DDFYM – Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: Fatty Qu’s pig battle

After cultivating for a night, she awoke on the morning of the second day and kept the Golden Snake Fruit Tree into the interspatial ring with with a heavy heart.

She kept her tent and the others woke up as well. After washing up simply, they began to set off for the mountain.

When they were on their way, they came across quite a few pill ingredients. Even if they walked past it, they did not harvest it. These were things that were sold so expensively outside but they were completely ignored right now.

Because they were not here to shop, they walked off after heaving a great sigh.

Their motive was to search for Spirit Beasts to train with and increase their strength. They weren’t here to harvest pill ingredients.

After walking for half a day, they had yet to find a single Spirit Beast.

“We haven’t seen a single Spirit Beast even after so long. This place isn’t as scary as they say, let’s…” Fatty Qu said.


Fatty Qu had yet to finish speaking when the sound of a Spirit Beast’s roar was heard. Almost immediately, an Ivory Toothed Pig appeared in front of everyone while groaning.

“Heavens, this is a highly ranked low Spirit Beast? Even an Ivory Tooth Pig can grow to this rank?!” Fatty Qu pulled up his sleeves, preparing to engage into a great battle as he saw the Ivory Toothed Pig, whose rank didn’t give him any face at all.

“It’s already not bad for Ivory Toothed Pigs outside to grow to fifth of sixth ranked, but this Ivory Toothed Pig has grown to eighth ranked. How strange.” Wei Zi Qi remarked.

The Spiritual Qi here is a lot denser than in other areas, so the Spirit Beasts here will be of a much higher level.” Ouyang Fei said.

“This place is merely close to the outside but it has a high concentration of Spiritual Energy… How dense would the concentration of Spiritual energy be in the world outside!” Fatty Qu cried.

“It’s so dense that you won’t even be able to imagine it.” Ouyang Fei said, “Once you enter the outside, you will never think of coming back to this place to cultivate.”

“So exaggerated?!” Fatty Qu’s eyes widened in surprise.

“The talent of the people here are not that different from those outside, so why, when comparing the people of the same age, their strength is so much higher than the people here? The reason is because of the difference in spirit qi density, which shortens the cultivation time.” Ouyang Fei said.

“That great?! Then once we go outside, will our strength also increase really quickly?”

“It will not only be really quick, it will be extremely quick.” Ouyang Fei said, “The talent that we possess is still considered high outside. If we live in that kind of environment, I believe that everyone will break through the ranks extremely quickly.”

The Ivory Toothed Pig was furious when it saw that they were not afraid of it, and were even laughing and joking. It set its target to the one who was laughing the happiest and charged forward.

“Damn, it knows that I’m the weakest so it decided to attack me! This grandpa didn’t bare his fangs so you take him for a sick cat?”

Fatty Qu gave a loud roar and raised both his fists as he charged head on to the Ivory Toothed Pig.

This Spirit Beast had a thick skin and was tough. Sima You Yue was worried that he would get injured when she saw that Fatty Qu just directly charged at it, and wanted to step in and help but was pulled to a stop by Bei Gong Tang.

“Fatty Qu’s battle abilities are not like what he seems like on the surface, it will be fine.”

Sima You Yue knew that they were the ones who were always together, so Bei Gong Tang should be the one who know him best. Since they were not worried, that just mean that there should really be no problem.

Seeing that only Fatty Qu had charged towards the Ivory Toothed Pig, this man and beast clashed head on. His chubby body flashed as he appeared beside the Ivory Toothed Pig, delivering a heavy punch at its head.


That punch happened to land on the Ivory Tooth Pig’s eye as it lifted its head to the sky and roared in pain. It twisted it body around and charged at Fatty Qu once again.

This time, Fatty Qu did not dodge to the side but stretched forth both his hands and caught the Ivory Tooth Pig’s head, and was quickly shoved backwards. He was shoved about twenty to thirty steps before he stopped, body heavy, not moving back anymore.


With a groan, he caught the Ivory Toothed Pig by its ivory tooth and threw it to the side. The fat body of the Ivory Toothed Pig was well and truly shoved by Fatty Qu.

“Tsk tsk, this Fatty’s strength has really grown!” Sima You Yue sighed when she saw that Fatty Qu actually chose to have a direct hand on hand combat with the Ivory Toothed Pig and was not losing at all.

“Earlier on, Fatty Qu received a book on body techniques from his clan and began to begin practicing those techniques.” Wei Zi Qi said.

“Then why didn’t he slim down at all?!” Sima You Yue took a look at Fatty Qu’s body. If they didn’t say anything, she would really not be to see that Fatty Qu had been cultivating.

Fatty Qu, who was currently battling the Ivory Toothed Pig, heard Sima You Yue’s words and almost stopped breathing and almost couldn’t muster the strength to throw the Ivory Toothed Pig out.

“Cough cough, I won’t say anything anymore. Continue!” Sima You Yue saw that what she said was distracting him, so she coughed twice before speaking.

Fatty Qu glared at Sima You Yue. Seeing that the Ivory Tooth Pig was charging towards him, he rolled to the side to dodge the pig trotters.

The Ivory Toothed Pig stomped its hoof as a pit appeared in the ground.

Fatty Qu saw the outcome and was so glad that he had avoided it, or else he would turn into minced meat!

“Oh my heavens, it’s attacks are actually so vicious! This Grandfather must definitely get those trotters to roast and eat!”

After speaking, he stood up and lunged towards the Ivory Toothed Pig. He flew towards the side as he flipped his body and landed on the Ivory Toothed Pig’s back.

One punch.

“Dare to hit this Grandfather!”

Two punches.

“Dare to step on this Grandfather!”

Three punches.

“I’ll break apart your pig head!”

Four Punches.

“I’ll shatter your ivory tooth!”

Five punches.

Seeing Fatty Qu rain blow after blow on the Ivory Toothed Pig’s body and hearing him say a line after each punch, the four of them could not help but smirk.

They really felt their heart ache for his hands. Who knew how much it hurt to rain punches upon that thick skin.


The Ivory Toothed Pig was wounded and went into a rage mode, endlessly twisting his body to try and throw Fatty Qu off.

Fatty Qu bent his body low and directly sat on the back of the Ivory Toothed Pig. No matter how it moved, he would not be thrown off. He would even occasionally throw a punch towards its head or stomach.

Seeing this scene Sima You Yue muttered, “Why does this scene feel so familiar?”

“The last time, when you fought with the Acacia Silk Snake, didn’t you take out a frying pan to viciously beat it to death?” Bei Gong Tang remarked.

Damn, thinking about it, she was like this the previous time as well. It was no wonder that she felt this scene was so familiar.

However, didn’t she just have to remind her about the battle between her and the Acacia Silk snake, why did she have to add on the part about the frying pan?!!!

She had no idea that at that time, the impression that she left on them when she came out to save them with a frying pan was really too deep. They would occasionally think about it to reminisce.

Although the situation was really dangerous at that time, that frying pan was just too hilarious.

Fatty Qu and the Ivory Toothed Pig fought for an hour plus and was finally beaten by a blow to the head. The Ivory Toothed Pig fell on the ground and lay there exhausted, unable to move even if it wanted to.

During the entire battle, Sima You Yue and the others stood at the side and watched while waiting for him to come over once he had achieved victory.

Seeing the brain matter flow out, Sima You Yue pursed her lips, saying, “That is something so valuable, but you actually wasted it.”

Fatty Qu lay on the ground and looked towards Sima You Yue, saying, “You Yue, I want to eat Roasted Pig Trotters…”

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