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Chapter 144: Black levelled Spirit Skill

Sima You Yue opened the book titled, Raging Inferno Blade. She saw that the title was Black levelled Spirit Skill, and it wrote that anything other than a Spirit King would not be able to learn it.

“It’s actually a Black levelled Spirit Skill!” Sima You Yue called out with surprise, “However, I have to reach the rank of Spirit King in order to be able to cultivate it. Right now, I am only able to read it. I never thought that Grandfather would actually be in possession of a Black levelled Spirit Skill, no wonder his strength is so great.”

When a Spirit Lord first began, he could only depend on absorbing and condensing Spiritual Qi as a method of comparison. Right now all they were able to do was to condense tiny little spheres or drops of whatever. If one wanted to increase in strength, they had to use a Spirit Skill.

Feng Zhi Xing had taught them before that Spirit Skills had four different ranks- Sky, Earth, Black and Yellow. Each one was further divided into subcategories- low, middle and high. At each rank increase, the strength of the Spirit Skill would be as different as heaven and the the Earth.

So, when a Spirit Lord managed to become a Great Spirit Master, he would be able to begin cultivating Spirit Skills. The high the rank of a Spirit Skill, the greater the level of difficulty. Right now, the ones on the main continent were Yellow Ranked, while the highly ranked Yellow Ranked skills were rare.

Of course, Feng Zhi Xing had put it across according to the terms of the Dong Chen Kingdom. If it were according to the standard of the place he came from, a Yellow Ranked skill was not worth anything.

“Most Great Spirit Masters are able to cultivate Spirit Skills so I never thought that this would actually require one to be a Spirit King in order to learn it. Looks like the amount of Spirit Power needed to cultivate this is relatively high. Its power should consequently be relatively more powerful. I’ll wait until I reach the rank of Spirit King before trying it out.”

Sima You Yue placed the Raging Inferno Blade back and began to cultivate.

Too many things had been happening lately. Although Little Spirit had been helping her take the initiative to cultivate to avoid dragging her down in terms of speed, she didn’t have much improvements.

If she wanted to rescue Sima Lie and the others, she would need to be strong enough. She also needed to formulate a secret plan in order for it to succeed.

“That Sima Lin has not even reached Spirit Paragon, but his strength is incomparably strong. The Sima Clan definitely has people who are stronger. Who knows, they may already be Spirit Paragons. If I want to rescue Grandfather and the others, I must do my best to increase my own strength.”

She was only only a Sixth Rank Spirit Lord, and was slowly coming close to the borders of a Seventh Rank Spirit Lord. However, she had to first become a Great Spirit Master, Spirit King, Spirit Overlord before she could become a Spirit Saint.

There were those who spent their entire lives only to reach the level of Spirit Overlord. She had spent less than a year to reach a Sixth Ranked Spirit Lord and had three more years. Who knew what level she would attain.

The time she spent cultivating passed by in a blink and she spent two days cultivating just like that.

Because a large portion of the plans had already been settled, nobody came to bother her these two days.

After two days had passed, the General’s residence released an announcement, stating that they were urgently recruiting people. Some benefits of joining was that they would be able to receive a single beast that was personally tamed by Sima You Yue and would even be able to receive an amount of pills that were useful for cultivation. After that, they would be able to receive the same amount of pay as the bodyguards. They were required to have ranks greater than Great Spirit Master and had to work for the Sima Clan for ten years. After ten years, they could choose whether or not they wanted to stay.

News of Sima You Yue taming the spirit beast had already been spread across the entire imperial capital and to neighboring towns. Even those places that were relatively far away knew about this incident. Everyone was sighing about how she had become such a perverse genius and were extremely interested in the Spirit Beasts she tamed and thought it would be great if they could get their hands on one.

Now that this announcement had been released by the Sima Clan, the number of people who came to sign up was endless. The Steward, who initially thought that not many people would sign up, found himself extremely busy. On the first day, nobody who was above the rank of Great Spirit Master was rejected. On the second day, they began to become picky with their choices and those whose strengths were too low or had bad character were directly eliminated.

Very quickly, the number of people in the Sima Clan doubled. The Steward left behind a group of people to protect the General’s residence and brought the rest to go and capture Spirit Beasts.

Soon after, the supplies came in from the Qu Clan along with the Spirit Beasts sent over from the Beast Tamer Master guild. Adding this on to the popularity of Sima You Yue’s name, the initially dispirited aura of the Sima Clan’s shop experienced a continuous stream of customers.

Those who initially thought of scheming against the Sima Clan slowly suppressed these thoughts. Who would dare to move against the Sima Clan right now? If they did, they had to first take a look at whether or not they had the ability to go against the Academy and Beast Tamer Master guild.

More than a few insiders sighed. They had never seen such a speed of expansion of growth. It was merely the time of one or two months but it had developed so much.

However, thinking about Sima You Yue’s perverse strength in Alchemy and Beast Taming, having things turn out this way was still within reasonable limits.

Furthermore, the Sima Clan had, because of Sima Lie’s identity, had some things that they were not really able to do. Now that they did not have such restrictions, they could take larger strides forward.

The steward had initially thought to let the new recruits meet Sima You Yue. However, seeing as how she was in closed door cultivation, he gave up that idea.

After a few more days had passed, Sima You Yue felt that she was going to increase in rank soon. She, who had initially wanted to leave, decided to continue cultivating and rose to break through to the rank of Seventh ranked Spirit Lord one day later.

After she had successfully increased in rank, Sima You Yue opened her eyes. Seeing the stars that represented her power slowly fade away, she heaved a sigh and said, “My speed of rank increase is a bit slow. If I continue at this pace, how am I going to save Grandfather and the others. Looks like I will have to think of another method to increase my strength.”

Because she had remained in this cultivating posture for a few days, her body felt a bit stiff. She got off the bed and moved around. When she opened the door, she got a huge shock.

When she had first entered into closed door cultivation, it was still a piece of flatland. How had it turned into a huge official residence overnight?!

“Young Master, you’ve emerged from closed door cultivation!” Chun Jian and Yun Yue were outside and smilingly approached her when they heard her voice.

“Chun Jian, how long was I in closed door cultivation?” Sima You Yue was somewhat unable to believe her eyes. Could it be that I was in closed door cultivation for a long time?”

“Young Master, you have been away for ten days.” Chun Jian replied.

“It’s only been ten days, but this house has already been fully constructed?” Sima You Yue asked.

Yun Yue smiled, saying, “Young Master, ever since you tamed the Spirit Beast publicly and became a Beast Tamer Master, the number of people who came to help construct the General’s residence has increased. As a result, the speed of construction was immediately increased.”

Even if this was the case, this was a bit too fast, wasn’t it?!

“Young Master, your house has already been cleaned up. Would you like to take a look?”

“Okay.” Sima You Yue nodded.

The interim house had not been torn down because Sima You Yue was inside, in closed door culvation. However, the house in front of it had already been properly cleared.

Sima You Yue followed Chun Jian and Yun Yue to her own house. Her house was currently the Master’s house because she was the only owner right now.

The house was constructed extremely quickly, but it was not done sloppily at all. Sima You Yue looked it over and saw that the construction was not bad. They could take their time constructing decorative things like the garden.

Sima You Yue looked it over and nodded her head satisfactorily. It only felt like a home when there were rooms.

The steward heard that Sima You Yue had emerged from closed door cultivation and had come to report about the happenings that day. He heard that the Sima Clan had gained in number in but a moment, and they had attracted more than a few Spirit Kings and Spirit Overlords. Even she was shocked at how things had turned out.

It was only now that she had an estimate on how many Spirit Beasts she would need to tame in order to fulfill the demand. On the bright side, taming Spirit Beasts was just like cultivating. It was not too exhausting but would still be able to make her stronger. As a result, she thought about it for a short while before forgetting about it. She even felt a little bit excited for the days to come.

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