DDFYM – Chapter 233

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Chapter 233: Not easy to find the main ingredients

News of the upheaval happening in the Sima Clan was spread. Sima Jun’s wounds had been treated and he recounted what really happened that year and Sima Lie’s family, who were initially the criminals, were washed completely clean of any crimes and were returning afresh to the Sima Clan.

That day, Sima You Yue was hollering outside the Sima Clan’s main doors and even killed Sima Ke and Sima You Ze inside the Sima residence. Adding that on to her identity, everyone was even more curious about her and wondered how she had come from the Dong Chen Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Sima Lin and You Yue were walking into a secret route. As she walked down the path, she was unsure which part of the Sima Residence she was currently at.

After the two had walked for a little less than half an hour, they emerged from the secret pathway and entered a cave.

“We’re here.” Sima Lin stopped in front of it.

Sima You Yue followed behind him and entered the cave. A person lay on the stone bed and his body was turning while emitted light. He looked as if he was being protected by something.

“Who is this?” She had no idea why Sima Lin would bring her here.

“This is one of the clan leaders of the Sima Clan.” Sima LIn said, “He’s also the most senior eldest brother of our generation.”

“An old family ancestor?” Sima You Yue looked at the person with surprise. He didn’t look to hold just any ordinary position.

“Three years ago, when I went to the Dong Chen Kingdom, I was not yet the Clan leader. The one who was clan leader at the time was him.” Sima Lin said, “At that time, we brought your Grandfather and Sima Kai back but halfway back, Sima Kai was in a coma because of his Devil pet, and I don’t know whether or not it was because of their contract, but he lost his life before he left the Sofia Mountain Range.”

“I was wondering why I didn’t see that guy!” Sima You Yue said.

Sima Lin glanced at her and continued, “When we returned home, we found out that something happened to the Clan Leader but we didn’t think too much about it. However, we never thought that he was actually tied up and carried home by someone. The Clan tried to think of everything but they were unable to heal him, and could not stop his life was slipping away. In the end we could only use our family’s secret arts to preserve his life.”

“You want me to save him?” Sima You Yue asked.

Sima Lin nodded his head, saying, “The Clan’s doctors have said that there is no cure, but I believe that you may have a way to save him since you managed to heal Youngest Uncle.”

“I want to examine him first.” Sima You Yue did not say this very willingly.


Sima You Yue walked over and examined the old clan leader carefully with an extremely solemn expression.

Every single one of his meridians were broken along with his bones. More than half had shattered and his five bowels and six viscera were severely wounded. He was practically dead.

His wounds were much more severe than Bai Yuan Chun’s before. However, the most serious wounds were not the one on his body.

“How is he?” Sima Lin asked from the side.

Sima You Yue sighed, saying, “His wounds would be a guaranteed death sentence for anyone.”

“Do you not have any way to save him either?” Sima Lin still had a bit of hope in his heart.

“It’s not that there’s no way.” Sima You Yue said, “It’s just that the chance of success is not great.”

“Then he has a chance?” Sima Lin’s heart lit up.

Sima You Yue shook her head, saying, “His body is already paralysed. It won’t be an easy feat for him to recover. However, the most difficult part isn’t this.”

“Then what is it?”

“His soul is close to extinguishing. In order to preserve his life, the soul has gone into a coma.” Sima You Yue said, “If the soul is unable to awaken, it would be useless even if you were to treat his wounds.”

“How certain are you?” Sima Lin naturally knew how severe his wounds were and knew that there was only a small chance of healing him. If not, they would not have used the secrets arts.

“Not even half.” Sima You Yue replied, “Also, the cost is great. We’ll need a lot of expensive pill ingredients.”

“No matter what, we have to find out who did this to our Sima Clan. Not just anyone can cause such harm to the Clan Leader.” Sima Lin replied solemnly, “We will settle the finding of pill ingredients. It’s enough for you to treat him.”

“Okay.” Sima You Yue replied.

When they left the cave, he and Sima You Yue returned to the same pathway. When they were back in the house, she wrote down the list of pill ingredients. Those numerous and tightly written names numbered to more than a few hundred to over a thousand.

“Aside from the few main ingredients, please collect as many of the others as possible.” Sima You Yue instructed.

After two days, Sima Lin sent men to call for her. There was a group of elders waiting for her along with him.

Sima You Yue bowed to the few of them and saw that their expressions were ugly and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Of the main ingredients that you gave us, we completely lack three of them.” Sima Lin said.

“You don’t have them?” SIma You Yue was a bit confused. She had seen those pills in her pill books before. If they didn’t exist, how would they appear in the book.

“We have everything except for the Moon Breath Grass, Sunset Cloud Flower and Brown Honey.” An elder sitting at the side said

Sima You Yue had already figured out by now that the group of people she had seen that time were the elders of the Sima Clan. Most of them were seniors of the same generation as Sima Lin.

“All of those three are truly rare.” Sima You Yue said, “However, it can’t be that there’s completely none of them, right? Have you all gone to look at the Xuan Yuan Pavilion and the Alchemy Guild?”

“We have.” Another elder said, “However, those at the Alchemy Guild said that it has been a long time since they have seen those three ingredients so they don’t have any existing stock.”

“Since they have no existing stock, then they should go and look for it.” Sima You Yue said, “The first two types of pill ingredients grow beside each other and if you have them, you have honey. At that time, you just have to look for the honey.”

“We thought this way as well.” Sima Lin said, “That’s why we plan to a sea area soon. We called you here together to draw those main ingredients so that the men we send know what to look for.”

“The honey is easier to describe and is easier to recognise. However, the other two ingredients look similar to other herbs and are hard to differentiate. If you want to go, bring me alone. At that time, I can point it out.” Sima You Yue said.

“That place is too dangerous and your Sacred Beast friend is not around. It will be better for you to remain at home.” Sima Lin was not agreeable, “You just have to draw out what the pill ingredient looks like.”

“If I wasn’t needed, I wouldn’t want to go and join in either. However, if we mix up those two ingredients, we won’t be healing him but taking his life.” Sima You Yue said.

“If that’s the case, then let him go.” The most senior elder said, “I will be going down myself with a group of men this time. We’ll bring more people and should be able to guarantee his safety.”

Sima You Yue saw their solemn expressions and asked, “Is that sea area not just a sea? What’s so terrifying?”

Everyone present nodded, saying, “The creatures who live on the sea area are more than the ones on land and they are also stronger. If you are not careful, you will end up it their bellies.”

“That scary?” Sima You Yue was curious.

“That’s only natural.” The Senior Elder said, “Its dangers are not comparable to the ones on Sofia Mountain Range and are much higher. It is because of this that a few pill ingredients that only grow in the sea area will only rarely appear on this continent.”

“Now that you say it like this, I really want to go and take a look…” Sima You Yue said while touching her chin.

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