Adorable Consort – Chapter 231

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Chapter 231 – This accomplished youth, who are you?

Only after Xiao Xu walked out of the room did he feel the tight stuffiness in his chest disperse.

He somewhat absent-mindedly covered the teeth mark on his shoulder, as if he could still feel that heat from just now.

“Master, are you alright?” Earth Spirit said as he came into sight. This was his first time seeing master having such an inattentive appearance. He was somewhat stunned.

Only now did Xiao Xu realize his own move, he took his hand back and unobtrusively smoothed out the creases on his clothes. He pressed down the strange feelings in his heart, and once again restored that clear and cold appearance.

“Nothing, go and check out that youth’s identity.” Xiao Xu said in a flat tone.

“Master, could it be you really want to let the little consort keep that person?” Earth Spirit’s tone had a faint trace of disapproval.

“En.” Xiao Xu didn’t deny it.

Earth Spirit seeing this couldn’t say too much, after all he was only a subordinate. Before he left, he glanced at the tightly closed door to the room. He pursed his lips, then left.

It seems master has changed a lot because of the little consort. Was this kind of change good or bad ah?

The him right now also could not distinguish.

Whereas that youth stood perfectly straight in front of Chu Qing-Yan.

“You really want to follow me?” Chu Qing-Yan had already retrieved her sillness from just now when her imagination was running wild. It was hard to imagine that the her right now was that infatuated foolish woman just now that was eating his tofu.

The youth nodded.

“How old are you?”


“I ask you again, why me?” Her eyes looked firmly at him as if she was searching for a weakness on his body.

“I trust my intuition, you will make me strong, will let me become strong enough to protect myself.” That youth’s mood didn’t change because of her questioning.

Intuition? Doesn’t that sound like a woman’s sixth sense?

Chu Qing-Yan felt if she continued to question him she still won’t get any reasons, as a result she changed the subject.

“I don’t like being fooled by people, don’t like to be betrayed by people, can you make sure you will not do that to me?”

To offer him shelter wasn’t only her matter, she must consider Big Block of Ice and the entire Xiao Lie Calvary. From the first meeting, he had always displayed the appearance of an accomplished youth older than his age. So she had no choice but to treat him cautiously.

“Miss Chu, I’m a person that doesn’t have a past and I don’t know the future. At present I’m only a street urchin, I’m not likely to fool people or betray people. Are you willing to offer me shelter?” The youth knew he needed to show his sincerity, otherwise she would rather give him up than let him stay.

Because he could see that she really cared about that man from just now.

He was really a person who had no past, didn’t know the future and only had the present.

Chu Qing-Yan was slightly moved by his words, and finally gave up the interrogation.

“Okay I promise you!” Chu Qing-Yan lightly spat this out.

A thread of joy flashed through that youth’s eyes. He immediately bent over to kowtow. “Thank you master.”

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t stop him from kneeling. She looked at him and stressing each word to say. “Since you recognized me as master, then I’ll tell you the facts.”

That youth lifted his head, an bewildered expression appeared on his face.

Chu Qing-Yan got down from the bed, slowly strolling to stand in front of him, her expression was serious. “My name is Chu Qing-Yan. The current Retired Emperor personally set the engagement with Western Xuan emperor writing the decree that bestowed me in marriage to His Highness Prince Ying.. I am his fiancee, this is my identity.”

That youth’s pair of eyes were full of shock. He thought this person was Prince Ying’s trusted aide but after coming over, he found out she was female. Now that he was told this, it was somewhat unbelievable. But very quickly he controlled his mood.

“Yes!” He lowered his head and replied.

Seeing him calmly accept this fact, Chu Qing-Yan narrowed her eyes. Originally she wanted to say if he regretted after hearing this news, she will let him leave. But seeing his intention wasn’t swayed, she no longer probed him.

“You don’t have a name, have you thought of what you want to be called?” She remembered he said he didn’t have a name and also couldn’t remember it.

“Ask master to confer a name for me.” The youth said this sincerely.

“Confucius saying: A disciple entering through the door must show filial piety, leaving through the door must do one’s duty (Jin) cautiously and with faith (Xin), loving everyone as one’s relative. You will take the name Jin Xin!” Chu Qing-Yan thought a while, her eyes lit up and she immediately said this.

“Jin Xin…” The youth placed these two words and repeated them several times, then said seriously. “Thank you master for bestowing this name.”

“As long as you like it then good. This name contains all my hope for you. I hope in the future, you won’t fail to live up to it.” Chu Qing-Yan put away her smile and said this in a tone that was more serious than ever.

“Jin Xin will remember this.” Jin Xin knocked his head to the ground and memorized the first sentence after waking up.

A disciple entering through the door must show filial piety, leaving through the door must do one’s duty cautiously and with faith, loving everyone as one’s relative.

“Good, you go out and look for Xi Ning. Let her prepare several sets of clothing for you. If you have something you need, then let her know. She will arrange it properly for you.” She felt somewhat sleepy so she let him withdraw.

“Yes.” Jin Xin withdrew and in passing, he closed the door.

Chu Qing-Yan saw his respectful appearance, she faintly sighed in her heart. She hoped the first time she graduated an apprentice, he won’t cause harm. Otherwise, it would affect fate following this.

Jin Xin had just left the room when he saw someone waiting for him at the door.

Fire Spirit straightened up his body and sized up the youth. Such a young age but he was already tall, his facial expression was firm and determined with a cold and stiff temperament. It could be said that his appearance wasn’t bad. “His Highness is looking for you, follow me!”

“Yes.” That Highness ought to be the man that was in master’s room just now. Was he not assured by him? So he would wait until after he came out to intercept him?

He didn’t say more and immediately followed up. Fire Spirit took a glance at him and secretly nodded. He brought him down the stairs and stopped in front of a courtyard.

“His Highness is in there.” Fire Spirit clearly indicated the place then retreated.

Jin Xin nodded and walked over without hesitation. He saluted toward that person with his back to him. “Jin Xin pays his respect to his Highness.”

“Jin Xin?” Hearing this Xiao Xu turned around and his gaze landed on the person in front of him as he said faintly. “A very good name.”

Jin Xin didn’t know if he was praising his name or praising the person who chose a good name for him. “Many thanks for his Highness’s praise.”

“Do you know the purpose this king summoned you for?” Xiao Xu’s gaze didn’t stop for long on his body, he looked toward the blue sky in the horizon.

“Jin Xin doesn’t know.” He buried his head even lower.

The feeling this person gave him wasn’t the same as master’s softness that carried a touch of firmness. Rather, it was an overwhelming disdain that outstanding heroes had.

Hearing this, Xiao Xu didn’t reveal a bit of discontent. He had his hands at his back as he stressed each word to say. “This king couldn’t find your identity. That’s also to say that before you came to Ping Yang City, everything about you was a blank space. This king shouldn’t let you stay, but this was Qing-Yan’s own decision, so this king won’t interfere, but——”

Once this word landed, Jin Xin could feel that pressure coming from the top of his head as if a stone weighing 1000 catties was pressing down on his chest. So he couldn’t breathe very easily.

“In the following days, if you do something that goes against your name, this king would not let you off lightly.” Xiao Xu’s tone remained even but the sternness in the words made the entire courtyard colder.

“Yes.” Jin Xin bowed.

“Go.” Xiao Xu didn’t say more.

Jin Xin got up and took a glance at the person whose sleeves was floating in the air. His whole body was cold and cheerless as if no one could get close to him. But who could guess that this kind of cold and noble person two hours before was spoon feeding medicine to a lovable and charming girl?

He straightened his eyebrows and withdrew respectfully.

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