Adorable Consort – Chapter 211

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Chapter 211 – Very seriously putting on a play

The night was too dark, it was too quiet all around.

To the extent that it was very easy to let yourself relax completely to recall many things that had been buried in the deepest part of the mind a long time ago.

Maybe it was sad, maybe it was lonely, maybe it was sorrow….

But the him right now was looking at all of this as if he had already become a spectator. It did not raise any ripple in his heart.

Because those moods that were hard to dispel, after the little fellow said those words had already dissipated.

When one person assumed those responsibilities, it was too exhausting.

But when someone stood out, telling him I’ll share the sweet, sour and bitter experiences with you and shoulder the same responsibilities, those knots in his heart suddenly weren’t that important.

Both of Xiao Xu’s hand tightened, letting her sleep safely in his arms.

Little fellow, in the future how could I bear to part with you?

In the end he had no choice but to sigh softly.

Next day.

When the sky became bright, Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes were somewhat numb from being stabbed by the bright light coming through the sunroof. She couldn’t help but slowly open her eyes.

While she was stretching lazily, she came across that outer clothing on her body. She knew this was the cloth Big Block of Ice took off last night and draped over her. She couldn’t help but lift her head to look all around for traces of him.

At a glance, she saw he had his back to her, standing with his hands behind his back. She didn’t know what he was thinking of. She got up and shook her clothing, then walked in front of him. “Big Block of Ice, the early morning frost is very heavy, first drape this clothing over yourself, be careful not to catch a cold.”

Xiao Xu nodded and accepted the clothing she handed over, then said to her. “Someone is coming.”

Chu Qing-Yan immediately became alert and looked toward the door. Her hearing ability wasn’t as good as Big Block of Ice’s, but after he warned her she could also hear the sounds of footsteps after holding her breath with rapt attention. It was gradually getting closer.

A moment later, the door to the firewood room was opened. Several figures walked in with sunlight behind them.

When those people walked out from the bright light, Chu Qing-Yan could finally see clearly, the person leading them had a neck full of gold necklaces and both hands full of golden rings. This man with golden chains was about forty to fifty years old. Even though he wasn’t fat and was very tall, these heavy gold chains hanging on him made him seem a lot thicker and more solid. Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t see clearly what this person looked like, because the golden light sparkling from his whole body only gave her the mistaken impression that this was a Buddha- like figure giving off golden light from head to toe.

In fact, he was the image of a newly rich upstart, afraid others wouldn’t know his family was well-off. So he decorated his body with all the things that would show he was rich.

Chu Qing-Yan never imagined that the person that kidnapped them would have this kind of image. This scene was so beautiful that she dared not look.

Just as Chu Qing-Yan was sizing up the person, Zhao Qing was also unobtrusively sizing up the two of them.

Last night, he only glanced at them quickly in the restaurant, in addition it was too dark so he only saw a rough outline. Now seeing them, even Zhao Qing who had seen all kinds of beautiful people was also stunned.

Gentle nobleman, unsurpassed charm, childish boy, powdery pink with jade bones. That Liu Ying’s eyes were really sinister, at one glance he saw these two with top-notch good looks.

“Two young masters, this person is called Zhao Qing. I am a merchant in Ping Yang city. Last night when you two were brought to the manor it was too late so I didn’t have the time to receive you two guests. Hope you two will forgive!” Zhao Qing pretended he didn’t know the two had slept in the firewood room, saying this with warm and courteous words.

Chu Qing-Yan had a new understanding of this person named Zhao Qing. An outer appearance of a newly rich person, an attitude of pretending to be a scholar. The combination of vulgar and refined simply made people want to tsk with their tongue.

This kind of mix and match style, she somewhat couldn’t handle it. Best let Big Block of Ice handle it! As a result, she pretended to be scared and hid behind him.

How could Xiao Xu not know what she was thinking of? His lips hooked up, then he looked toward Zhao Qing. “We have just came to this place, unfamiliar with the people here and don’t have any relationship to boss Zhao. Don’t know what matters boss Zhao have to look for us brothers?”

Just arrived in Ping Yang city, they looked as if they were just passing by. Zhao Qing immediately plotted in his heart, then it could be said if something was to happen to them in Ping Yang city, then it won’t matter. In any case, no one would link it to him.

As a result, Zhao Qing revealed the devious smile of a merchant. “Two young masters, may I ask what you are called?”

“I am Xiao Xiu (1), this is my cousin Chu Yan.” Xiao Xu didn’t mind, he deliberately changed the subject and readily followed by saying this.

“Good name!” Zhao Qing clapped his hands and smiled. Afterwards, he said to the two people in front of him. “I think I and you brothers are like kindred spirits, how about we become friends?”

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but to want to roll her eyes. Did he really take them as naive young masters that would be fooled just by a few words? Don’t simply be so self-confident, okay?

“Having friends in all four oceans, many thanks that boss Zhao thinks so highly of us.” Xiao Xu methodically replied, as if he hadn’t sensed the other side trying to deceive them.

Several black lines appeared on Chu Qing-Yan’s beautifully smooth forehead. Big Block of Ice, could you not cooperate so well with his play acting!

“Good, then for the next two days you guys can live in my manor. Recently, the manor seemed lonely, you guys coming by chance will make it lively. Whatever you guys need, just say so, as long as I can meet it.” Hearing Xiao Xu’s words, Zhao Qing generously said this. He had an appearance of being very hospitable.

“Then first change us into a clean and tidy room. Even though this place is large, this young master still isn’t used to sleeping together with so many rats and ants.” Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but say this with a deadpan expression. As if last night, those sleeping together with them weren’t rats and ants.

The smile on Zhao Qing’s face became difficult to maintain. He smiled embarrassingly, and immediately ordered people to prepare rooms for them.

“Little young master, is there anything else you need?”

Chu Qing-Yan thought a bit and somewhat embarrassingly said. “This young master is somewhat picky about food.”

Hearing this, Zhao Qing waved his hand. “Doesn’t matter, this isn’t considered much, you just say.”

“Good, I like boss Zhao’s temperament. Then I won’t be polite.” Chu Qing-Yan stroked her chin and slowly said. “This young master can’t eat things that are too sweet, but it also has to be sweet. Don’t like to eat too salty foods but it has to be salty. Every dish must be spicy but I also can’t eat spicy food. For every meal, the table must have dishes from things that fly in the sky, things that crawl on the ground and things that swim in water, otherwise I won’t be able to eat!”

Chu Qing-Yan said everything out non-stop. Finished speaking, she had a slight apologetic expression as she looked at Zhao Qing. “I am very troublesome but boss Zhao is a good person, so I won’t treat you like an outsider oh!”

“No, no, no, this is my honor.” Zhao Qing wiped at the sweat on his forehead. This person simply wasn’t picky, rather he was looking for trouble for him!

After Chu Qing-Yan and Xiao Xu were brought away, Zhao Qing’s face that was full of smiles immediately turned cold. “Have people carefully check these two people’s identities. Moreover, for the following two days wait upon them properly. But don’t forget to add some materials to their food! I want them to have the strength to walk in and not have the strength to escape! I don’t want there to be any mistakes on the birthday feast two days from now!”

“Yes!” The people at his side immediately responded.

These two people were somewhat strange. They weren’t afraid and didn’t make a racket as if they really came to be guests. He Zhao Qing had lived for half a lifetime, but he had never seen a situation where having been kidnapped, they still peacefully waited for the person behind the scene to appear. He always felt his heart was not very steady.

1) Xiao Xiu – Actually the fake first name Xiao Xu choose 萧 旭 had the same pinyin spelling as his real name of 萧 绪. To differentiate, I made up the spelling for his fake name to be Xiu.

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