DDFYM – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: “Nirvana Fire”

The fire that cloaked Sima You Yue lit up the entire stone chamber, bright as day, as she felt her meridians and bones burning.

However, this was a different burning sensation to her palm, although her whole body was wrapped in flames, the flames seem to be part of her body and the flames danced brilliantly on every single part of her body.

All the impurities in her meridians were incinerated and now, she could feel that her meridians were all free of impurities and not only that, she could also clearly feel that her once narrow meridians had widened significantly!

With widened meridians, it also meant that her cultivation would increase at a much paster pace as more Spiritual Qi could be absorbed! In addition to her wider meridians, her bones and flesh seemed to be much tougher and stronger than before!

She crumbled to the ground as the intense pain gnawed at her bones and flesh while her meridians were expanding and impurities burnt away. She rolled on the floor, trying to alleviate the pain as time slowly ticked by. No matter how painful it was, she stubbornly clenched her teeth together, refusing to utter a single sound of pain.

Each time her body expelled some black sticky fluid, the fire would then incinerate it.This process kept repeating itself until the pain became dull and she only felt numb.

“Nothing will happen to Yue Yue, right?” Little Roar was extremely worried, looking at this scene from within the Spirit Pearl.

“Nothing will happen to her, she will definitely make it.” Little Spirit affirmed emotionally.

He had always thought of Sima You Yue as a small girl that had just embarked on the path to cultivation and didn’t think she she held such tenacity. Despite the excruciating pain that she was going through, she didn’t utter a single sound. They could understand the torturous pain that she was going through as they shared a link through their contract.

Little Spirit was shocked and in awe. However much pain and torment she was going through, , her eyes held a strong and unwavering will of determination. Such people were meant for great things. He started to anticipate what her future would be.

“Hah! I told you Little Yue Yue is very amazing!” Ling Long was leisurely lying atop Little Roar with her hands beneath her head, not at all worried.

For someone who could understand the depths of her soul, would not be stopped by something like this.

All these was also witnessed by the Spirit Stone that was thrown in as it emitted a faint glow.

When Little Spirit saw this, his eyes narrowed.

Sima You Yue did not know how much time had passed and when she felt that her body could no longer take it, the flames started to weaken and finally dissipated.

She groaned and tried to move her fingers. They could only twitch at first and after a few tries, she could wriggle them, and cracking noises resounded in the stone chamber as she moved her whole body and the stiff joints started cracking. Fortunately after moving for a bit, her body movement resumed normally. She lay on the ground, panting as she looked at the ceiling in a daze. The whole experience was as if she had just walked through the sea of flames in hell.

“Nirvana Fire has just cleansed your whole body, this would be a great help to your future cultivation.” The same archaic voice sounded out.

“Nirvana Fire? Who are you? Why did you take the initiative to make a contract with me?” Sima You Yue asked when she heard that voice sound out.

“I am called Crimson Flame. For everything else, the current you doesn’t need to know. When the time comes, you will naturally know.” The voice was somewhat low and magnetic.

“Aren’t the both of us in a contract? Since we have already established a blood link, what is there to hide from each other?” Sima You Yue pressed on.

“Knowing too much now won’t be good for you. Your body’s condition was too terrible, so I’ve helped you to temper it with Nirvana Flames. Your cultivation will be able to improve much faster from now. Have a look at your dantian.”

“I cannot see it now” She said with remorse.

“Give it a try.”

Don’t tell me after tempering my body with Nirvana Flames, I can now view my dantian? Sima You Yue was still skeptical but she did as she was told. She closed her eyes and used her own consciousness to probe as she tried to visualise the interior of her body.

Without trying she wouldn’t know but when she tried, she had a huge shock! She could actually see the internal structure of her body, down to her meridians and blood vessels.

“To the dantian.” Crimson Flame said.

“Alright.” She continued to guide her consciousness to the desired location and the first thing she saw was a pool. This must be the Spiritual Pool that Little Spirit mentioned last time!

The Spiritual Pool was divided into a few segments, each had a little level of liquid in it. However, there was one that was red in colour and the level was filled the most which showed that currently, her fire attribute was the most powerful.

A manifestation of her consciousness as her tiny form appeared beside the pool and she was looking at a small red pearl that was rotating in the middle of it. Surrounding it was a cylindrical  space on it’s own which held absolutely no Spiritual Energy.

She stared at in in curiosity and asked: “What is that?”

“That is what was formed after your body underwent tempering under the Nirvana Fire. Look up.” Crimson Flame said.

She looked up and saw a rich flow of red Spiritual Qi flowing in the meridians and flowing into the Spiritual Pool.

“That’s the fire attribute Spiritual Qi?” Sima You Yue asked. “But I’m not cultivating now?”

“That is the role of the pearl, as long as it rotates, it will automatically absorb the Spiritual Qi around you. Even when you are not cultivating, Spiritual Qi will be absorbed here.” Crimson Flame answered.

“Wow! So good!” Sima You Yue exclaimed.

Isn’t this simply a high level cheat? Even when she’s not cultivating , Spiritual Qi would automatically be absorbed, this way, she would have more time to do her own things!

Because she was too excited, her consciousness suddenly bounced out of her body, ending the internal view.

“You are now very weak in strength, so you should seize the time to cultivate and not be lazy. This place has millions of years of fire Spiritual Qi accumulated in here, and a very suitable environment for you to cultivate. I will be in deep slumber from now on, don’t disturb me.”

After saying his piece, there was absolute silence. She tried to sense his presence and realized that he already fallen into slumber!

“If he was going to sleep, the least he could do was to tell me what Spirit Beast he is!” Sima You Yue was stumped as she grumbled.

“Cough cough-” “Although there isn’t anyone else around, but Yue Yue, I think it’s still best you put on some clothes first.” Little Roar reminded.

Only then did Sima You Yue realize that her clothes had been burnt into ashes by the flames and she quickly brought out a new set of men’s robes and put them on.

She started thinking about her current situation, since she was presented with such an opportunity, she certainly would not waste it. After she checked that there was nothing else in the stone chamber, she sat down at where the egg was previously and began cultivating.

At the same time, at the back mountain at the Imperial Academy, the Spirit Beast Egg Selection had been over since three days ago. All the students had came out of teleportation arrays after they had selected their eggs. Everyone had came out after two days, all except for Sima You Yue.

Feng Zhi Xing was still waiting in the cave, staring resolutely at the fourth teleportation array, looking forward to a reaction from it.

“How long are you going to wait here for?” The principal came to the cave and asked the forlorn Feng Zhi Xing.

“I’ll wait until he comes back.” He looked up at the principal and turned his attention back to the array.

The principal let out a soft sigh and asked: “In the end, what is the relationship between you and him?”

When he saw that Feng Zhi Xing cast his gaze on him, he finally asked the question that he held in for so long: “You do not treat him like a teacher to a student. The main reason that you’ve decided to teach here was also because of him, right? Tell me, what is the relationship between the both of you?”


Crimson Flame’s chinese name is 赤焰: chì yàn


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