Adorable Consort – Chapter 169

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Chapter 169 – Wine didn’t intoxicate, the person intoxicates

Xiao Xu’s hand held the wine cup as he looked at the moon in the night sky and the speckled stars. Suddenly, he felt his life was a vast emptiness.

For almost twenty years, he scrupulously abided by his duty. He never took one step over the rules. But no one ever said one sentence to him, you did very well.

What he got was either the sound of being cursed or indifferent treatment.

With the wine cup, he faced the peaceful and clear night.

The first cup, offered to the heavens, let him create the unknown road he hasn’t walked.

He drained the cup in one gulp.

The second cup, offered to the royal family. Showing his respect to his identity but forgetting to add the warmth of a family.

He drained the cup in one gulp.

The third cup, offered to himself. So many empty years of still stubbornly insisting on scrupulously abiding by his duties.

He drained the cup in one gulp.

Drinking wine, the silver moon seemed to drape a thin layer of cotton clothing on the person drinking non-stop, making him look hazy, lonely and sad at the same time.

Everytime he drank a cup of wine, his eyes would become clearer. The more he drank, the brighter his eyes became, like the hibernating cheetah in the night. Both of his eyes were eerie, but if someone was to walk closer, they would clearly see the pain and anguish in his clear, deep pool like eyes.

The heart that had been still for many years, was gradually woken up bit by bit by second younger brother.

Those long ago past events that were covered in dust were dug up once again.

Having been betrayed, having been abandoned, having been harmed….

But from birth to now, his longing for the affection of family had never stopped.

The pot of wine was already empty, the night was already deep. His heart sank again and again.

The cups were in disorder from drinking, the moonlight was sparse.

He swayed around as he stood up, now only the cool breeze and bright moon accompanied him.

Chu Qing-Yan who was currently packing and didn’t see Xiao Xu return after a long time, became somewhat worried. Wasn’t it said that second prince had come and the two were drinking wine, chatting merrily to say goodbye? How come second prince had left and Big Block of Ice still hadn’t returned?

Thinking about it, she was worried, so she dropped what she was doing and gave Hong Yi and Xi Ning some instructions. Then she picked up the lantern prepared by the servants and walked towards the pavilion in the middle of the lake.

Along the way, she only saw the imperial bodyguards patrolling back and forth. Chu Qing-Yan asked several servants and learned Big Block of Ice was still at the pavilion in the middle of the lake and hadn’t left. Immediately, she accelerated her footsteps.

She heard Second Prince brought wine, don’t know if Big Block of Ice’s alcohol tolerance was good or bad. By all means, he mustn’t fall asleep just like this. The autumn wind was very chilly, if by chance he caught a cold, then that would be bad!

Thinking like this, she became even more worried. Her footsteps became even faster.

Only that before she arrived at the pavilion in the lake, she saw the person standing at its side. She released a breath of relief, then slowly walked over.

“Big Block of Ice, it’s getting dark. Tomorrow we need to set out on a journey. Ought——”

Before she finished speaking, she saw him turn around after hearing her voice. His eyes were brighter than the moon in the sky, she couldn’t help but stare blankly, she forgot what she wanted to say.

With the center of the lake as the background, the autumn wind blew at his sleeves, making it puff up and float in the air. That silver white mask under the moonlight flickered with a glossy luster. He was dressed in a dark black robe as if he would blend into the darkness of the night, but behind him, the light reflected off the lake’s surface as it wrapped him around in a layer of flickering crystal, like a respectful god.

Chu Qing-Yan just like this looked at him foolishly. A thought flashed through her mind, clearly he could eat relying on his looks, but he always used his ability to prove himself. Her family’s Big Block of Ice was really great!

She lost her senses for a short period, to the extent that she didn’t notice the person in front of her had a somewhat empty expression. He also looked embarrassed and at a complete loss, like a newborn child with a bit of innocence and childishness.

The little guy in front of him seemed to be looking at him, why was she looking at him?

Before, no one dared to so calmly and straightforwardly look at him like this. But when this little guy looked at him, he didn’t feel a bit of displeasure. On the contrary, he felt a bit happy.


He suddenly didn’t know the answer.

One question after another, prompted him to lift up his foot to slowly walk towards her.

Clearly he was drunk, but his steps were more steady than anyone else’s.

When she saw Big Block of Ice walk towards her, Chu Qing-Yan returned to her senses. She couldn’t help but draw back her mouth and smile. She was just about to tell him her progress in packing up the luggage, when all of a sudden, a burst of cold wind blew into her face. It was mixed with the faint fragrance of wine, and Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but frown.

And at this time, he was already standing steadily in front of her. She lifted up her head as a hand came down and softly caressed her cheek.

Chu Qing-Yan froze blankly on the spot. Her pair of limp bright eyes reflected a pair of exactly the same beautiful, clear, limpid and uncertain eyes.

“Where did you come from?” The soft murmuring sound as if he was taking in his sleep.

When Chu Qing-Yan heard this, she suddenly woke up, is Big Block of Ice drunk?

All around her came the intoxicating fragrance of wine, as if she was confined in a wine cellar.

She didn’t reply, the person caressing her patiently asked her again.

“I came from the twenty first century, My last name is Chu, I’m called Qing-Yan.”

The person in front of her softly repeated her name several times, then his gaze once again landed on her face. His finger continued to caress her cheek as he slowly said. “Then will you leave?”

What’s wrong with Big Block of Ice? Once he drank some wine, would he become a person who worried about personal gains and losses? Could it be Second Prince said something to him?

But now was not the time to be bothered about these matters, she seriously and earnestly replied. “No, I won’t leave.”

“Then how long will you stay? A lot of people had left.” A layer of fog covered his clear and bright eyes making it impossible for people to tell what he is thinking of right now.

But she could clearly feel the sorrow coming from inside his heart. Her nose suddenly turned sour and without the slightest hesitation, she said. “Only if you don’t want me, otherwise live and die together with you and would never turn my back on you.”

She was in disbelief at the words that she blurted out without thinking but she didn’t regret it.

“Good.” That callus coming from long term practice of martial arts streaked across her exquisite skin then placed on her thin and weak shoulder. Exerting a bit of strength, he took her into his arms.

Chu Qing-Yan was scared silly by Big Block of Ice’s sudden movement. What’s wrong with Big Block of Ice?

Then she heard him say at her ear somewhat helplessly. “I am too tired, let me borrow your shoulder to lean against for a while.”

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes turned sour, her hands hanging at her side slowly lifted up to wrap around his waist.

I know, so many years you have been alone, really is hard on you!

Before I wasn’t here, now I’m here. Then I won’t let you be by yourself to live alone among such suffering.

Sweetness, you and I will taste together. Bitterness, you and I will share the burden.

The people embrace in this peaceful and clear night warming each other’s heart.

“Little guy, this king is sleepy.” Finished speaking his breathing became even.

But this made it hard for Chu Qing-Yan.

Such a large person placed all his weight on her body, even Chu Qing-Yan who consider herself a modern strong woman type almost couldn’t handle it.

But she still felt somewhat moved, somewhat funny, somewhat sad, somewhat glad.

Moved because having experienced so many things, Big Block of Ice could still maintain his original heart. Only after getting drunk would he reveal the weakness in his heart without any reservations.

Funny because clearly he was very tired still remembered to tell her he was sleepy.

Sad thing was this kind of Big Block of Ice that considered others’ feelings by putting himself in their shoes, lived a really lonely life.

Glad because fortunately only she has seen this weak side of Big Block of Ice. She felt as if the space between the two of them was a step closer than before.

But suddenly, Chu Qing-Yan patted her face, clearly she didn’t drink wine how come she felt her cheeks get hot?

Was it possible it wasn’t the wine that intoxicate but the person? Was it that beauty didn’t bewitch rather she bewitched herself?

Chu Qing-Yan made fun of herself then shook her head. Then half dragging and half carrying Big Block of Ice, she resigned to her fate as she walked towards the main courtyard with him.

But the soft breath spraying by her ear made her feel itchy. She felt her ears faintly burn hot. Just when she was at a complete loss she heard a murmur that shocked her from head to toe.

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