Ghostly Masked Prince Xiao: Pampering and Spoiling the Little Adorable Consort

Alternative Name: 鬼面枭王:爆宠天才小萌妃最
Author: 安步奕奕
Category: Chinese Web Novel, Rebirth, Ancient China, Political Intrigue, Romance
Status: Active
Source: Raw
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Translator(s)/Translation Group: June, Lilian Alyschu&Co
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One imperial edict and the family’s calculation, the sweet, adorable her met the cold him that was up high. She became his little princess consort. Everyone said that Prince Ying of Western Xuan Empire was shockingly ugly, cold-blooded and ruthless. They laughed at her that she had mistakenly entered the tiger’s den with her life in danger. But she just laughed that everyone in the world couldn’t see the wider picture, and were stupid and ignorant. The ugly appearance was actually beyond gorgeous, cold-blooded was actually gentle and sweet. She only wanted to hide him away and not allow other people to peep at him. “Big Ice Cube, take off your mask and let this princess have a look!” She propped up her chin with saliva flowing down.

“Want to look?” A certain person’s lips hooked into a devilishly charming smile, saying. “Then first, hand over some down payment…” This is the story of a sweet adorable female and a two-faced male’s journey to fight enemies and kill strange things, while pursuing a romantic relationship that was absolutely full of loving spoiling, hilarity and hot-blooded action.

Translator summary:
The story focuses on a modern twenty-year-old that has been sent back in time to ancient China into a young girl’s body. The story is mostly about the young girl being engaged to an unfavored but extremely accomplished prince. The romance is very slow but the story is well-written with the political intrigue center stage. So readers will have to be patient with this story. I love how normal the main female character is, she does not have any cheats to make her great. She is merely a normal girl stuck in an unpredictable situation and trying to make the best of it by surviving. Unlike DKC this is a historical romance with a little mystical stuff thrown in, but lots of my favorite—kung fu—so bare with me as I try to make up awful names for some awesome martial arts moves (suggestions welcomed).

–Hopefully some group will pick this up

Chapter 1-50
Chapter 1 – Souls crossing over are all frauds
Chapter 2 – Picked up a beautiful male and carried him home
Chapter 3 – People coming from Chu family with unclear intentions
Chapter 4 – Making it difficult for a weak mother and a foolish father
Chapter 5 – Fu Gui flower (1) opened on road to the Capital
Chapter 6 – Unclear future prospects makes it hard for the heart to feel secure
Chapter 7 – Everyone in the Chu family is outrageous
Chapter 8 – Things that are abnormal certainly have a ghost in it
Chapter 9 – Sharp eyes and keen nose sniff out the plot
Chapter 10 – Older sister hasn’t even grown up before being first to be married off
Chapter 11 – Tidying up the valuables so they can escape
Chapter 12 – The grim Yama, king of Hell, Prince Ying
Chapter 13 – Hearts wishes to see each other again
Chapter 14 – To scout out Chu family’s old friends at night
Chapter 15 – Unfavorable time to graduate and met being plotted against
Chapter 16 – Surrounded by enemies on all sides and betrayed miserably
Chapter 17 – Open the sunroof to speak clear words
Chapter 18 – Turn the tables in the match to protect parents
Chapter 19 – The lord wants to see but doesn’t want to meet
Chapter 20 – An eccentric divine doctor isn’t reliable
Chapter 21 – Splendid palace, lonely life
Chapter 22 – The paper wedding contract throwing everything into disorder
Chapter 23 – Concubine Yue’s layer upon layer scheme
Chapter 24 – To cause chaos, cannot allow Chu family to take unfair advantage
Chapter 25 – His Majesty has orders, please move house
Chapter 26 – A thunder striking out of the blue really scares people
Chapter 27 – Prince Ying arrives, completely lacking any warning sign
Chapter 28 – Fiancé is a big block of ice
Chapter 29 – First time meeting, I was very well-behaved!
Chapter 30 – Two people’s silly talk interaction
Chapter 31 – Pack your bags and please be on your way
Chapter 32 – Entering a noble house as deep as the sea
Chapter 33 – The first meal was one with the intent to kill the guest
Chapter 34 – The ghostly-prince on the side was made a fool of
Chapter 35 – Ten-year-old princess consort is adorable
Chapter 36 – Accompanying him for breakfast late at night
Chapter 37 – A feast for the eyes makes it easier for the food to go down
Chapter 38 – Old ginger is a lot spicier than young ginger(1)
Chapter 39 – Be careful when the little beast explodes
Chapter 40 – What the Ghostly Prince was planning
Chapter 41 – I’m the child, so I’m the biggest
Chapter 42 – It’s easy to dodge the spear in the open, but hard to avoid a stab in the dark
Chapter 43 – His coldness, her panic
Chapter 44 – The fake drama became a real little joke
Chapter 45 – The iceberg prince’s guidance
Chapter 46 – Bitter hardship that can’t be said is very pitiful
Chapter 47 – Don’t try to guess His Highness’s thoughts
Chapter 48 – Giving rise to ripples when learning writing skills
Chapter 49 – The noble guest who visited is a cute young boy
Chapter 50 – Irreconcilable differences, just wait and see

Chapter 51-100
Chapter 51 – When the iceberg Highness is gentle
Chapter 52 – Last words of the dying said in imminent peril
Chapter 53 – To criticize fiercely, mother and son cast blame
Chapter 54 – Fight for people before the gates of hell
Chapter 55 – A talented person under-utilized at an insignificant position to wait upon a person
Chapter 56 – The good fortune that came was somewhat rotten
Chapter 57 – Giving advice when only three words are true
Chapter 58 – Overwhelmed by favor from a superior, thank you oh
Chapter 59 – Raising a child is also pretty good
Chapter 60 – The melting of ice and snow is also fake
Chapter 61 – Her wish, his promise
Chapter 62 – Taking a stroll down the street with His Highness is really novel
Chapter 63 – Whatever you want, buy buy buy
Chapter 64 – ‘Inserted in scallion’ son-in-law, I am daddy
Chapter 65 – Being pulled in by the unyielding and lovable father-in-law
Chapter 66 – An unforeseen event happened on the way home
Chapter 67 – Danger approaches; dodge, dodge, dodge
Chapter 68 – The hero that saved the beauty was a buddhist monk
Chapter 69 – You don’t understand a child’s thoughts
Chapter 70 – Don’t show off prestige, or else you will be taken as a sick cat
Chapter 71 – Listen obediently and don’t make a scene
Chapter 72 – One storm hasn’t calmed, before being frightened in a dream
Chapter 73 – Venting anger for her awesomely
Chapter 74 – The Young Highness’s concern
Chapter 75 – Daddy Chu entered the Manor and the fowls started to fly
Chapter 76 – When weirdos converse, the dialog is weird
Chapter 77 – Playing with scallion in high spirits
Chapter 78 – Arrogance makes you miss the first step
Chapter 79 – She is the princess consort, so she’s the master
Chapter 80 – I’ll continue as I please:naturally very familiar
Chapter 81 – Son-in-law, somebody’s digging at the corner of the wall (1)

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    Oh June, I am a fans of DKC from Indonesia. Sadly I can read nor speak chinese, so I am truly sorry I can help with the translating. But is it possible for me to translate it to Indonesian bahasa? Because I would love to if you permit it 😁. Beside the story it’s still in the beginning compare to thousands chapter of DKC, even if I am willing I am afraid I won’t have the time to catch up the english translation ^^

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