DDFYM – Chapter 152

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Chapter 152: Heaven and Earth’s Precious Soul Fluid

Little Spirit shook his head, saying, “You won’t. Although time passes quickly here, it will not leave the mark of time on the human body. You will age at same in here as outside.”

“So strange?!”

“That’s right, I have even stranger news. You will know it in time to come.” Little Spirit dangled the bait but refused to continue on.

“What’s the speed of time flow in here relative to outside?”

“For every one day that passes outside, three pass in here.”

“So, we’ve already been in here for three days but only one day has passed outside?”

“That’s right.”

“HAHA, that’s really great!” Sima You Yue laughed loudly. If it wasn’t for the fact that Mo Sha was just a soul form, she would not have been able to resist giving him a hug to show how excited she was.

She was just lamenting about how she didn’t have enough time, however, she had this now. It was really like giving someone a pillow just when they were going to sleep!

Since this was the case, she could remain in here to cultivate, practice alchemy and Space Arrays. She had two years left, but now it was multiplied by three, so it was as if she had six years.

“I used to think that meeting you was such a burden, but now I truly feel that meeting you was not too bad!’ SIma You Yue stretched forth a hand to poke at Mo Sha’s soul form and said gleefully.

Mo Sha merely glanced over at her wordlessly and turned into a black smoke before returning to the bracelet.

“Right, there’s something I want you to see.” LIttle Spirit struggled free of Sima You Yue’s embrace and brought her to a pond that was about a meter wide.

“Oh, this place has a pond!” SIma You Yue looked at the milky white pond and said in astonishment.

“This is soul fluid.” Little Spirit said, “By planting the Golden Snake Fruit tree beside it, the gas it produces will be sucked in by the Soul liquid.”

“The soul liquid can nurture the soul, am I right?” Sima You Yue stretched forth a hand to touch it and realised that there was very little soul fluid. It barely covered the bottom of the pond.

“Right, in the future, the essence of heaven and earth that I absorb will be collected in this pond. You and Mo Sha can use it. You can use it directly, but for Mo Sha, you have to put a bit of soul fluid into the bracelet every now and then. It can nourish his soul and be much more effective than the Golden Snake Fruit tree.” Little Spirit said.

“Little Spirit, you really are a marvellous existence!” Sima You Yue looked at Little Spirit. She really had no way to express herself, especially after his latest improvement.

Little Spirit arrogantly stroked his chin and did not even take note of how much effort Mo Sha had to go through in order for this kind of result to occur.

Of course, the Seven layered Pagoda’s usefulness was crucial. Nobody knew what the Seven Layered Pagoda’s Master used to make this, but he could feel that not a single one of those items used were of lower quality than he was. Furthermore, quite a few of those items were used to forge this. If he had met that master at that time, he would most certainly have been used as just another piece of material.

“Alright enough, you can stay here and nurture your wounds. If you go out like this, you will scare the pants off those people with you.” Little Spirit disappeared after he said this.

“Sigh sigh, you should tell me what those layers are above before leaving!” Sima You Yue shouted.

“There’s no point telling you. When you are powerful enough, you will naturally find out!” Little Spirit finished speaking and his voice grew fainter and fainter. It looked like he really had no plans to tell her what was up there.

“Argh!” Sima You Yue pouted with frustration. Seeing her own blackened arm, it seemed that she would have to spend another 3 days here.

She first let Ya Guang out. When he saw this place, he, who was always so calm and stable could not help but scamper off.

The moment Ling Long came out, she hit Sima You Yue twice and ran off in who knows what direction to look for Little Spirit to play with.

“All these things are out, but how come Crimson Flame just enjoys staying in the contractual space?” Sima You Yue felt a bit for Chi Yan and felt that that egg was still asleep, so she didn’t care about him anymore.

After that, she placed the Golden Snake Fruit tree beside the Soul Pond. Seeing the yellow leaves, she took out a jade ladle and scooped out a bit of the soul fluid and gently dripped it on the branches. After that, she poured the rest on the roots.

“Hope it’ll be useful!”

After she finished doing this, Sima You Yue stood up. She saw this place that looked so different compared to how it was before and her heart surged with uncontrollable emotion.

“Grandfather, Brothers, with Little Spirit and the others, I will definitely come to that side to look for you all!”

Just as she was preparing to leave and start cultivating, the originally yellow Golden Snake Fruit tree suddenly had sha-sha noises. She turned her head around to look and realised that the yellow leaves had all fallen off. The barren tree branches sprouted new buds, which quickly grew. Very soon, it all completely bloomed.

“What is going on?”! Sima You Yue saw the changes that had overcome the tree and was shocked silly.

Was this a hidden camera from the previous world?

“It should be the Soul Fluid that encouraged the growth of the Golden Snake Fruit tree.” Mo Sha’s voice transmitted from inside the bracelet. “This time, the reason why it is able to grow up so much is because you used too much soul fluid this time.”

“So if I give it another ladle, will it blossom again?” Sima You Yue asked curiously.

“Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. If you’re not afraid to kill it, you can try.” Mo Sha said.

“Forget it then.” Sima You Yue kept the Jade ladle away. She would really lose too much if it really died.

“If you have time, you can take a little bit to water it. You should be able to greatly increase the speed of which it grows.” Mo Sha said.

“This kind of things should be left to Little Spirit.” Sima You Yue said. Water it little by little everyday… who knows? It might be able to produce Golden Snake Fruits once again.

Little Spirit, who was currently hiding in a secret place, was almost shocked to death by Sima You Yue. He revealed himself with Ling Long in his hand and hit her.

“What a waste! Damn your entire lineage!” Little Spirit lamented as he looked at Sima You Yue with a face full of heartache.

“What are you so agitated about?” Sima You yue massaged the shoulder that had just been hit and looked at Little Spirit with grievance.

“This soul fluid is so precious, and you actually used it to water the tree?!! Each time you drink, you can only take a very small sip, or else your soul will explode, but you actually used so much at one go! I’m going crazy from anger!” Little Spirit glared at Sima You Yue. He really should never have told her about the existence of a place like this.

“Cough cough, but you didn’t tell me.” Sima You Yue said, “Then that large ladle I gave it just now… will it kill it?”

“It won’t die. However, it will need a very long time to absorb the soul fluid that it just received.” Little Spirit said, “Who knows, it may be able to bloom once it is done absorbing it.”

“Hehe, then i don’t have to give it drop every time in the future.” Sima You Yue said.

In the beginning, she thought that there was too little Soul Fluid, however, she could only take a single drop each time. So, since things were this way, didn’t she have a lot of Soul fluid.

She used a bottle to contain a drop of it and placed it in front of her bracelet, asking, “Do you want it?”

A black mist appeared from the bracelet as it winded around the bottle and took it into the bracelet.

She took another look at it and it had already turned into a Golden Snake Fruit tree, so she satisfactorily went off to cultivate.

Because of her Light Devil body’s recuperative abilities, she was completely recovered one day later. She dawdled for a bit before going on.

She changed the Spirit Pearl’s name before she left. Since it was a combination of the Spirit Pearl and the Seven Layered Pagoda, she called it the Spirit Pagoda.

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