Adorable Consort – Chapter 163

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Chapter 163 – Daddy Chu’s illness can be cured

“Your Highness, this is the protective charm I obtained in the temple for the two of you. It has already been blessed by the monks, it will bless you both with a safe journey.”

After eating together, Mother Chu took out two red colored protective charms. She said this to Xiao Xu with some hesitation.

After all, this was something she went to request on her own initiative. Xiao Xu was the prince of this country, his identity and status wasn’t the same as other people. She was worried he wouldn’t accept it.

“Many thanks to Madam Chu.” Xiao Xu didn’t hesitate as he accepted it and put it in his sleeves.

Such a natural and elegant movement, even Chu Qing-Yan who understood him gaped at this.

Whereas the Retired Emperor bit his chopsticks, looking at this scene in disbelief. His grandson that never accepted other people’s gifts, how come his temper suddenly changed?

Mother Chu also didn’t expect this, but seeing there was one less protective charm in her hand, for no reason her heart relaxed. This Highness Prince Ying doesn’t seem to be as unreasonable as the outside rumor says ah!

Chu Qing-Yan saw her mom staring blankly in place, and her hand couldn’t help but stretch out to accept the other protective charm. She smilingly said. “Mother is really good, I just so happen to lack one. Afterwards on the way, whenever I see this protective charm, I would think of mom and dad.”

“I also have a parting gift to give you guys. I also have one!” One only saw Daddy Chu take out two small knives that had been grinded until they were very sharp from his chest pocket. Then with a bow of taking credit, he placed it in front of them. “Look, these are daggers. I learnt about it from Block of wood. I was very diligent so you guys can have it on your body for self-protection oh!”

Chu Qing-Yan’s tongue tsked silently. Such sharp looking knife blades, don’t know how Daddy hid it on his body.

She was just about to extend her hands to accept it when another pair of hands were faster than hers. She suspiciously watched as Big Block of Ice placed the daggers in his sleeves. Could it be that he’ll store it for her?

Xiao Xu said in his heart, this knives’ blades were too sharp, it’s best that he asked Wood Spirit to make two suitable scabbards. Otherwise, based on this little guy’s careless temperament, she might hurt herself.

The Retired Emperor almost bit his chopstick in two. When did his own grandson accept gifts so straightforwardly? This simply poked his eyes until he was blind.

But in his heart, he felt this was also a good thing.

At least before, this person that was unapproachable and floated around like an immortal who had just fallen into the world of mortals. Slowly, he would experience the human society in mortal world and would no longer seem that distant.

However, the Retired Emperor still felt his heart was somewhat uncomfortable. These two outsiders, how come they made more of an effort than him, his flesh and blood grandfather ah? But truth be told, he really didn’t prepare any good stuff. He could only dryly say. “Then how about this, Xu’er, Yan girl, the day after tomorrow when you guys leave, remember to call me.”

“Why?” Xiao Xu raised an eyebrow to ask.

“I will be going in the same way as you guys so let’s go together!” The Retired Emperor lightly coughed as he said. He couldn’t just directly say he was hanging on to catch a free ride ah!

Xiao Xu looked at him with a knowing expression. He remained silent this, which could be considered as tacit agreement.

Chu Qing-Yan rubbed her head in puzzlement. Didn’t the Retired Emperor say he was going west to visit a good friend? How did it change to be on their way?

One only saw the Retired Emperor put down his bowl and chopsticks. Before leaving, he instructed. “Yan girl, these two days, prepare more pastries to bring along on the road oh!”

Chu Qing-Yan blushed with shame, it turned out that this Retired Emperor wasn’t coming because they were going in the same direction, rather, he had taken a fancy to the pastries she made.

After eating, Chu Qing-Yan withdrew with her parents, while Xiao Xu slowly strolled to the door of his study. At this time, someone was already waiting there for him.

Air Spirit, who was dressed in white robes that looked like they were in dire straits.

“What’s the matter?” Right now Xiao Xu’s mood was very relaxed, his tone also had a trace of elegance.

Air Spirit was slightly surprised, everytime when they leave the capital His Highness’ mood would always be downcast, how come this time it wasn’t the same? But this kind of change is always good.

He bent his body slightly, then said. “Highness, this subordinate has already found some news, my junior sister is moving about near the district of Jiang Zhe in recent years. Although her whereabouts is not exact, but at least we can lock onto this locality. So we don’t need to blindly search for her everywhere as before.”

Xiao Xu nodded. “This matter, you can hand it over to Water Spirit. When you find the person, bring her to the capital to treat Elder master Chu’s illness.”

Air Spirit shook his head, his expression had a thread of being in a difficult position.” This action I fear won’t work.”

“Why?” Xiao Xu couldn’t help but be somewhat puzzled. This subordinate had followed by his side for many years. His conduct when handling matters had always been indifferent. He had never expressed that a matter would be difficult. This aroused his curiosity. He wasn’t a cold feelingless master, although he didn’t ask about his subordinate’s personally matters, it didn’t mean he didn’t care.

Air Spirit, seeing his Highness had asked, smiled embarrassingly. “This subordinate and junior sister had some misunderstanding, this misunderstanding hasn’t been resolved for many years. Moreover because of this subordinate, she had a deep misunderstanding of Western Xuan royal family. If she were to know the people were sent by you to invite her to see the patient, she certainly would close the door and not accept the invitation.”

“En.” Xiao Xu heard a bit of the meaning inside. Looks like his relationship with that junior sister was very deep.

“This time, as we are going to search for the mine, we will pass by the region of Jiang Zhe. Therefore, this subordinate wants to take advantage of this opportunity to personally call on Junior Sister, to see if she would agree to diagnose and treat the illness for the sake of your Highness. If it would undo the misunderstanding from long ago, then that would be even better.” Air Spirit slowly voiced his thoughts. In fact, he wasn’t sure in his heart. In order not to see him, Junior Sister avoided him. She had drifted all over the place for many years. This time that there was an opportunity, he will personally go call on her.

Xiao Xu recalled that ten years ago, he sent Air Spirit to Divine Doctor Luo to study medicine. Six years ago, Air Spirit completed his studies and returned to his side. What happened in that four years? He wasn’t very clear, moreover, Air Spirit also closed his mouth and didn’t mention it. He felt that in several years, Air Spirit had grown from an inexperienced person to a mature youth. He gradually could take charge of matters, only that he had become more indifferent to the matters around him.

“Good.” He had always trusted his subordinates and didn’t ask for the reason before agreeing.

Air Spirit was somewhat moved. In fact, master could directly dispatch people to forcefully invite the person back to the capital. But master didn’t do this and for his sake, His Highness chose this most unreliable method.

And at this time, Air Spirit saw the little consort walking over after turning a corner. He bent his waist slightly towards her, then asked to be excused from his own master. “Then this subordinate will first withdraw to prepare medicines for the journey.”

Xiao Xu nodded and at the same time, Chu Qing-Yan’s voice could also be heard.

“Big Block of Ice, I have been looking for you for half of the day, so it turned out you were here ah.”

Xiao Xu turned around, saw the person jumping around under the sunshine like a butterfly and asked faintly. “What’s the matter?”

“I want to send off my parents when they return to Chu Manor. Although Housekeeper Bai had already started to select the courtyard and arrange for people, I’m still afraid that with us not here, Chu family would do some ghostly things. Therefore, I want to personally make this trip.” Chu Qing-Yan somewhat worriedly grabbed her hair. The so called ‘the mountains are high and emperor is far away’, for their trip this time, they would very likely be gone for a long time. Therefore she must solve the Chu family, this hidden danger.

“En, this king will accompany you to go together.” Xiao Xu said without thinking the matter through.

“What?” Chu Qing-Yan thought she may have misheard.

“What are you doing staring blankly, let’s go.” Xiao Xu had already taken a few steps and walked towards the courtyard.

Chu Qing-Yan lifted her head to look at the sky. Today, the sun didn’t rise from the west ah!

“Hey, Big Block of Ice, walk slower, wait for me!”

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