DDFYM – Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: Danger encroaches

“Third Brother, are you sure that that’s the waste that was chased out of the Sima Clan?” The sharp tongued and ugly Sima Ke asked.

Sima Kai touched his arm as his eyes clouded over. That area had been deeply wounded by Sima Lie not long ago.

“Although we had not met for over a hundred years, there’s no way I would have made a mistake.” Sima Kai said, “It is definitely our clan’s Raging Inferno Blow that is capable of injuring me.”

Sima Lin, who was accompanying them, knitted his eyebrows, saying, “Third younger Bro is already a second ranked Spirit Paragon, since Sima Lie was able to injure you, could it be that his strength is even higher than yours?”

“If he had not secretly learnt the Raging Inferno Blow, how would that Sima Lie be able to injure me.” Sima Kai said.

“That’s right, people who have been banished from our Clan should not be able to learn our Raging Inferno Blow. Since that Sima Lie actually dared to learn it, once we capture him back, we definitely have to turn him into a waste!” Sima Ke said it through clenched teeth.

Even he had not fully mastered the Raging Inferno Blow, but Sima Lie had actually learnt it and was able to use it to injure Sima Kai. He must have been able to grasp it’s essence. Once he thought about it, he clenched his teeth so hard that it hurt.

“No matter what he used, an injury is an injury!” Sima Kai said, “However, there’s no need to capture him back either. He has been injured by my Spirit Pet, and definitely would not have been able to live past two days. We just have to capture those little children, that’s all.”

Another lady who looked middle aged gave a cold snort, saying, “Has it not already been revealed what actually happened that year? Fourth Uncle tried to escape no matter what; they wanted to escape from punishment but they were still forced in the end. Without seeing them in person, we can’t know for sure.”

“Seventh Little Sister, what do you mean by that!” Sima Ke heard that Sima Qing was speaking on behalf of Sima Lie and his face darkened as he chided.

“Whatever I said just now is what I meant!” Sima Qing was not about to back down as she glared at Sima Ke.

“Alright, enough. Stop fighting. Don’t forget the mission that we are focusing on this time.” Sima Lin said, “Third Younger Bro, are you certain that this place has a Golden Snake Fruit?”

“Eldest Bro, at that time, I was also excited for a moment and it was only then that I thought of coming to this land of exile for a stroll. I never thought that I would happen to encounter the ripening of the Golden Snake Fruit. It’s just a pity that I was one step too late and when I arrived, the Golden Snake Fruit was already gone. However, I am certain that it was definitely the Golden Snake Fruit.” Sima Kai said definitively.

“Eldest Uncle, with the Golden Snake Fruit, will our Great Grandfather and the others recover?” Sima You Lan asked.

Out of the entire group of people, she was the only one of a later generation. It was because she had a unique attribute that Sima Lin and the others would bring her across this dangerous Sofia Mountain Range.

“That’s not a given.” Sima Lin said, “It’s just that the Alchemist had said before that with the Golden Snake Fruit, your Great Grandfather and the others might possibly wake up.”

“Father and the others have already been mentally decapitated for so many years. If the Golden Snake Fruit is really able to heal them, our risk in crossing over this Sofia Mountain Range would not have been taken in vain.” Sima Qing sighed.

“The amount of time we have for this journey is tight. We have to quickly look for the Golden Snake Fruit as well as bring back Fourth Uncle and the entire Clan back with us.” Sima Lin said.

“We are also unsure of who the Golden Snake Fruit has landed up with.” Sima Ke said, “Although this land of exile isn’t that big, it isn’t small either. It’s uncertain how long we have to take to look for it.”

“It shouldn’t be the case.” Sima Kai said, “The activity that took place when the Golden Snake Fruit was so big that it definitely would have attracted many people over. Who it finally ended up with shouldn’t be much of a secret. When the time comes, we just have to go to the city and listen around for a bit and should be able to figure it out.”

“How long more before we are finally able to enter the city?” Sima Qing asked.

“Half a day…”

When night came, the group finally arrived at the city gates. Because the sky had darkened, everyone looked for an inn to rest in.

When morning of the second day came, Sima Ke looked for the innkeeper to settle the cost of the rooms before taking out a few gold coins. He placed it in front of the innkeeper and said, “Innkeeper, do you happen to know someone called Sima Lie?”

“Who in this capital doesn’t know of Sima Lie!” The innkeeper smiled happily as he kept the golden coins. He said, “That’s actually the General of our Dong Chen Kingdom. Don’t tell me that you all had remained in the mountains to cultivate without caring for the things outside?”

“General? Then where does he live?”

The innkeeper was thoroughly convinced that these people had hidden themselves away their whole lives in cultivation. He had no idea what they were looking for Sima Lie for, but for the sake of the few golden coins, he still said, “The Sima home is in the imperial capital and is quite far from here! Guests, may I know for what reason you are looking for them?”

Sima Ke glared at the innkeeper and the innkeeper immediately beamed at him while saying he wouldn’t ask anymore.

“Then do you know who currently possesses the Golden Snake Fruit?”

“Golden Snake Fruit? I have no information about this.” The innkeeper said.

Hearing what he said, the faces of Sima Lei and the others darkened.

The innkeeper saw that they were unhappy so he immediately explained, “Dear guests, I really don’t know! It’s not just me, even if you ask others, they wouldn’t know either.”

“Why is that? At that time, the number of people who had gone to snatch for the Golden Snake Fruit would have been numerous. How could it be that nobody knows who finally obtained the Golden snake Fruit?” Sima Kai asked.

“Guests, you are unclear of it, but I have heard from others that at the time, when everyone was snatching for the Golden Snake Fruit there were countless men and beasts. However, at the end, it was stolen by an unknown person.” The innkeeper said.

“An unknown person?”

“That’s right.” The innkeeper said, “At that time, it was a bloody battle on the Pu Luo Mountain Range and the battle ground was complete chaos. I heard that anybody who had strength was there. Even General Sima had gone. He is considered to be the most powerful person in our Dong Chen Kingdom. However, he was still unable to obtain the Golden Snake Fruit.”

“Didn’t you say that he was the most powerful person? How come he was unable to obtain it? Could it be that it was stolen by a Spirit Beast?” Sima Qing asked.

“It wasn’t. Just when General Sima was fighting with that Divine Beast and was unable to break away, a person who came from some unknown place ran over and uprooted the entire Golden Snake Fruit Tree.” The innkeeper said, “That person’s entire body was wrapped in a cloak and they say that the person’s power was higher than the General’s by a huge margin. They say that he had already reached the level of Spirit Paragon. We also don’t know which mountain that old devil must have come from.”

Sima Lin and Sima Qing exchanged a glance. The confusion in their eyes was clear. Did this Dong Chen Kingdom possess an expert like a Spirit Paragon?

“Could it be that it was someone from our side? The Golden Snake Fruit is no longer in the Dong Chen Kingdom?” Sima Ke said.

Sima Lin and the others looked towards Sima You Lan and she shook her head. She said definitively, “It’s not. I can feel it. This Golden Snake Fruit is still here. It’s in the Dong Chen Kingdom.”

“Since we don’t know whose hands it’s currently in, it will be troublesome to look for it.” Sima Qing said worriedly, “Will we be able to find it in five days?”

Sima Lin and the others were also thinking about about it. They had originally thought that it would be a relatively simple task, but because they had no idea of the identity of the person, it became an arduous task.

“You Lan, you were always very sensitive towards treasures. Are you able to feel where it is?” Sima Lin asked.

Sima You Lan closed her eyes and tried for a bit, saying, “I can’t. I can only feel for its general direction. It’s over there.”

Sima You Lan pointed to a place and the innkeeper said, “That’s the direction to the Imperial Capital.”

Sima Lin looked over at the innkeeper, saying, “Then we will first head to the imperial capital to look for those people left in the Sima Clan.”

At this moment, Sima Lie who had just walked out the house doors, had a weird feeling and lifted his head to look towards the direction of the Sofia Mountain Range.


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