DDFYM – Chapter 153

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Chapter 153: Heading to the Middle Region

She had been staying in there for very long, but it wasn’t even midnight yet. She let Little Roar end it,then she went to the cave and started to cultivate.

In the early morning, the few of them woke up around the same time, washed up and left.

They were going to look for spiritual beasts to combat today, to improve their combat abilities.

Having stayed here for two months, the spiritual beasts basically recognised them. Knowing about their incredible fighting capabilities, the moment the spiritual beasts saw them, they went into hiding.

The few of them went searching for one round and found no spiritual beast. Helpless, they had no choice but to search somewhere further.

“If we go any further, we will be entering the region that contains Saint beasts.” Standing on the mountain top, Ouyang Fei gazed over the mountains and said.

“Our things are in the interspatial ring anyway, we are ready to go anytime.” Fatty Qu said. “Since we can’t find any Spirit Beasts here, why don’t we just move forward?”.

Sima You Yue was quite hesitant, as currently she was the only Great Spirit Master, while Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei were only 9th Ranked Spirit Masters while Wei Zi Qi and Fatty Qu were 8th ranked Spirit Masters. If there were only one or two spiritual beasts they would still be able to manage, however if they were ambushed, it might become a problem.

However, if they continued to delay here any further, their purpose of strengthening themselves would go unfulfilled.

“Didn’t you say that we’d grow in the face of danger?” Wei Zi Qi teased Sima You Yue, when he saw that she was hesitating.

Sima You Yue eyes lit up. That’s right, she came here knowing that they would encounter this sort of danger, so why would she hesitate now.

Actually, it was also because she thought that Fatty Qu and the rest only came her on her behalf. If it wasn’t for her, they would not venture to the Sofia Mountain Range. At the very least, she would not come now. As a result, she unconsciously worried about their safety.

“Lets go. The roar ahead will not be the same as there will be more powerful spirit beasts to keep us occupied for quite awhile.” said Ouyang Fei.

As they ventured forward, those spiritual beasts that were in hiding came out. Each one crying in pain. Though it was not easy, that group of fiends were finally gone!

Before, they thought that it was a good idea to take advantage of these weakling who were as soft as persimmons, but they did not expect that they were hard to eat as bones. Those spiritual beasts who have went to provoke them did not end up well. They were killed off straight away or were beaten up till they were half dead, scaring them so badly that they did not dare to appear again.

Therefore all of them worked together and decided to go into hiding. When the spirit masters were unable to find any spiritual beasts they naturally left.

Did not expect that this trick was really effective. Now that those fiends were gone, the spirit beasts were once again able to live their lives normally.

Sima You Yue and friends left, not knowing the thoughts of those spiritual beasts behind them. If they knew, they would protest that they were not as powerful as those beasts said them to be.

However, she also found out that all of them had gained more experience in battle. Though Wei Zi Qi and the rest were still just Spiritual Masters, dealing with a Great Spirit Master would not be a problem.

In fact, if Bei Gong and Ouyang Fei went all out, they were comparable even to seventh or eighth ranked Great Spirit Masters.

She didn’t even need to talk about herself. Including her skills learnt from her previous life coupled with her insane level of mental power, adding on to that the vast pool of Spirit Power as well as her complete innate skill, even thought she was a middle ranked Spirit King, she was not merely at that level.

Remembering that they had access to the Spirit Pagoda, she allowed Little Spirit to pick up some Spirit Fruits, splitting half a fruit per person, eating as they ventured forward.

“Spirit Fruit? You Yue, Where did you get it from?” Fatty Qu saw the Spirit Fruit, and took a bite while salivating non stop. He ate it all and felt a spiritual qi flow from his stomach to his meridians, and along the meridians flow into his spiritual pool.

“I used magic to make it appear.” Simi You Yue said while taking a bite.

“These Spirit Fruits tastes better than the ones we used to eat. They contain more spiritual power.” Wei Zi Qi exclaimed.

Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei silently ate their Spirit Fruit, but there was curiosity in their eyes.

Sima You Yue did not want to tell them about the existence of the Spirit Pagoda right now. Even though everyone had guessed a little bit of it, they reached a tacit understanding.

Of course, they let each other know some of their secrets. In addition to trusting them, they also had to prepare themselves so that when the time comes there would not be a problem when they had some things that they had to do.

After all, there were some secrets that were not easy to hide when you lived together.

Also, by eating these Spirit Fruits regularly, everyone’s cultivation gradually increased.

‘There is movement.” Sima You Yue suddenly stood still, throwing the Spirit Fruits aside, took out Ling Long, as she started looking at the front left direction with rapt attention.

Seeing that Sima You Yue wastefully threw aside the Spirit Fruit after taking only one or two bites of, Fatty Qu was distressed, but on a second thought, knowing that she definitely had a lot of Spirit Fruits left, Fatty Qu was delighted. Did this mean that he could eat these Spirit Fruits regularly!?

This time, they encountered a grade one sacred saber-toothed tiger. Upon seeing them, the sabre toothed tiger rushed directly, as it seemed hungry and wanted to eat the Spirit Fruit.

“The moment we arrived, we encountered a Saint beast. Isn’t that too quick?!” Fatty Qu stored his half eaten Spirit Fruit in the ring and took out his weapon and charged at the beast.

Ouyang Fei and the rest were not slow either, while Fatty Qu was preparing, they were already on the move.

A first ranked saint beast and a grade nine saint beast were only a grade away, however in terms of strength, there was a huge difference. Despite the fact that two or three of them could face a ninth ranked spiritual beast single handedly, against a first ranked saint beast, they would have to work together to face it.

Half an hour later, the five of them successfully took down the sacred saber-toothed tiger. They had no intention to kill it, therefore they spared its life.

“You Yue, didn’t the Sima Clan need a spiritual beast, why don’t you tame it and send it back together with the pills.” Wei Zi Qi said.

The price of a saint beast was several times higher than the price of an spiritual beast, a sacred beast was worth the price of many low ranked spirit beasts.

Sima You Yue thought about it and agreed, the Sima Clan also needed a Spirit beast for show. She also promised the Beast Tamer Master Guild that she would provide one saint Spirit Beast, but it had yet to been fulfilled. Once she tamed the spirit beast, she would send it back.

After this period of cultivating the art of beast taming , as well as her own strength and growth, her spiritual power had increased a lot, she now tamed the Saint Beast easily.

There were times that she would approach Wei Zi Qi to tame it. After coming to Sofia mountain range, she handed to Wei Zi Qi the front portion of the art of beast taming. It did not contain the part of taming the beast, but only the part about increasing one’s mental strength.

Wei Zi Qi kept practicing diligently every night, and he could now tame any spirit beast within the second rank.

As the result, the group of them began to raid the mountain. They did not forget to keep all those beasts even while constantly improving their own strength.

They were not surprised at all when they knew that Sima You Yue was capable of storing living things, and as they saw her store the Saint Beasts one by one.

They ate Spirit Fruits every day, and combated with spiritual beasts, absorbing the spiritual energy from the mountains. Although they regularly hovered around the edge of life and death, the rate of which their strength improved skyrocketed.

A few months later, Sima You Yue left alone with Little Roar, returning to the entrance of the Sofia mountain, where the steward of the Sima Clan was waiting for her.

Previously, while delivering the pills, she mentioned that she wanted him to few a few tens of baskets to contain a few Spirit Beasts this time, so he quickly went to the Beast Tamer Master Guild to borrow some cages and hurried over. He had been waiting here all this while for Sima You Yue to appear.

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