close to one another, whispering. Although she could not hear what Murong An and Shi Mo Li was talking about, Shi Mo Li was giggling happily.

The hand that was was hanging by her side clenched into a fist while Nalan Lan asked herself why her injury was unseen to Murong An. Was he was really together with Shi Mo Li?? Those rumours claiming that they were getting closer together were really true?

“Lan’er, pay attention to the situation.” Nalan He looked faintly at Murong An and reminded Nalan Lan.

“Noted, Father.” Nalan Lan took a deep breath and forced down her anger in her heart.

Sima You Yue saw Nalan Lan and her family take their seats. Nalan Lan sat at the edge of the corner, right next to Murong An.

Murong An was currently coaxing Shi Mo Li happily. He sensed that someone’s presence had taken the seat next to him, and subconsciously turned his head. He gave a casual look and saw a familiar figure that had him momentarily stunned.

Nalan Lan felt Murong An’s gaze as she turned her head and gave him a faint smile, Sir “Murong An, long time no see.” Nalan Lan spoke gently.

“Ugh, long time no see.” Murong An was startled by Nalan Lan’s smile and felt uneasy, answered once with embarrassment and turning away.

“Miss Nalan, long time no see.” Shi Mo Li smiled as she greeted Nalan Lan.

“I heard from my father that you were hurt when you went to the Pu Luo Mountain Range and suffered a serious injury. Have you now completely recovered? Shi Mo Li asked.

Nalan Lan looked at Shi Mo Li holding Murong An’s hand. Nalan Lan gave her a cold look and pouted.

“Thanks for Miss Shi’s concern, I have mostly recovered now. After all, our Nalan Clan has spent so much money in exchange for the immortality pill from your Father. If there was no effect, Master Shi’s reputation would be gone and wasted.” Nalan Lan answered sarcastically.

Shi Mo Li’s smile froze. Was this Nalan Lan insinuating in front of the crowd that her father was blackmailing people? Shi Mo Li clenched her teeth, “It’s good that you recovered well! Murong An and I were still thinking of paying you a visit to extend our concern to you… after all, you both used to be good friends. But Murong An has just hailed my Father as his Master and we are also in the midst of preparing for our wedding, so we’re on a tight schedule. So sorry we weren’t able to spare the time.”

“You are getting married?” Nalan Lan questioned Murong An.

“Yes, we are.” Murong An bit the bullet and replied.

“When the time to send the Nalan Clan a wedding invitation, Miss Nalan must definitely attend, alright?” Shi Mo Li beamed.

Nalan Lan clutched her skirt tightly under the table, retorting gloomily, “Miss Shi really thinks that the both of you can get married?”

“Miss Nalan, what do you mean by that?” Shi Mo Li’s face sank.

“I don’t mean much, for a beast-like hypocrite that is enamoured with new people… such a fake gentleman, if you, Miss Shi likes it, I shall congratulate you both for being together, then!” Nalan Lan turned away right after she finished her sentence and she couldn’t be bothered to look at them anymore.

“You … Hmph!” Shi Mo Li unwillingly stopped talking after she saw that Nalan Lan had left with no interest in continuing the conversation any further.

Sima You Yue was directly opposite them and was watching the great show with enjoyment. Nalan Lan was actually devious and hard to deal with. She suppressed her anger to avoid creating an ugly scene just because she took today’s occasion into consideration.

After a while, Shi Lei and Wu Lin arrived at the hall. The Alchemist Guild, Beast Tamer Master Guild, and Spirit Master Guild and the representatives of the different guilds also entered into the hall. This order showed that the banquet was going to start soon.

Sima You Yue gazed at those people. Aside from Wu Lin, the rest of them still appeared quite friendly and kind.

At this time, Sima Lie came in from outside, walked to his seat and settled down. Sima You Yue gave him a look to acknowledge him and Sima Lie nodded.

Seeing this, Sima You Yue returned with gentle smile.

The next moment, the Emperor, accompanied by the Eldest Prince and the Third Prince entered the hall. Somehow, without knowing the real reason, his face didn’t look good. He barely managed a smile in the presence of all the guests.

“Congratulations to His Majesty on your birthday, wishing His Majesty boundless longevity.” All the guests respectfully stood up and expressed their wishes.

“Thank you for coming to celebrate this King’s birthday. May all please be seated.” Wan Wu Feng waved his hand to all the guests.

“Thank you for your grace, Your Majesty.” All guests were seated, but the exceptional Wu Lin,who was still standing on, was left. “Today is His Majesty’s birthday. We, the Alchemist Guild, have specifically prepared for you a birthday gift and hope His Majesty will not despise it.”

“Master Wu, what kind of words are those. Your attendance for this King’s banquet has already made me glad and is already good enough.” Wan Wu Feng remarked while smiling.

Wu Lin took out a gift box, the imperial servant at the side took the box and presented it into Wan Wu Feng’s hand.

“Your Majesty, this was what I had refined during this half a year, finding the herbs and especially refining this fourth tier Emperor Pill. This medicinal pill is able to repair and restore one’s body. I heard Your Majesty had once suffered a wound and body has not been that well, if Your Majesty consumes it, your body will be healed and cured completely.” Wu Lin explained.

“Really? Good, good, good!” Wan Wu Feng excitedly opened the box, and the golden pill was certainly lying there. Thinking of his injury that left him with a chronic problem, it always caused his cultivation to produce minimal results despite practicing with great effort. After seeing this pill, he was over excited and unable to express his feelings with speech.

The excitement of the onlooking guests was palpable as they saw the elixir on Wan Wu Feng’s palm.

Sima You Yue squinted as her mouth twitched. It was just an Emperor Pill, what was there to be excited about!

Misty: Hmmm…This grading of Emperor pill just kinda popped up, previously it wasn’t mentioned..

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