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  1. Patience says:

    The link to ‘Cry of Phoenix: Vol. 1 Chapter 67’ is dead.

  2. Noneya says:

    Hero. Is it possible to make it so we can still read your site using the iPads “reading mode” while java script is turned off. The reason I ask is because java script constantly causes the pages to reload with errors making it a pain to read. Most sites have so if we disable java script, we can still turn on reading mode. However, your site blocks that for some weird reason. I’d rather ask than just start downloading and reading an ePub version

  3. Bizness says:

    Ah.. so you deleted the comment I made recently. No wonder there’s only two responses here.. You delete the ones you don’t like. Your site sucks. Fix it. Thanks.

  4. rikayu180 says:

    Hai! Would you mind if I translated the novel from English version into Indonesia. I love this novel very much.
    I hope this message will not disturb you.

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