DDFYM – Chapter 224

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Chapter 224: Three year deadline

After Sima You Yue and the others left the Xuan Yuan Pavilion, they exchanged glances and burst out into laughter.

“We’ve never given others a slap on the face like that before! The feeling is too great!” Fatty Qu burst out laughing.

Little Tu hugged the stone that Sima You Yue had bought him, loving it too much to part with it. He said with squinted eyes, “Who asked those people to be so hateful, saying ‘bumpkin’ every single time they opened their mouths. They were just asking to be slapped!”

Wei Zi Qi stretched forth a hand to pat Little Tu’s head, saying, “Never thought you would have that dark side to you!”

“What dark side, it’s brilliance!” Little Tu refuted.

Although he didn’t know what having a dark side meant, he knew that it didn’t mean anything good!

“The Sima Clansmen treated you like that, but I wonder what kind of expressions they will have when they hear that you turn up in ten days.” Ouyang Fei said as he touched his chin.

“It will certainly be exciting.” Fatty Qu snickered.

“Each and every single one of you have revealed your identities, furthermore, I think that you will definitely draw the attention of the great powers. Have you thought about which faction you would like to join?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Not going.” Fatty Qu refuted with certainty, “We’ll follow you to the death. It has so much more future than sticking to any power.”

“Right. Our goal is not here, but in the Primordial Lands. We won’t stay here forever.” Wei Zi Qi said as well.

“But it’s possible that I will be chased to the death in ten days. Do you all really not want to reconsider?” SIma You Yue did not wish to put her comrades in danger.

“No need. If we’re really chased to the death, we’ll just take it as practice!” Fatty Qu said.

“Okay then. Then we will head off towards our goal!” Sima You Yue said with a smile, “Since you don’t want to accept any olive branch offered by any powers, you better not appear for the next few days.”

“We’ll go into seclusion when we return!”

After returning to their inns, they told the owner that everyone was going into seclusion and would not meet anyone who came to look for them.

The owner still didn’t understand what was going on, but he quickly understood because a huge wave of people from the higher powers kept running over to try and meet with Sima You Yue and the others.

“I apologise, but those few guests have said that they will be going into seclusion for ten days and will not meet anyone during this time!” The owner said.

“Won’t meet anyone?” Sima You Yang asked.

“That’s right. They said that you can look for them in ten days if anyone has anything they need.” The owner continued to explain.

“Haha, Sima You Yang, I heard that those people were originally your friends, but your clan did not recognise the treasure and offended them instead. Right now, it’s too late for you to want to pull them over to your clan! Ha ha ha!”

Sima You Yue didn’t say anything as he watched those people, but his expression was ugly.

Huo Zi Yan, who had come with him, glanced at the rooms upstairs with twinkling eyes.

He never thought that those people would immediately go into seclusion upon returning. He figured it was because they were certain that people would come to look for them.

What did their actions mean? Were they planning to see which faction suited them best?

A few people who didn’t know what was going on, saw that so many powers had come to look for them, but they had hidden away instead. Could it be that something had happened?

“You don’t know about this I guess. I just heard this from outside, that there are five people in there, out of which two are Alchemists, one is an Armament Master, one a Beast Tamer Master and another one who has an unknown identity but possesses the most precious blue card of the Xuan Yuan Pavilion. It’s the blue card that not even first ranked powers have!”


When the people in the inn heard the news, they were shocked. What kind of identities did they have? Could it be that they had some incredible level of influence?

“Also, I heard others say that these people are not more than twenty over years old and yet have achieved so much. In the future, they will definitely be great figures!”

“These kind of people were even mocked as bumpkins by someone, who also said that they had no money to buy things. After that, they took out a few thousands of pills as well as over a hundred spirit tools to sell.”

“That really pa-pa-pa slapped their faces good! Saying that an Alchemist, Armament Master and Beast Tamer Master has no money? What a joke!”

“Even if it’s a joke, don’t laugh, because the ones who got their faces slapped were the Sima Clan and the Huo Clan. Be care of letting others hear about it and pa-pa-pa slap your face.”


Sima You Yue and the others did not really go into seclusion, but were upstairs paying attention to the commotion downstairs.

“So many people came.” Fatty Qu pursed his lips.

“Just let the owner settle it.” Wei Zi Qi said.

If they went out now, they would be interrogated by a whole bunch of people and they were lazy to reply.

“Everyone is currently guessing what kind of rich background we’re from. Ten days later, when they find out that we’re from the Dong Chen Kingdom, I wonder what kind of expressions they will have.”

“Their mouths will definitely be gaping so wide that a fist would be able to fit in!” Little Tu smiled and said.

“I wonder whether this will have any impact on rescuing your grandfather and the others?” Bei Gong Tang was a bit worried.

Sima You Yue thought it over and said, “It should have a good impact. You all should go with me. With such esteemed presence of Alchemists, Armament Master and Beast Tamer Masters, they probably wouldn’t dare to offend you guys.”

“Mm, then we can appear ten days later. Right now, we’ll stay in seclusion.” Ouyang Fei stood up and was the first to go.

When everyone left Sima You Yue’s room, she crossed her legs and began to use this ten days to steady her heart.

These ten days, Sima You Yue and the others didn’t take one step downstairs. There were many men from the powers who were waiting for them downstairs, but they didn’t catch a single shadow of them.

The night before the three year deadline was up, Halcyon had returned. Furthermore, he was injured.

Sima You Yue looked at Halcyon and said, “You’re injured.”

“No problem.” Halcyon said.

“Your soul is injured. Your recovery will be slower.” Sima You Yue took out a bottle of Soul Fluid as she said, “with a power like yours, you should be able to withstand two drops.”

Although Halcyon didn’t know what it was, he could feel that it was nothing simple. He wasn’t proud but took the bottle and said a word of thanks.

“No need, I also want to safeguard against what’s happening tomorrow.” Sima You Yue said.

Halcyon took the Soul Fluid and went to his room to administer two drops of it. After that, he began to recover his injured soul.

Sima You Yue did not ask him where he went or how he got injured. Even someone like him got injured when he returned, so it was not a topic that she could even touch.

This night, she did not enter a state of cultivation, but stood at the window and gazed at the night. She constantly looked at the Sima Clan’s residence.

On the morning of the second day, Wei Zi Qi and the others came out. After Sima You Yue came out, they didn’t head directly to the Sima Clan, but first sent Little Tu to the Xuan Yuan Pavilion.

“If it is possible, please ensure his safety for now. We will compensate you tomorrow.” Sima You Yue said to the steward.

Xuan Yuan Pavilion guessed that Sima You yue was going to do something dangerous, but still accepted it. Although they did not know which part of her warranted the blue card, being able to put her in their debt was something that the Xuan Yuan Pavilion was naturally glad to do.

Someone said it true. To them, a person who possessed a blue card was more important than any power.

Sima You Yue and the others left the Xuan Yuan Pavilion and headed to the Sima Clan.

Sima Clan, I, Sima You Yue have come to fulfill the deal!

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