Adorable Consort – Chapter 160

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Chapter 160 – Times when you need me, I absolutely won’t fall back

Hearing this, Xiao Xu shook his head and laughed in spite of himself. “Grandpa Emperor likes to make up stories, if you believe in what he said, then you are a fool.”

Chu Qing-Yan nodded her head, very much in approval of this, Grandpa Emperor was really like an unreliable soothsayer. But her half true and half false words still had a little bit of credibility. Only Big Block of Ice didn’t believe it.

As a result, she probed by saying. “Big Block of Ice, do you believe in the soul being reincarnated or transmigrated? To travel through time in defiance of the natural order to change fate?”

Xiao Xu raised an eyebrow. “Are you causing trouble again?”

Chu Qing-Yan shrugged her shoulder, somewhat thwarted. This kind of matter when heard really sounds shocking.

Seeing her little face seem tangled, Xiao Xu thought for a moment before saying. “Maybe this world has existences that sound outlandish. This king is not certain but cannot deny it.”

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan was somewhat moved. In fact, Big Block of Ice said these words probably for her not to feel a sense of loss! Hey, why does she feel that Big Block of Ice’s body gave off a flavor that seemed more and more human! This really felt inconceivable but also makes a person feel unlimited joy at the same time. Was it possible that her working battle to melt Big Block of Ice before has now gotten some result?

The curtain of night was dark, these several nights, there were many bright and varied stars. As if it was full of shiny bright gems.

Through the window, Chu Qing-Yan leisurely enjoyed the tranquility of this time.

After so many days of being in a state of worry for Big Block of Ice, she could finally put it down. Her entire person was peaceful and relaxed.

Xiao Xu looked at her increasingly beautiful side profile, and was very gratified. The little guy was slowly growing up. Having heard everyone’s evaluation on her for the past several days, he had the illusionary feeling of being covered in glory by her achievement. This was an experience he never had even when he fought a victorious battle. It was somewhat novel and somewhat cheerful.

But she was only peaceful for a short time before the little guy turned her head to smilingly say. “When are we setting out to dig up a mine?”

Dig up a mine? Only she could think of it like this.

Xiao Xu muttered half to himself to say. “We’ll set out the day after tomorrow.”

Then that meant she had one day’s time. Chu Qing-Yan rubbed her head. She needed to say goodbye to her parents, and still needed to arrange their living conditions after. Time was a bit short.

Seeing a faint expression of worry appear on her face, Xiao Xu put down the books in his hand. He waved his hand to her. “Come over here.”

Chu Qing-Yan who had sunk into deep thought subconsciously walked toward him after hearing this. “What’s up?”

Xiao Xu looked at her seriously. “If you regret it, there is still time to change your mind.”

Chu Qing-Yan, hearing this somewhat unhappily said. “Big Block of Ice, I’m not that kind of person who goes back on my words, or a person who speaks without thinking okay? I’m not regretting it, it’s just that I hate to be parted from my parents.”

Xiao Xu didn’t know why his heart released a breath of relief. He lifted a hand and placed it on her head and said in a faint tone. “You let Bai Hu arrange a suitable courtyard under this king’s name and have it cleaned. Let him arrange several servants, then have your parents live there.”

When he finished speaking, he saw her eyes open wide looking at him with disbelief. He said with some doubt. “What?”

Chu Qing-Yan shook her head. She blinked her eyes and seriously sized him up once before saying. “Big Block of Ice, I find that you have become more and more sensible. I thought you disdained to take notice of these miscellaneous matters!”

“What kind of thing would this king disdain to do?” Xiao Xu used slight force to push on her head, only when she grimaced was he satisfied and released her. He restored his pure, noble, not allowing people to climb attitude. “Moreover, the troubles you created, this king tidied up quite a lot of them for you. Matters that concern you, how could it be considered miscellaneous things?”

Chu Qing-Yan immediately felt overwhelmed by his favor. She rubbed her head and hesitated to say. “Then bringing my parents to live here, is it appropriate?”

“Rather than worry if they are being bullied, it’s best to bring them under your own wing. To properly protect them, wouldn’t this be more worry free?” Xiao Xu raised an eyebrow to say.

She admitted it that what Big Block of Ice said was reasonable. Only she was somewhat uncertain. Her wings weren’t fully developed, could she really protect her parents? She had always wanted to bring her parents out of Chu Manor, but the reason she hadn’t undertaken this action was that she had self knowledge. She wasn’t strong enough and didn’t want her parents to suffer hardship outside. Chu family was hindered by Big Block of Ice’s prestige, so on the surface they wouldn’t dare to move against her parents. But it was hard to guarantee once they left the capital for Fu Li mountain range, whether Chu Family would deliberately make it difficult for her parents or not. This was what she was concerned about.

“Maybe you still don’t have enough strength to protect the people you want to protect. Then before that time, this king can temporarily lend you my own powers.”

This normal and indifferent words, they didn’t have the feeling of smugness or trying to take credit for something. As if this was a simple fact that he said and nothing more. But this made her heart feel touched.

“En.” She really didn’t know what words to use to express the emotions of being moved in her heart.

“Your parents’ matter, just hand it over to Fire Spirit to arrange.” Although he needed to leave the capital, he still had the ability and some to spare to protect a few people.

Chu Qing-Yan once again nodded her head.

Maybe a long time later she finally knew. Everything that Big Block of Ice did today was in fact to arrange a route to retreat.

He had forseen how this match would conclude, so he protected them in advance.

Only at that time she didn’t know and had no qualms about enjoying everything he gave her.

If she didn’t follow him, then she would also be arranged a route to retreat among the ones he arranged.

Only, he never expected that she would be so stubborn in wanting to be by his side.

And she also never expected that because of her insistence on following him, she completed the entanglement fate had set for the two of them.

Buddha said, everything is fate bringing people together. Where there is a cause, then there will be a result. Where there is a result, then there must be a cause. It’s not decided by fate, only in the thoughts between people.

“We need to go the day after tomorrow. Then Big Block of Ice, do you have people you need to say goodbye to?” Tomorrow, she needed to explain the situation clearly to her parents so they won’t worry. In passing, she would tell them the matter of them moving. At the same time, she recalled that although Big Block of Ice didn’t have dealings with people in the capital and no one dropped by to visit, maybe he also had people he needed to say goodbye to, so she couldn’t help but ask, full of curiosity.

To say goodbye to?

A bewildered expression flashed through Xiao Xu’s eyes. Soon after, under the little guy’s steady gaze, he retrieved his train of thought. “En, tomorrow I’ll go into the palace to see Mother Empress.”

Empress Liang ah? Chu Qing-Yan in an instant scattered the scene in her mind of ‘warm caring mother sewing the jacket for son traveling far from home, being very loving when leaving, afraid he would return late.’ If you beat her to death, she still wouldn’t believe Empress Liang would be like that to Big Block of Ice.

“I’ll go with you.” She leaned on the table and smilingly said this.

The dimness in his heart was dispersed by the words of this person in front of him. The gaze Xiao Xu used to look at her had a warmness that even he didn’t discover. His tone was mocking as he said. “Didn’t you take the imperial palace as a great scourge? So how come you have the courage to go rush into its deep pits?”

Was she as unbearable about the imperial palace as Big Block of Ice said?

One only heard her say in a serious and righteous tone. “How can you catch a tiger cub without entering the tiger’s den! In any case, I’m going with you.”

Inside the classics of raising a child. All children are fickle, this point was deeply ingrained, having learned from experience.

Chu Qing-Yan saw he didn’t respond and took it as he agreed.

Everytime Big Block of Ice entered the place, something bad always happened. She really didn’t want him to go alone to assume the responsibilities.

He protected her family’s safety. She also didn’t want to see him so sad and dispirited.

If he wanted her to straighten her back to accompany him, she absolutely wouldn’t retreat!

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