DDFYM – Chapter 39

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Translated by Socksrocker

Chapter 39: “Little Roar’s Ultimate Move”

“Ultimate move?” Sima You Yue looked at Little Roar, her eyes clouded with disbelief.

She had already realized that this brat was completely unreliable and unworthy of any belief of being able to come up with any good idea.

“I’m telling the truth!” Little Roar protested.

“Then why don’t you tell me what idea you have.” Sima You Yue said as she noticed his disappointment.

“Uh huh, actually in the past there was a method that did not require taming, but used a contract, instead.” Little Roar said.

“You can contract it without needing to tame it?” Sima You Yue said with a little surprise, “I’ve never heard of it before.”

“It’s normal for you to not to have heard of it.” Little Roar said, “ Spirit Beasts were very averse towards humans at first, so wanting them to accept a master was an impossible task. Furthermore, it’s an ancient method that has long been lost so these beasts are also unaware of this.”

“This can also be done?” Sima You Yue said.

“Of course! Think about that egg, didn’t it initiate a contract with you?” Little Roar said.

“Oh yes! Now that you mention it, I remember!” Sima You Yue looked at Little Roar and said, “You actually knew it long ago didn’t you, but you were not surprised at all. As such, you already knew what that egg was, yes or no?”

Little Roar didn’t expect that he had just said a single sentence for Sima You Yue to realize this. He smacked his own head and said, “With regards to that, Boss Chi said that we wouldn’t tell you. Ah, Yue Yue don’t ask about this anymore. It’s for your own good that we’re not telling you this information.”

“Yup, I understand.” Sima You Yue saw how frustrated Little Roar was and did not wish to trouble him. Since Crimson Flame had said that it was for her own good, she wouldn’t ask anymore. “However, this method that you talked about means that he has to take the initiative to acknowledge a Master?”

“That’s right.” Little Roar nodded its head.

“Boss, but I don’t know how to take initiative to acknowledge a Master.” Iron Claw Tiger pointed out.

“No problem, this Boss will teach you how.” Little Roar said as he patted Iron Claw Tiger’s back.

“But you said that the beasts of this generation don’t know the method of initiating contracts. So how come you know how?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Of course it’s been passed down to me!” Little Roar boasted, “Don’t forget that I am an Ancient Sacred Beast and we have strong ancestry. Although I don’t know, the method can be found within my inherited knowledge.”

After saying this, Little Roar closed his eyes and thought for awhile. He very quickly opened his eyes and exclaimed, “I found it!”

One could only see him crawl beside Iron Claw Tiger’s ear and whispered a few sentences. He suddenly said out loud, “You just have to voice out these few sentences and it will be done.”

“Will do, Boss.”Iron Claw Tiger nodded its head and waited for Little Roar to leave before it began to repeat the words that Little Roar had said.

He appeared to be speaking in beast language since Sima You Yue could not understand a single sentence. However, it fell in line with their dialect. She and Iron Claw Tiger had a contract appear between them.

Iron Claw Tiger lay down in a show of allegiance.

“Yue Yue, place your hand on its forehead.” Little Roar mentioned as he stood at a side.

Sima You Yue stepped a single step forward and placed her hand on Iron Claw Tiger’s head. She heard it say, “I agree that Sima You Yue is my Master and I will become her Contracted Beast. From henceforth, I will protect her and will never leave her. Sima You Yue, are you willing to form a contract with me?”

“I am willing.” Sima You Yue answered.

After she said this, the contract began to shine brightly. The bright lights engulfed the both of them and gradually dissipated. It divided into two and entered their bodies.

“Master!” Iron Claw Tiger shouted excitedly as he felt the connection between himself and Sima You Yue.

“Ha, we actually managed to form a contract!” Sima You Yue squatted down and looped around Iron Claw Tiger’s neck.

“Haha, I already told you that forming a contract was possible!” Little Roar boasted.

“Yup, it’s really all thanks to you this time!” Sima You Yue said.

Iron Claw Tiger, through its contract link, managed to feel that Sima You Yue not only had Little Roar, this type of Ancient Sacred Beast, but also had another more powerful contracted beast. It had only felt it for a little while but it started shivering from head to toe from feeling its spirit pressure.

“That one is the real boss. However, he’s sleeping so don’t disturb him.” Little Roar warned.

“Yes, I understand.” Iron Claw Tiger said as he truly acknowledged its master in his heart.

“Do you have a name?” Sima You said as she patted Iron Claw Tiger’s head.

“No I don’t. My parents were already dead when I was born. Nobody in the tiger pack liked me, so nobody had ever given me a name. After that, they even chased me out.” Iron Claw Tiger said.

Sima You Yue scratched Iron Claw Tiger’s neck and said, “Don’t feel sad, from now on you follow us, and we are a family. Since you don’t have a name, let’s call you Ya Guang.”

“Thank you master.” Ya Guang said as it rubbed itself lightly against Sima You Yue’s hand.

“Ya Guang, I want to train on Pu Luo Mountain Range for the next few days and need to look for a few spirit beasts that are weaker in quality to battle. Do you know where I can find some weaker quality and solitary Spirit Beasts?” Sima You Yue asked.

“I know. In the past when I was wandering around Pu Luo Mountain Range, I had already explored most of it.” Ya Guang nodded its head and pointed at a mountain range nearby. It said, “Most Spirit Beasts over there are by themselves. And that area over there has spirit beasts and tend to flock together. The surrounding Spirit Beasts have qualities that are a little lower. They are generally weak Spirit Beasts. The middle area and inner region have a higher quality while the residents are mostly Saint Ranked Beasts. The inner areas even have a few Divine Ranked Beasts.”

“Then is this area that we’re in, considered the outer area or middle region?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Master, this place can be considered the inner region.” Ya Guang replied.

“Inner region!” Sima You Yue blinked her eyes and said, “This place is actually the inner area?! But how come I haven’t seen a single Saint Ranked Beast?”

“Cough cough, this area is the inner region.” Ya Guang said, “However, this is the fringes of the inner region. I’ve heard that it’s unknown why, but the Saint Ranked Beasts never come here. As such, it is expected that master has yet to see a single Saint Ranked Beast even though you have hung around this place for such a long time.”

“Then why would you be here?” Sima You Yue asked.

“I fought with a third grade, Saint Ranked Beast and it was two levels higher than me. I was unable to defeat it so I ran.” Ya Guang explained, “However, I never expected that it would relentlessly pursue me to attack me so I escaped in a panic without knowing where I was going. Before I realised it, I was already here. After that I encountered Little Roar.”

“There’s actually a Spirit Beast that dares to bully you, we will look for it and take revenge!” Little Roar said.

“There’s no need!” Ya Guang said.

Sima You Yue held onto Little Roar and said, “If you go over like this, who will be the one who beat it up? Are you able to defeat it?”

“I… If I wasn’t injured, a tiny little Third grade, Saint Ranked Beast would not even be worth looking at!” Little Roar said.

“Ya Guang can’t defeat it and you have no battle strength to speak of. I’m just a Fifth ranked Spirit Lord, am I looking for death?” Sima You Yue said.

“Little Roar, Master is right. Right now, no matter who we look for, we wouldn’t be able to defeat them. We would even endanger master.” Ya Guang was clearly much more mature than Little Roar and said, “Anyway, he didn’t take advantage of me here. It wouldn’t be too late for me to get revenge when I become stronger.”

“Fine then.” Little Roar thought about it and agreed. It would be troublesome to endanger Sima You Yue. After all, her current strength was really too low.

“Let’s go back first, starting from tomorrow, we will look for spirit beasts to spar with. Little Roar, bring Ya Guang into the Spirit Pearl.”After saying this, she sent Little Roar and Ya Guang into the Spirit Pearl and walked towards the cave at the canyon.


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