DDFYM – Chapter 227

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Chapter 227: Title Below

“Grandfather, Brothers, how did you all end up this way! Who beat you to this state!” Sima You Yue ran over with rage and heartache as she looked at them.

Sima Lie and the other five had grievous injuries. Because their Spiritual Qi had been sealed, they were unable to recover. Sima you Le was beaten until he could not even walk and needed two guards to carry him over here.

Sima Lie and the others were extremely moved when they saw Sima You Yue and their eyes filled with tears.

“You Yue, you’re here.” Sima Lie touched Sima You Yue’s face as he spoke.

“Grandfather, I’m here.” Sima You Yue held on to Sima Lie’s hand and said, “I came to save you.”

After she spoke, she turned around and stared at Sima Lin, saying, “Is this what you meant when you said you would ensure their safety? If I was late by two more days, I think that I would be looking at cold corpses!”

Sima Lin never thought that Sima Lie and the others would be in this state and cast his gaze onto Sima Lin’s body, asking, “Who did this?”

“You Yi and You Ze would occasionally go to the abandoned courtyard.” Sima you Lin replied.

“Grandfather, eat this pill first.” Sima You Yue took out a few pills and fed it to them.

“Fifth ranked recovery pill!” Ma Li who was right beside them, could tell what pill it was with a sniff. His eyes were shining bright as he looked at Sima You Yue.

Those two alchemists were rumored to be fourth ranked. Could it be that this youth before him was a fifth ranked alchemist? Thinking about how the Xuan Yuan Pavilion had given him a blue card, this was not impossible.

Sima You Yue gave Sima Lie and the others this pill and got them to eat it. After that, she saw that they were not able to circulate their Spiritual Qi to heal their wounds and grabbed their wrists to inspect it before raising her head in shock.

“No Spiritual Qi, where is your Spiritual Qi?”

“Their Spiritual Qi has merely been bound for awhile. It’s not completely gone.” Sima Qing could feel that Sima You Yue was about to flip out and explained.

“Grandfather?” Sima You Yue looked at Sima Lie as she could not believe her words.

“Don’t worry, it’s only a binding.” Sima Lie said.

“Sima You Yue, we have already agreed to preserve your grandfather’s life these three years. Should you not carry out your part of the deal and give us the Golden Snake Fruit?” The elder who had initially tried to suppress Sima You Yue said.

“Release the binding.” Sima You Yue said.

Sima Lin shook his head, saying, “That’s not possible.”

“Why? I’ve already brought what you wanted.” Sima You Yue looked at Sima Lin.

“We have yet to thoroughly check what happened that year. We have yet to ascertain whether or not they really betrayed the family.” Sima Lin said.

“It’s been so many years but you have yet to investigate, what makes you think that you’re able to do so now?” Sima You Yue said, “Could it be that for every year you are unable to investigate it thoroughly, you will not return my grandfather’s freedom by that year? If you are unable to investigate for a hundred years, you will not return them their freedom for a hundred years?”

“It has already been over a hundred years since that incident happened. How can it be easy to investigate so easily?” Sima Lin did not mind Sima You Yue’s attitude, saying, “At that time, Third Grandfather had the Raging Inferno, Lie’s father was determined not to have the right to learn it. However, the Spirit Skill ended up in his hands. He says that Third Grandfather gave it to him, but when we went there, we saw Third Grandfather’s corpse.”

“There are no eyewitnesses?” Sima You Yue asked.

“There’s one.” Sima Lin said, “Our youngest uncle had been hurt as well. We spent a lot to save him. However, his soul is injured and has been dumb the entire time he regained conscious. He’s unable to say what happened that year at all.”

“Your Golden Snake Fruit is going to be used to treat him?” Sima You Yue thought about her guess back then, and it truly was that someone’s soul had been injured.

“Right. With the Golden Snake Fruit, if youngest uncle is able to awaken, he might be able to recount what happened that year.” Sima Lin said.

“Then quickly go treat him and return my Grandfather’s innocence.’ Sima You Yue said.

If there was an eyewitness from that year, that incident was more than half solved.

Receiving an injury to the soul was not incurable for someone like her who had the spirit pagoda.

“It will only be possible in a few days.” We still lack something, and it’s available at the auction in a few days.”

“What is it?”

“Earth Dragon’s marrow.”

She knew about the Earth Dragon’s marrow. It was the essence that grew within the Earth Dragon and only one would appear every few hundred years.

This was something that was useful to the soul, but it was not as useful as the Soul Fluid in her Spirit Pagoda.

“Why not let me take a look at this senior, maybe I will be able to heal him.” She requested.

“Hmph, what identity do you have? Is our small uncle someone you can meet just because you want to?” Sima Ke knew what happened that year and naturally did not want them to really be able to treat that old guy.

If not for the fact that that person was dumb day in and day out all these years, they would have killed him off long ago.

“Kid, are you a doctor or an alchemist?” Sima Ke asked.


“Then is that recovery pill something you refined by yourself?” Ma Li’s eyes lit up.

“Mm.” Sima You Yue admitted it.

“My God, I randomly guessed it but you really were the one who refined it? YOu’re so young but you’re a fifth ranked alchemist. He he, do you have any interest in joining my Alchemist Guild?”

“We can talk about it later.” Sima You Yue said.

“Okay okay, we’ll talk again after you’ve settled things here.” Ma Li nodded his head vigorously.

Such a young fifth ranked alchemist, evildoer ah, evildoer.

The people onsite looked at Sima You Yue with a different gaze. They never thought that she would be a fifth ranked alchemist.

“Oh right, I heard that you possess a blue card from the Xuan Yuan Pavilion. So this is the case.” Sima Lin said, “However, we’ve got a lot of doctors who’ve all said that only the Earth Dragon’s marrow will do.”

Sima You yue did not wish to reveal that she had something so heaven defying as the Soul Fluid, so she decided to retreat a step, saying, “I can wait a few days but you have to release my Grandfather and the others. At the very least, release their bindings. You also have to punish the ones who hurt them.”


“Impudent, you dare to raise so many requests in fron to us? It’s already not bad that we preserved his life, so don’t you have too many requests!” Sima Yi, the one who initially tried to suppress them, shouted.

“Then, this means that you don’t agree?” Sima You Yue said.

“Sima You Ze and the others are from the fourth direct line of descent.” Sima Qing opened her mouth and said.

“I don’t care whether or not they’re from the direct line. They actually dared to hurt my Grandfather and the others, so they have to pay the price.” Sima You yue stood beside Sima Lie and the others. She saw that there were fresh and old wounds on their bodies and knew that they had often been maliciously beaten during these three years.

“Fifth Brother, that Sima You Ze said that he would kill us today.” Sima You Le ate the pill and recovered enough to stand on his own.

Sima You Yue looked at Sima Lin and said, “I’m going to ask you again, will you punish the ones who hurt my grandfather and the others?”

“That is impossible!” Sima Ke shouted.

“Then you cannot blame me! Thousand Resonance, kill him!” Sima You Yue ordered coldly.

A white silhouette appeared in front of everyone, followed by a loud cry. After that, chaos ensued.

“You Ze has been killed!” Someone shouted from outside.

“You killed my grandson! I’m going to kill you.” Sima Ke never thought that Sima You Yue would kill him just because she said so, and slapped the desk, unleashing an attack of the Spirit Saint rank towards her.

Chapter 227: Killing Sima You Ze in rage

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