DDFYM – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: “The True him”

After dinner, Wu Lingyu saw that Sima You Yue was preparing to head out.

“Where are you going?” he suddenly asked.

“Into the mountains.” She replied.

“I want to go with you.” He quipped.

“What?” She looked at him in surprise. Wu Lingyu had on the same bewildered expression as the two of them were stunned momentarily. Even he himself did not know why he said that.

“Cough-” “Well, since this time belongs to me, it’s  obvious that I want to know what you do outside.” Wu Lingyu nodded his head, not sure if this was said to convince Sima You Yue or himself..

Sima You Yue saw him smile and frowned. “This smile is too fake, I’d rather you not smile.”

He touched his chin and said “Others have always said that my smile is like the sun and it brings them warmth and hope, and they can feel the glory…”

“Those people were blind.” She cut him off midway and shot him a superficial glance.

“Haha…” Wu Lingyu let out a laugh and no longer kept up the pretense and his whole aura changed.

His smile turned from one of brilliant sunshine into one that was from the dark abyss. His whole expression took an instant switch as his whole demeanour changed and his eyes that were innocent and pure changed to one that had a tinge of demonic charm and his whole persona seemed to have changed into a completely different person.

“This should be the real you.” Sima You Yue who looked at him indifferently and said.

The guy before was like an unparalleled holy person and emitted resplendent hope and light when he spoke, however the man before her now gave out a totally different and dangerous vibe.

This contrast was simply too great!

If she had not witnessed it herself, she wouldn’t have believed that it was the one and same person.

“Now, can you take me along?” He asked her, with a trace of mirth in his eyes.

She still hesitated, if she took him along, he would find out about her contract with Ya Guang.

“Don’t worry, whatever I see, I won’t say a single word.” He chortled. “Since there is nothing to say.”

Sima You Yue looked at him in the eye and her intuition told her that he wasn’t lying. “Alright, you can come along, but I’ve got no time to take care of you.”

“That doesn’t matter.” He smiled, her strength was so low, for her to protect him was simply a joke.

Once they stepped out of the cave, Sima You You immediately summoned Ya Guang and climbed onto his back. She then turned to Wu Lingyu and said: “Come on up.”

Wu Lingyu was inwardly surprised, this brat actually had the means to contract another Spirit Beast? Normally, those with her current level of power could only have one contract beast. Not to mention, this Spirit Beast that she just summoned was of a Saint Ranked. Such a feat could only be possible if she had a strong mind and soul.

Sima You Yue saw that he was staring in a daze and remembered that he didn’t like to have close contact with other people. “If you’re not going to come up, then go back.”

She smiled sweetly and turned away.

Just as Ya Guang was about to take off, she suddenly felt a warm pair of arms hugging her waist tightly from the back.

“I can’t use any Spirit Power now, so you have to let me hold on tightly to you now.” Wu Lingyu leaned in and said it in a low and husky voice just beside her ear.

Her face immediately darkened. Although she couldn’t see him, she could still sense that he had on that aloof smile.

“Then hold on tight. Ya Guang, let’s go.” Once he heard her command, he leapt into the air and followed the same route to the outer region as yesterday.

Once they reached the fringe of the Pu Luo mountain range, Wu Lingyu looked at the surroundings and asked, “What are you doing here?”

You’ll know it in awhile. But I’ll need you to leave me further for a bit. I won’t be responsible for anything if you get injured.”

He was baffled at her request but very soon he found out the reason she was here for.

This time round, she encountered a rattlesnake, one that was two ranks higher than yesterday’s Spirit Beasts!

If she had met it yesterday, she would most likely a lost. But after going through the two battles yesterday’s, she was more skilled in using her Spiritual Powers and also gained more insight into battling Spirit Beasts.

Wu Lingyu leaned lazily against a tree while he watched the battle with interest. He was just a slight distance away and could watch the battle very clearly, as he saw the intense battle going on between that small human and huge Spirit Beast. Several times, there were near misses and the rattlesnake had came very close to landing its bite on Sima You Yue. She had narrowly escaped each time by a hairs breath.

As the battle dragged on, she got more used to fighting with this body and utilising her spiritual powers. She felt her body seemed to be more attuned to how she wanted it to move and her hits and dodges progressed smoothly and she could avoid all the vicious attacks by the rattlesnake much easier now. In the initial stage, she was seen narrowly escaping with her life, now it was clear what she was doing, she was actually using this snake as a sparring opponent!

With her dagger in hand, she deftly leapt into the air and gracefully dodged in midair, flipping her body swiftly and arrived behind it and stabbed the dagger into its huge body. The rattlesnake was furious as it felt a sharp pain on its back and it twisted in agony as it felt it’s strength drain away at an astonishing speed.

However, it refused to submit at it relentlessly tried to throw her off its back as it twisted and wreathed about furiously.

Sima You Yue did not expect that despite stabbing her dagger into the death point of the snake, it still had so much fight in it and it trashed about, trying to best to fling her off its back. She then firmly gripped her legs around the snake, but she had squeezed them so tightly that the scales had cut through her pants and deep into her legs.

The rattlesnake made another attempt as it straightened its whole body, trying to get her to fall off. She immediately grabbed its body with her left hand and mustered all her strength and she stabbed into the snake.

This time, she had used all her strength and the rattlesnake could only struggle a few times before it slumped and crashed onto the ground.

After such a bitter struggle, she felt a wave of exhaustion wash over her and she followed the snake and slumped onto the ground.

Wu Lingyu slowly walked over and looked at the brat who was playing with death just moments ago , was sprawled in a puddle of blood panting heavily.

She had completely shocked him with her tenacity and battle prowess, even staking her own life to practice! He started to see her in a different light as all the previous notions of her being a wastrel was completely swept away.

“Are you alright?”

“It won’t kill me.”

Sima You Yue flipped over and she lay all sprawled out as she lay on the ground. She had just battled the rattlesnake for more than a hour and she could no longer feel her four limbs, not wanting to move at all at that moment.

Hearing what Sima You Yue said, Wu Lingyu laughed out lightly and said: “If you’re still not dead then get up. If you continue to lie there, other spirit beasts will smell the scent of blood and come running here.”

Sima You Yue glanced at Wu Lingyu and drew in a deep breath before she pushed her hands on the ground and stood up.

Wu Lingyu stood on one side and looked at that wretched figure to ask: “Where do we go now?”

Sima You Yue retrieved the rattlesnake and kept it away before she turned to look in all directions to finally say: “There.”

Wu Lingyu did not comment and just followed her downhill, where they saw a little brook at the foot of the mountain.

“Look, you just sit here and have a rest. I am going to take a bath and you must not peep.”

Sima You Yue pushed Wu Lingyu to sit down below a tree as she spoke while she went around to the back to take her bath at the brook. Before she dipped herself into the water, she summoned Ya Guang and the others to help her stand guard.

Although she looked outwardly like a male, but she was a woman through and through. And if that fellow was bored from having nothing better to do and came here and saw her, she would have lost out big time.

Wu Lingyu sat below the tree and he could hear the sound of water behind him as he leaned back against the tree. He had not sat upon the ground for a long time and he was feeling rather carefree and relaxed.

It’s fine, take it as indulging himself just once. He will allow himself to be more uninhibited here and he can go back to being a Holy Son when he gets back to the Sage Pavilion.


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