Adorable Consort – Chapter 220

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Chapter 220 – Facing death, coming up with an awesome plan

On this side Chu Qing-Yan was calm, she didn’t argue or make any noise. Those patrolling Daoist priests were originally worried about her. Now seeing her so obedient and clever, they lessened their surveillance of her. In threes and twos, those patrol groups drank alcohol on the side and played finger guessing games.

Chu Qing-Yan watched their movements closely, seeing they had already relaxed their vigilance with each playing their own games, she examined the area around the wooden prison. It just so happened that in order to save space, these wooden prisons were all together. At a glance, she saw those frightened children with pair of eyes that were at a loss, they were cowering at the corner of the wooden prison. Some were even sobbing in a whisper.

At this time she tried to placate those crying children. Hence she said to the little girl closest to her. “Little younger sister, are you the common citizens in Ping Yang city?”

“I am, she isn’t. She is from the neighboring city.” A girl that had two pigtails who was slightly more courageous replied on behalf of that little girl that didn’t speak.

Chu Qing-Yan thought to herself, this Liu Ying and that Daoist priest didn’t just grab people from his own city, his hand even reached into other cities.

“Where did you come from? How did you get grabbed and sent in here?” A young boy about ten years old glanced at Chu Qing-Yan and suddenly said this. When she first entered, he noticed her. Every child that first entered here would be crying or making a ruckus, only she was cautious, obedient and clever. As if she didn’t know that what was waiting for her was a massacre.

Chu Qing-Yan looked in the direction of the speaker. She saw that in the area two wooden prisons away from her, one youth was looking in her direction. How should she describe this young boy ah? Sword like eyebrows, star like eyes, although his clothing was shabby and his face was covered in mud, it was hard to cover his calm manner. His pair of eyes were especially bright.

“I came from another part of the country. Just arrived in Ping Yang city and was caught.” Chu Qing-Yan replied with minor details, keeping silent about the important things. In any case, telling him too much would not be useful.

“En.” That youth was silent for a short while, soon after he said to her. “These people plan to use us to refine medicine. We might not live past tonight!”

Once this was said, everyone started to cry in a low voice. Maybe it was because before they were scared too many times, so now they could only stifle their sorrow and despair!

Chu Qing-Yan never expected this person would tell her this fact so calmly, moreover as if he wasn’t a bit afraid of it. Finished speaking, it caused everyone’s mood to fluctuate. He frowned, somewhat annoyed.

Chu Qing-Yan knew he was telling her the truth, and her heart was somewhat grateful. But her little face remained gentle as she softly said to those whimpering young boys and girls. “You guys should feel assured, tonight nothing will happen to you guys!”

“Don’t speak empty words, you can’t even guarantee your own safety, let alone that of others!” That young boy took a glance at her, it seemed his tone didn’t approve of her empty words.

Chu Qing-Yan laughed softly, her eyes looked around spiritedly. “This aren’t empty words.”

That youth looked at her somewhat puzzled, but saw her pair of eyes were full of self-confidence. The harsh probing words that were at the tip of his tongue changed into an inquiry. “You have a way?”

“Yes!” She lightly nodded her head, from her chest pocket she fished out a block of Chinese eaglewood and turned to look at that youth. From her observation just now, this youth was calm, didn’t cry or create a ruckus and had a maturity that was different from his peers. He ought to be able to become her helper.

As a result, she said in a low voice. “This block of wood in my hand, once it’s lit it has the effect of making people pass out. The amount of drugs I have is enough to make all the guards pass out.”

Finished speaking, she again fished around her pocket and took out a match box. She got this match box from Fire Spirit before he went to explore Liu manor, thinking she may have some use for it in tonight’s birthday feast. Didn’t expect that it really came in handy. And this block of wood was something Air Spirit made researching in the first inn they stayed at. She got a block from him and was told the drug effect was very strong, just a little bite was able to knock out a one hundred kilogram pig.

She had fire, she had the drug, then the plan can be completed.

“But if you light up the wooden incense we would also be knocked out!” That youth thought her plan was full of loopholes, first not mentioning if they could drug the opponent, they may even knock themselves out with the drug first. Moreover, these tens of wooden prisons all had locks on them, he calculated that there were about 50 different locks. How could she get out? So with regards to her plan, the youth held no hope.

Chu Qing-Yan smiled craftly, he thought that the things he could think of she couldn’t think of too? Without an absolute sure fire plan, she would not easily move!

She didn’t reply to that youth’s questions, rather she pulled out a dagger from her boots. This was the dagger daddy gave her before she left, the feelings of longing flashed by in her eyes.

That youth didn’t know what she was thinking about, he suddenly saw her draw the dagger and cut toward her thigh. He immediately wanted to say something to stop her but when he saw her ghost of a smile, he immediately stopped making a sound.

One only heard the sound of silk tearing and a long strip of cloth appeared in her hand, then he heard her say in a low voice. “Wait until after you guys cut a strip of clothing, then use it to cover your nose to avoid inhaling the incense.”

Just now when Chu Qing-Yan said she had a plan, the several children closest to her had their attention fixed on her. Now hearing her say this, they immediately revealed their willingness to survive and a longing to live.

Chu Qing-Yan glanced at the youth whose eyes were full of disbelief and said to him with a serious expression. “You let them pass on this idea one to another, urge them to quickly cut off the strip of clothing, otherwise there won’t be enough time.”

That youth put away his astonished expression and didn’t ask why she would give him this task. He immediately turned to pass on this plan to the person in the wooden prison on his other side. One passed on to another, everyone lifted their heads one after another. Their eyes flashed with light. Chu Qing-Yan immediatley recalled the image of a flock of little sheep crying piteously for food and couldn’t help but smile in spite of herself. At this time, she even had the inclination to think of this!

She already handed the dagger to the person in nearest wooden prison, seeing them one after another stealthily cut off a strip of clothing, then imitating her to tie it on their face. That youth made a hand gesture to her indicating everyone had completed the task. After nodding, she immediately turned her back to those guards and lit that match box. Then she baked that block of Chinese eaglewood on it, this was the most direct, most effective and the fastest way to spread the fragrance.

Moreover she was the last one to enter, so she was in the wooden prison closest to the outside. The faint breeze blew through just so happened to float the fragrance toward the somewhat tired and sleepy Daoist guards. It could be said that it was a good time to go to war!

Everyone was watching excitedly, moved and nervous as the spirals of smoke floated toward those people on guard duty.

Chu Qing-Yan was certain these Daoist guards would very quickly fall down. Because Air Spirit once said before that when this smoke encountered tired people, the effect of the drug would be even faster.

While Chu Qing-Yan was lighting up the incense wood, she was also feeling regretful because this wood was priceless. Fortunately to use the drug, you needed to grind it into powder, now that she burned it like this, the thumb sized wood was about completely burned up.

When those guards fell down one after another, everyone’s eyes were full of joy. Only that youth looked toward Chu Qing-Yan with a slightly worried expression.

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