DDFYM – Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Little Roar shows his power

Sima Lin looked at Sima You Yue and saw her Spirit Beast. He was actually unable to tell what Spirit Beast it was.

“Who are you?” He asked, thinking about how he had actually managed to recognise his own space seal.

“Sima You Yue.” Sima You Yue looked at Sima Lin, “No matter what happened that time, you can’t bring us back with you. I will never trust the words of anyone who keeps the company of Devil Creatures to be pure and innocent.”

“What did you say” Sima Lin furrowed his eyebrows as his eyes flashed with anger.

“What did I say? Could it be that you’re too old and your ears are not working anymore, so you can’t understand what I’m saying?” Sima You Yue laughed coldly, “It is said that people who walk different paths cannot journey on the same road. Only jackals of the same tribe can walk together. Since you actually consort with creatures from the Devil Realm, do you think that we would trust anything you say?”

“What do you mean we consort with creatures from the Devil Realm? Don’t slander my Sima Clan!” Sima You Lan heard what Sima You Yue said and flew over angrily, denouncing everything she said.

“Slander? Don’t tell me that you don’t know, that my Grandfather was harmed by your clan’s Six Toed Devil Mouse the last time!” Sima You Yue said.

“Six Toed Devil Mouse? What would a creature from the Devil Realm be with my Sima Clan!” Sima You Lan was so angry that her face turned completely red as she was upset at Sima You Yue’s fabricated slander.

“You Yue, go down.” Sima Lie said when he saw that Sima Lin’s expression was turning darker and darker.

“According to what you said, it is Kai who has the Six Toed Devil Mouse?” Sima Lin looked at Sima You Yue, as the pressure from up above suppressed those below until they were unable to breathe.

However, she had already long gotten used to the pressure that Mo Sha gave off and did not have too much of a reaction. She laughed coldly, “Even if you want to use your pressure to suppress us, it won’t change this fact.”

“Kai?” Sima Lin looked at Sima You Yue as he shouted at the person beside him.

“Big brother, how could I possibly be in possible of a creature from the Devil Realm? I don’t even know what a Six Toed Devil Mouse looks like.” Sima Kai never thought that Sima You Yue would directly throw this fact out, and could only lie.

“Heard that?” Sima You Lan looked at Sima You Yue, “Our Sima Clan is a great family clan from the Yi Lin continent. How could we possibly have any association with those Devil Creatures.”

Although Sima Lin and Sima Qing did not say anything, the expressions on their faces revealed that they thought the same.

Sima You Yue gave a cold smirk as she patted Little Roar. Little Roar immediately understood, as he opened his mouth and gave a loud roar.


Although Little Roar’s voice was loud, it did not have much effect on the people present. It was only Sima Kai who hugged his head as his face revealed his torment.

“Third Great Uncle, what’s wrong with you?” Sima You Lan asked when she saw that Sima Kai was hugging his head.

Sima You Lan’s voice attracted the attention of everyone present.

“Third Brother, what’s wrong with you?” Sima Ke asked.

Sima Qing looked at Sima Kai as he asked sternly, “Sima Kai, what is up with you?!”

With one hand covering his head, Sima Kai pointed at Sima You Yue said, “What did you do to me?!”

Sima You Yue patted Little Roar’s head and Little Roar roared once again. Sima Kai’s pain intensified as he could no longer maintain his flight as his lone figure immediately hurdled to the ground.

Sima Ke flew down and caught Sima Kai just before he hit the ground.

“What did you do to my Third Great Uncle?”

Sima You Lan was going to attack Sima You Yue as she spoke, but she was rooted to his spot by a single glance from Sima Lin.

Sima Lin turned around to look at Little Roar, saying, “What is going on?”

“You will know after it happens once more.” As Sima You Yue finished speaking, Little Roar followed up with another roar.


Sima Kai, who was on the ground, gave a huge bellow, as a Six Toed Devil Mouse came out from his body, stunning everyone around him.

“What is this?! It’s so ugly!” Sima You Lan immediately called out when she saw that its entire body was black, and it was even leaking black colored water. It was a mouse that was around the same size as a rabbit.

Sima Lin and Sima Qing recognised that it was a creature from the Devil Realm immediately. Seeing that it possessed six toes, Sima Qing cried out, “Six toed Devil Mouse!”

The expressions of the people from the Sima Clan immediately turned ugly. They were just declaring with such conviction that the Sima Clan would definitely have no relations with any creatures from the Devil Realm, but this was displayed clearly for all to see. It was like a rude slap to their face.

“Six toed Devil Mouse… Third Great Uncle, how could you possess something like this!” Sima You Lan was stunned, her face was marked with disbelief.


The six toed Devil Mouse was also quite severely injured by the roar, as it kept thrashing around on the ground the moment it appeared.

It saw that Sima You Yue’s eyes were suffused with murderous intent.

“Sima Kai, how could you be in possession of a Devil Beast?!” Sima Qing roared.

“Thats right, Third Brother, how could you have a Devil Beast?” Even Sima Ke was extremely confused.


The Six toed Devil Mouse was like a lantern as it keep spitting at the people around it, revealing its malicious and evil nature.


Seeing Sima Ke, who was beside Sima Kai, the Six toed Devil Mouse flew over to bite him. However, before it had even reached him, he was blasted to the side by a burst of Spirit Power.

Seeing the Six toed Devil Mouse, Little Roar became extremely impatient. Without Sima You Yue’s instruction, he released a loud roar, directly causing the Six toed Devil Mouse to thrash about. In the next moment, it lay unmoving on the ground.


When the Six toed Devil Mouse died, Sima Kai vomited out a mouthful of black blood before he fainted.

A single Spirit Saint expert was defeated just like that. This change of tides flabbergasted everyone on site.

Sima Lin took a single look at the ground. Seeing that Sima Kai still has some breath in him, he ignored him, turning his gaze to land on Sima You Yue instead.

“Lie, what do you say now?”

“Big Brother Lie, come home with us. If they really want to kill you without getting to the bottom of things, I will even stake my life to ensure your safety.” Sima Qing said.


“Grandfather.” Sima You Yue looked towards Sima Lie. She really did not want Sima Lie to say that he was going to go back.

The impression that the Sima Clan had given her was too bad. If they were really to return, she was afraid that they would lose their lives.

Sima Lin saw the old principal who was standing at a distance. He saw the worry in his eyes and said, “Lie, since they know you are here, even if I let you go back home, they will send others to come for you another day. If you go back with us we can ensure your safety. If others were to come, I can’t guarantee that all those people below would be able to keep their lives!”

Sima Lie swept his glance over Sima You Ming and the others who were unconscious, as his eyes revealed his struggle.

He had initially thought that he would stake his life to provide them an opportunity to escape. However, he never thought that Sima Lin’s strength would exceed his by so much. He had even grasped the techniques of space manipulation. Even if he sacrificed himself, it would do nothing more than throw his life away.

After running for so many years, he should go back to seek justice for his parents. Although he did not know whether or not he truly would be able to do so, hiding in this place forever would hinder the growth of SIma You Ming and his brothers.

“Forget it, I will go back with you…”

“GRANDFATHER!!! Sima You Yue’s eyes went wide as she stared at Sima Lie. She couldn’t believe that he would actually say these words willingly.


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