Adorable Consort – Chapter 251

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Chapter 251 – Surrounded by enemies and isolated without help, who will rule by force first

The two people looked toward the door at the same time, and saw Fire Spirit walked in with a grave expression. He directly walked to stand in front of his master.

“Master, just now our guards patrolling outside suffered an attack from unknown people dressed in black. Although there were no casualties, this matter raised our alarm bells. I’m afraid there are still many enemies hidden in dark places.”

Xiao Xu’s cold glaze slanted over, his expression solemn. Early in the morning, Fire Spirit had told him the content of Water Spirit’s letter. He had guessed correctly, what ought to come would always come. Only that it was a bit earlier than he had anticipated.

“Reinforce the guards, investigate clearly these people’s origins.” Xiao Xu’s lips were cold and pursed into a straight line.

“Yes.” Fire Spirit complied.

It seemed as if Fire Spirit had just thought of something. “Master, should we postpone tomorrow’s journey?”

“No, everything will go according to plan.” Xiao Xu calmly said.

“Yes sir, then this subordinate will go and arrange it immediately.” Fire Spirit withdrew.

Fire Spirit had just withdrawn when Earth Spirit entered.

Chu Qing-Yan watched as Big Block of Ice left the dining table and went to sit in front of his desk. Her gaze landed on the barely eaten breakfast, and she gave a soft sigh.

She really wanted to stop Big Block of Ice, wanted him to finish breakfast before allowing him to continue dealing with business.

But she knew she couldn’t, now the business was urgent. Big Block of Ice must quickly go deal with it.

When dealing with those enemies hidden in the dark, don’t know at what time they would suddenly appear and hit you in the head with a stick.

If her guess on this mysterious mission was correct, she may not have paid attention to such an insignificant assassination attempt.

But now she knew this was just the beginning. This was the first step that the enemies used to probe them, wanting to know how many people they had. So she knew why Big Block of Ice wouldn’t change tomorrow’s plan to go forward. Because if he was to change the plan because of this time’s assassination attempt, if the enemies were to know that they didn’t have enough people that was why they dared not go forward, then what awaited them will be a whole nest of assassins that have been dispatched.

If tomorrow they followed the original plan to set out, then the enemies would have some apprehension. As long as they are apprehensive, this will give them enough time to mobilize more manpower.

She silently drank the soy milk, by her ear was Big Block of Ice and Earth Spirit’s discussion on the methods to deal with this county’s magistrate. Shifting public funds, embezzling money for disaster relief, involved in cases to victimize people etc——

Chu Qing-Yan had both hands holding the bowl as she stared blankly for a while. The soy milk in her hand had already gone cold, sticking to her fingertips, it was somewhat ice-cold.

Don’t know why she suddenly had some faint uneasiness for tomorrow’s journey.

Night very quickly descended, the lights in the courtyard was as brightly light as before, like daytime. The guards standing straight as pine trees at every corner surrounded the entire courtyard, protecting it. It was so well protected that even a housefly couldn’t fly in.

Far away, there were people standing on top of the hill up high looking down at the courtyard below.

“Honorable Sir, tomorrow Xiao Xu will set out and it didn’t change. Should we move tonight or still bid our time?” One black clothed subordinate walked forward to inquire.

The man wearing a black colored bamboo hat had been staring fixedly at the courtyard below, after muttering a bit, he said. “Now we haven’t thoroughly determined how many people Xiao Xu brought with him. We must not act blindly without thinking, this person is the god of war, the people following by his side shouldn’t be very few. Tomorrow we’ll first follow them, then discuss it later.”


While in another location, there was also a group of troops secretly spying on the courtyard Chu Qing-Yan’s group was living in.

“Law Keeper, tonight their guards protected the courtyard very tightly. If we forcefully rush in to kill, it would be very unfavorable to us.” A woman wearing the white colored clothing of Moon Palace discussed with the person in front of her.

Standing on top of the building was a woman dressed in snowy white clothing, a white gauze covering her face. Her waist seemed to flow like white silk, her pearl earrings making clicking sounds. Just looking at her outer appearance, this person’s bearing could fit everywhere. But when people saw that pair of deep and dead eyes, they could only feel a dark threatening aura that made people want to tremble.

“Since we want to know throughly how much manpower they have, it’s very simple. Capture the county magistrate that was just sent to jail and use torture to extort it out of him. See if he will tell or not. But it may be assumed that since he had been investigated and sentenced by Xiao Xu, his heart ought to be very sullen. I think he ought to be very willing to cooperate with us.” The snow white clothed woman laughed coldly. The corner of her eyes were full of killing intent.

“Law Keeper is wise, this subordinate will now go to dispatch people to break that person out from prison.”


For many years Moon Palace hadn’t sent out the must kill order. Nowadays it returned to the thick of things after a period of inactivity. Didn’t expect the sect would make a came back to assassinate the prince of a nation. The Moon Palace sect had already been fired up by this departure from established practices. What they loved to do the most were things that people never thought of.

Therefore their suicide squad accepted this task.

Who would have known that the suicide squad of Moon Palace were a group of delicate and weak females.

No, on the surface they seemed weak, in fact these females’ bones were ruthless, filled with darkness that would deal the fatal blow.

The female wearing snow colored clothing took out her sword, thinking fondly and lightly caressing the blade. She looked as if she was treating her own partner.

She was already itching to let her snow sword drink blood to quench its thirst.

The woman wearing snow white clothing put away her sword and returned to her room from the balcony. The subordinates from Moon Palace on both sides bent their waists slightly to send her off.

Starting from tomorrow, a battle full of carnage would begin.

But in the forest not far from the courtyard, a cloaked person stood facing the wind. This was the head of the black clothed people from before that kidnapped the Three Killers of the World in the first inn. Right now, he had also appeared in this county.

“How is it?” The voice was low, making it hard to distinguish if the speaker was male or female.

“Master, just now our people went to investigate and by accident, we discovered the periphery to the courtyard where Prince Ying is staying had two unknown powers stationed there. It can be assumed their aim is also Prince Ying.” The black clothed subordinate reported the information he just recieved.

“Oh?” He pulled longer on the word, as if this was unexpected. “It seems the enemies Prince Ying provoked isn’t a few. His Majesty didn’t walk on the wrong path. Prince Ying has become the target of these trapped beasts.” The cloaked person said in a low voiceone couldn’t tell if he was happy or angry.

After pausing a bit, the cloaked person started to talk again. “First quietly observe this change. With these people present, the situation is not harmful to us. Maybe we can even benefit by being the fisherman who caught the fish.”

“What Master said is correct, maybe we can add a blade in the dark, at that time if Prince Ying died because of this, they wouldn’t be able to find us responsible.” The black clothed subordinate smiled sinisterly.

“Smart.” The black clothed person stood with hands behind his back. The cold wind blew his cloak giving off pulling sounds, gloomy and harsh.

With his neck twisted to the side, the purple colored figure reclined against a tree branch on top of a tree. He looked at the deep dark night, the light flashing through his eyes was unfathomable. One didn’t know what he was thinking about.

A figure silently appeared under the tree.

“Young master, as you had expected, tonight near the courtyard where Xiao Xu lives, there were at least three groups of people gathered.” The subordinate Xuanxi Zi Mo said in admiration.

“When has this young master’s prediction been wrong?” Dongting Wang-Yu said lazily.

“Oh, that’s right young master, this subordinate saw the suicide squad. It seems palace master has given the must kill order to Law KeeperJue.” Xuanxi Zi Mo was somewhat surprised, after all, the suicide squad hadn’t appeared in the world for a long time.

“What’s so surprising about that? These several years, Law Keeper Jue has been in closed door practice. Just by chance when she came out of closed door practice, there came such a great opportunity to practice what she learned. How could she miss it?” Dongting Wang-Yu changed to another posture and said giving a yawn.

He had no choice but to say that this time, Xiao Xu was isolated and surrounded on all sides by enemies without help!

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