DDFYM – Chapter 214

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Chapter 214: Being beaten up

Sima You Yue was in the house and took out the sound stone that Sima Lie had given her. She inserted her Spiritual Qi into it and the vein lines began to move as Sima Lie’s voice was heard once again.

The content inside it; every word, every sentence was already committed to heart. However, she would still take it out to listen occasionally to listen to Sima Lie’s loving but helpless voice.

Since meeting Bai Yun Qi, she had already been in West Moon Kingdom for a month. Right now, there was only three months left of their three year time limit.

She wondered whether her Grandfather and Older Brothers would still be well after these 3 years?

“Grandfather, I’m coming to rescue you all. You all have to wait for me.” She grasped the stone and declared.

The next day, Sima You Yue and the others went to the Spirit Master Guild in the morning. When the men from the Spirit Master Guild saw them, they quickly let them enter.

“We want to go to the Central Wu Kingdom.” Wei Zi Qi said to the Steward who received them.

“We have already prepared everything.” The steward said, “The president sent word yesterday that some distinguished guests were going to use the Teleportation Array today, so we have not yet opened this to the public.”

Was this to surround them?

“Where is this teleportation array headed to?” Sima You Yue asked.

“The Imperial City, Linchuan City, in Central Wu Kingdom.” The steward replied.

“Do you happen to know which city the Sima Clan is in?”

“In the Eastern part, Anyang City.” In Linchuan city, there’s a teleportation array that will take you there.”

“It’s not in the imperial capital!”

“That’s right.”


While speaking, they came to the place where the teleportation array was. Since the distance for the teleportation array was rather far, the teleportation array was bigger and almost covered a large half of the house.

Sima You Yue looked at the teleportation array. After she had ascertained that there was no problem, she ascertained that there were no problems before bring them to step on it.

The steward let ten over Spirit Masters insert their Spiritual Qi at the same time. The teleportation array lit up and it was only when the entire vein of lines lit up that they stopped.

It was the first time that Sima You Yue had seen such a big activity for such a large teleportation array. However, thinking about the range of it, she felt it was normal.

“It’s here again!” Sima You Yue cursed in her heart before the familiar wave of vertigo hit her once again.

No matter how many times she took the teleportation array, she would never get used to this kind of vertigo. She had asked Feng Zhi Xing why others didn’t have this issue while she just had to feel this discomfort. At that time, Feng Zhi Xing’s answer was that the teleportation arrays of the continent were too crude. So, she who was sensitive to space would naturally feel discomfort.

At that time, she had complained in her heart that to be talented was a form of curse as well!

Two days later, they finally reached the imperial capital, Linchuan City. Everyone never expected that they would spend such a long time in the teleportation array. If they had to take their flying beasts, three to five months would probably not have been enough time. Furthermore, Little Roc was the quickest flying beast around.

If it was just any bird species, they would probably spend a year over.

Teleportation arrays between countries were rarely used, and the teleportation array at Linchuan City had not lit up for a very long time.

Seeing that something was being sent over by the teleportation array, the men of the Spirit Guild all crowded at the side to watch, wondering who these people were. Once they realised that it was just a few young people, they went about minding their own business again.

Sima You Yue had spent two days in the teleportation array, so when she came out, she had gone dizzy from all the puking.

“Damn it, next time I will definitely bring along a teleportation array that I craft myself!” After she had almost puked her guts out, Sima You Yue had been thoroughly defeated by the teleportation array.

Due to the condition of her body, they did not continue to rush along. Instead, they chose an inn in Linchuan city to stay.

Sima You Yue lay on the bed and she still felt like the world was spinning.

“I’ve heard of those who get carsick, seasick, or getting sick on a plane. But i’ve never seen anyone like me who gets sick via teleportation arrays.” She stretched forth a hand to grasp at the air before powerlessly putting her hand down.

“You Yue, we’ve heard just now that we’re currently not too far from Anyang City. We can just take our flying beasts to head there next.” Bei Gong Tang was taking care of Sima You Yue in the house and she said with heartache when she saw her like this.

Sima You Yue glanced weakly at Bei Gong Tang, saying, “I think we should forget it. It’s better to reach there earlier so we can prepare more.”

Furthermore, if they spent one to two more months rushing there, it would not be worth it at all.

“Then you should rest well. Fatty Qu and the others are quite interested in Linchuan City. We plan to go look around together.” After she spoke, she stood up and took the towel from Sima You Yue’s forehead and went out with the pail in her hands. Sima You Yue was left alone in the house.


The sound of the door closing stunned Sima You Yue, who opened her closed eyes. She lamented in her heart, “All these heartless creatures, abandoning me here alone to run out and play themselves. So cruel! No, I can’t do it. I’m still giddy. I need to sleep for a bit. Halcyon, call me when they come back!”

Halcyon, who had remained silently by the windowsill, glanced at the person lying on the bed before turning his attention to the street outside, watching people come and go.

This guy was usually happily frisking about, fearing neither heaven nor the earth. Who knew he would actually be troubled by a teleportation array.

Sima You Yue slept all the way to night. When she woke, she felt a lot better. At least, the earth wasn’t spinning anymore. However, she still felt a little sulky and it was extremely disconcerting.

“I slept till my back ached. Halcyon, how come they haven’t come back yet?”

She groped around her bed before realising that Halcyon had disappeared somewhere.

She opened the door and went out. Hearing the voices of laughter and scoldings, she leaned over the banister and saw that Fatty Qu was carried in with a bloody nose. Little Tu followed behind with one black eye.

“Oh my, you all just went out for one day and you’re already like this?” Sima You Yue laughed and said, “Could it be that you didn’t go out to walk around but to break into a house? Fatty, what’s up with your blueblack?”

Fatty Qu glared at Sima You Yue with grief. This guy had clearly seen that he was beaten up, but she was actually so gleeful!

Everyone came upstairs and she broke out into a grin when she saw them.

Let these guys go out to play, but they were actually beaten up!

She beckoned Little Tu over with her finger, saying, “Little Tu, come over.”

Little Tu walked past Fatty Qu and the others, arriving beside Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue stretched forth a hand to touch his blackened eye, saying, “Come, tell Big Brother, who beat you?”

“A bad person!” Little Tu huffed, “That person not only held evil designs on Big Sister and me, he even beat Brother Fatty to this point.”

“Oh? What happened?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Big Sister and I were walking on the street when we met a Brother Prince. He said he took a fancy to Big Sister and wanted to capture her back home. Another old man said he took a fancy to me and wanted to catch me. Big Brother Ouyang and Big Brother Zi Qi were not around, so Big Brother Fatty went up to fight with them, but was beaten to this state. We never thought that old person would be a Spirit Paragon. If it was not for Big Brother Halcyon who came, we would not be able to come back home today.”

Sima You Yue folded her arms in front of her chest and raised her eyebrows- they took a fancy to her family’s beauty and little boy?


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