Adorable Consort – Chapter 167

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Chapter 167 – Promise made during time of parting

When he turned around and called out her name, Chu Qing-Yan was finally able to see clearly that the person standing in front of her was none other than Xiao Ran whom she hadn’t seen for more than ten days.

Having lost a lot of weight, he had become even more handsome. Maybe it was because of the injury, but his complexion was very pale. His lips had no color.

Chu Qing-Yan saw that he had become a lot thinner, and deeply concerned for a friend, couldn’t help but grumble to him. “your injury hasn’t completely healed, why are you running around everywhere? Don’t you know to take care of yourself?”

That face full of anger and concern from having not seen him for a long time released a burst of warmth from Xiao Ran’s heart.

“You Qing-Yan, I wasted so much effort to come out and find you and it was not easy. You shouldn’t only remember to scold me.” Finished speaking, he couldn’t help but lightly cover his chest and cough several times.

Chu Qing-Yan heard this and gave a soft sigh. She walked up and linked arms with him to help him walk to the stone table at the side and sat him down. She lifted her head to survey the surroundings and said in puzzlement. “Where are the people that follow by your side to wait upon you? How come I can’t even see one of them?”

Xiao Ran shook his head. “I stealthily slipped out of the palace, so I didn’t bring people with me out of the palace.”

Chu Qing-Yan heard this and realized he was dressed from head to toe in eunuch uniform and knew how he got out of the palace. She couldn’t help but rebuke him, saying. “You looking like this wearing eunuch’s uniform, who could tell you are the noble Fourth Prince up high? If by chance an accident happened, how could your body that already has injuries bear it?”

Listening to her long-winded scolding, a faint joy floated onto Xiao Ran’s face. Chu Qing-Yan saw he didn’t feel repentant about his own impetuous behavior and instead he had a cheerful appearance. She felt this was somewhat strange, so she extended a hand to give his shoulder a push. “Hey, it’s not because your brain was injured right?” Otherwise, how come he suddenly became so stupid looking!

Xiao Ran smiled, gorgeous as the sun, even Chu Qing-Yan who had seen various kinds of beautiful males also felt as if her eyes were blinded by him.

She always felt Big Block of Ice was the type of adorable, cool-tempered, beautiful male type. Whereas the Xiao Ran in front of her was the well-behaved, innocent, adorable, beautiful male type. Now seeing him smile, her heart was even more certain of this opinion. If this guy was placed in the modern world, he would be the perfect teen idol type.

Just when Chu Qing-Yan was fantasizing about this, Xiao Ran looked at her and controlled his smile slightly, only the corner of his mouth had a shallow ripple. With a serious expression, he slowly said. “Qing-Yan, I think my brain isn’t injured, rather my heart has been stolen.”

What is this guy saying?

That assassin stole his heart? Then how could he stand here perfectly fine? What kind of international joke was he saying?

Seeing her being stunned on the spot from his response, Xiao Ran also didn’t want to explain. He suddenly extended his hand to grip hers. His expression became somewhat serious. “Qing-Yan, First royal brother wants to go to Fu Li mountain range. This journey is very far and full of hardship. You should stay in the imperial capital, I’ll protect you.”

Xiao Ran’s sudden action made her feel somewhat strange, she couldn’t help but withdraw her hand, then hesitantly to say. “Xiao Ran, you must know about your mother consort and His Highness’s mother empress. Your position and His Highness’s position, it’s completely on the opposite sides okay? Although saying it like this is somewhat frank, but look at the things that happened in the past several days. Can you still have no qualms about you guys’ situation? And I as His Highness’s fiancee, do you really think I would be safe at your side?”

Fiancee, this word sorely stabbed his heart. His eyebrows lowered sadly. With great difficulty, he had found a girl he admired, but she was already first royal brother’s fiancee. Although first royal brother was a god like existence in his heart, however, he was still not reconciled.

He clenched his fist and slowly lifted up his head. “Qing-Yan, you and royal brother have an age difference of ten years. His personality is very stuffy. Will you be able to adapt?”

If she said she can’t adapt, then he will immediately take her away!

“Not at all, we are very good together.” Chu Qing-Yan thought he was asking if she and Big Block of Ice may have common topics to talk about. Although sometimes it does happen they have nothing to talk about, but then they can do their own thing, which is still pretty good.

Xiao Ran saw her expression of not knowing to worry, and he shook his head mentally. It looked like she still didn’t understand what engagement meant. And First royal brother never let females close and treated Qing-Yan as a younger sibling. As a result, he secretly decided to wait until he grew up, then he would grind away at Father Emperor and Mother Concubine to make Father Emperor cancel First Royal brother and Qing-Yan’s engagement. Father Emperor loved him so dearly, as long as he wanted it, Father Emperor would give it to him. Therefore the only two things he needed to do right now was to wait until Qing-Yan grew up, and at the same time he must become powerful. Only that way would he have a reason to make Father Emperor and Mother Concubine agree.

With regards to Xiao Ran suddenly becoming absent-minded, Chu Qing-Yan was somewhat puzzled. She extended her hand and swayed it in front of his eyes. “Xiao Ran, why are you staring blankly? I’ll let people send you back to the palace without delay! Otherwise, the matter of you sneaking out would quickly be found out. At that time, it wouldn’t be so simple.”

“I know I can’t stop over for long, you wait.” Xiao Ran took out a wooden puppet from his chest pocket. His fingers gripped the puppet strings tightly. Afterwards, he turned and placed it in front of her. This was something I carved a period before when I was learning how to carve by hand. Originally, I wanted to give it to you as a gift on Mid-Autumn festival. Unfortunately, you guys left the banquet too early and I couldn’t find an appropriate opportunity to give it to you. Then afterwards I had the mishap.”

“This time, just treat it as a parting gift, since you want to go, I have no way to convince you to stay behind. Such a long distance that is endless, if you miss me, you can take it out and look at it.” Xiao Ran said somewhat emotionally.

After Chu Qing-Yan accepted it, although the carving was somewhat rough, she could still see the person carved was herself. It’s body wore a long shirt that floated about, giving the hint of an immortal fairy descending from the heavens. Chu Qing-Yan was pleasantly surprised. This was the first time she received a handmade wooden puppet, so she sincerely said. “Thank you.”

Xiao Ran looked at Chu Qing-Yan’s luminous expression in front of him, the color of his eyes gradually deepened. Finally, he extended a hand and embraced her. His voice had a hoarseness of a teenager that changes during puberty. But it already had a deep enough feeling. “Qing-Yan, you said it before, all the encounters in the world would have a reunion after a long separation. I look forward to that day of our reunion. You must take care of yourself!”

Chu Qing-Yan hadn’t had time to react to this action when that person who tightly hugged her had already released his hands. With his back to her, step by step, he left her line of sight.

Because he was afraid that if he turned his head, he wouldn’t control the impulse to make her stay behind.

Qing-Yan, you wait for me. There will be a day I will have the strength to protect you.

The things you want, the things you don’t want, I will take it all and give it to you.

Chu Qing-Yan gripped the wooden puppet in her hand, finally returning to her senses. She smiled softly. “Xiao Ran, you also take care of yourself.”

Western Xuan Emperor as well as Concubine Yue caused Big Block of Ice’s miserable childhood whereas Xiao Ran’s harm to Big Block of Ice was indirect, but she still couldn’t blame him. He was still too young, in her eyes, he was merely a twelve to thirteen year old child.

However, because she used a twenty year old attitude to look at this child, she could never have imagined that the youth in front of her had already had thoughts he shouldn’t have towards her.

And this imperceptible influence gave rise to an unpredictable effect to her future.

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