Adorable Consort – Chapter 210

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Chapter 210 – When I care about a person

“Big Block of Ice you say, how could this Liu Ying be so brazen? Oppressing the people under the foot of the emperor, isn’t he afraid of being reported by someone?” Her hands and feet were already warm, not as cold as just now. Chu Qing-Yan’s mind started to come alive and she asked what she didn’t understand.

Xiao Xu’s eyes turned to look toward the sun roof. His pair of eyes were deep, as if covered in a faint layer of fog, making it hard for people to guess what he was thinking of.

“The most dangerous place is the safest place. Moreover, Liu family’s bloodline has already covered the entire Western Xuan Empire since the last generation, the relationship is deep and complicated. It could be said that pulling one hair would move the whole body. So, basically no one in the imperial court would rashly go and move them.”

“Then this time, will you act justly?” She understood that the Li family is are the Empress’s relatives on the outside. When the Empress took control of the political power in the court, in order to preserve this outside relatives or perhaps to say in order for it to become a strong force for her to rely on in the imperial palace harem, she could only let the outside relatives become strong till no one dared move them. Only then would she have a stable footing in the palace.

Now this time, Liu Ying’s crime was in Big Block of Ice’s hand. For Big Block of Ice, this was a very thorny problem. Very possibly he could provoke a whole slew of problems.

Precisely because of what he said, pull one hair and the whole body moves.

“I am Western Xuan’s prince, the responsibility carried on my body would not allow me to ignore this dishonest, unjust and unfilial person and allow him to continue bullying the common people.” His tone was calm and firm.

“Big Block of Ice, you are a really good person!” Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but give him a thumbs up to express her approval.

Xiao Xu lifted a hand to stroke her head, a very light sigh squeezed out from the corner of his mouth.

Finished speaking, Chu Qing-Yan didn’t discover that expression of the person above her head had a faint anguish.

Until not long after, when she knew the truth, she finally realize that the day under the cold thin moonlight, it was ice-cold in the firewood room. When that generous shoulder supported her and gave her warmth saying those words, how much of his mental and physical efforts were used up.

Maybe the embrace was too warm, she felt some tiredness, but she still tried to stay awake. She smiled at the person in front of her to say. “In fact Big Block of Ice, no matter if you wear a mask or not, I still think you are really good. A person’s appearance may be very important to some people but in my eyes, no matter how you look, whether disgusting or you have an incomparably ugly appearance, in my heart you are very important, as important as my mom and dad.”

Xiao Xu’s finger rightfully tightened. The condensed snow colored frost from the high mountain in his pair of eyes, because of her words, bit by bit started to fracture. He never expected she would say such thing. It somewhat made him stumped for words, somewhat helpless.

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t discover the change in his expression, as if still immersed in her own world, she slowly and softly continued to say.

“There are people that can clearly depend on their appearance, but he insisted on using his strength to make a living. Moreover, there are people clearly who don’t need to depend on anything to go sideways in this world. But he insisted on standing on his own feet. Big Block of Ice, you have the identity and status that everyone envies and can’t get. You have the right to be arrogant. But you have never cared about these things. You willing to use your own strength to live the way you want, you are already too awesome!”

“Only crabs are able to go sideways in this world.” Xiao Xu smiled, he knew that she was comforting him. His heart was somewhat warm, the hand stroking her head became a bit more gentle.

Chu Qing-Yan hehe smiled. “Being a crab is also pretty good, who can block the way? Just bestow him two pincers!”

“Such tyrant, be careful or else you will attract resentment.” He was teased by her childish word to laugh out loud softly.

Chu Qing-Yan heard this laughter, she felt as if she heard the breeze brush pass the lotus leaves in the lotus pond, revealing that budding lotus. Afterwards, one could hear the sound of one petal after another petal quietly blossoming.

Agile like heavenly music, like the chiming spring water reaching up to the sky.

Chu Qing-Yan turned and got up, she was only able to catch the arc at the corner of his mouth that he was putting away. She muttered saying. “Big Block of Ice, I thought I heard you laugh ah!”

Xiao Xu’s cold and clear appearance was restored, he flatly denied it. “You heard wrong.”

“Impossible ah!” Chu Qing-Yan rubbed her nose, she felt that Big Block of Ice was embarrassed so he wasn’t willing to admit it. As a result, she imitated those hooligans in those plays, harboring evil intentions as she said to him. “Girl, come, give grandpa a smile.”

Xiao Xu’s face became black.

“Not willing ah, then let grandpa give you a smile!” Chu Qing-Yan gathered up to him, blinking her big eyes. She smilingly tossed him an eye with smiles.

Xiao Xu’s complexion became even darker, in one move, he pulled the person into his arms. “Is it because you need a spanking? You learned how to be good three years, but learned bad examples in three days. Next time if you learn things like these, careful that I will punish you and not allow you to eat snacks!”

“Okay, okay, I’m wrong!” The person making threatening gestures just now had already wilted. She pitifully grabbed his clothes and weakly said this.

Xiao Xu hearing this coldly humphed, unwilling to pay attention to her.

Chu Qing-Yan knew Big Block of Ice wouldn’t get angry about this matter. In his embrace she found a cozy spot, then lifted up her head. Now she could only see Big Block of Ice’s beautiful jade crown- like jaw. In the modern world a lot of people used the best angle, the scenery in the landscape painting to describe someone’s refined chin. Now she felt this description was really too appropriate.

Because Big Block of Ice at this time, that perfectly beautiful jaw should just be like this.

She blinked her eyes and suddenly smiled. In fact, her Big Block of Ice’s magnificence after changing his appearance dazzled the eyes, also the mysteriousness of wearing a mask with regards to her was not at all important.

Beauty is for a short period, but talent would accompany one for life.

Having a beauty’s skin, is not as good as having beautiful bone.

Having a beauty’s skin is good, but what’s the use if one is empty?

Xiao Xu detected her brazen gaze and sighed. Recently he found that his prestige seemed to be challenged. Little fellow seemed to become less and less fearful of him.

Just when he was prepared to urge her to sleep, he suddenly heard her say some remarks, and his finger immediately tightened.

“Big Block of Ice, in the future if you don’t want to change your appearance, then used the mask. If you don’t want to use the mask then show your real appearance. No matter how you look, Chu Qing-Yan would still be steadfastly loyal. I’m not the kind of person who is superficial about appearance. Everyone loves beauty but Qing-Yan cares more about whether this person was good or not inside. Whether the person’s integrity was trustworthy or not.

Won’t dislike, won’t abandon, won’t give up.

This was me, Chu Qing-Yan’s manner when I care about someone.

Xiao Xu stared blankly for a moment, when he returned to his senses,he lowered his head to say something when his arm tightened and from his embrace came shallow breathing sounds.

He smiled faintly, took off his outer clothes and placed it on her body. He gathered the little fellow in his embrace, placing her closer to him, dispelling the cold air of the night.

When he finished these he lowered his head, the moonlight make his face seem very gentle as it spread to the corner of his eyes. The slightly raised eyelashes looked gentle and full of dotting. If Fire Spirit and the others saw this scene maybe they would dig out both of their eyes. Their formidable indestructible Highness how could he show such a side full of soft feeling, like between father and daughter?

As Xiao Xu looked at that little face in his embrace that gave off a luster under the weak moonlight, his heart was peaceful.

Even if he fought victorious battle over and over again, added a rank time and time again, he had never felt this content as he was at this moment. Maybe it could be said that his heart was at peace!

This little fellow’s appearance was making up for that large fire from that time that burned a hole in his heart.

LIttle fellow you don’t need to accompany me manage family, country and all under the heaven. You just need to grow up healthy, that’s already enough.

I don’t know how long I can accompany you. But no matter how long I won’t let you suffer any grievances.

Being happy and in good health, this is my own requirement for you.

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