Adorable Consort – Chapter 258

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Chapter 258 – Use life to pressure and beseech you

Chu Qing-Yan fell and the person behind extended his hand to catch her.

“Wood Spirit, what are you doing?” Fire Spirit looked at Wood Spirit who suddenly appeared in shock.

“Fire Spirit, do you still remember what you promised master last night?” Wood Spirit looked at him sternly.

Fire Spirit all of a sudden became quiet, after a short time he slowly said. “No matter what happened, no matter what Little Consort said, we would not turn back.”

“Correct, you still remember. But just now you swayed.” Wood Spirit ruthlessly exposed this matter.

Fire Spirit lowered his head, both fists clenched tightly. The blood flowing from his hand entered the earth drop by drop.

“Master also made clear that if Little Consort discovered the truth, then we should knock her unconscious and bring her far far away.” Wood Spirit said, stressing each word. Normally he was honest and considerate like a simple minded person, but now his expression was very solemn as he reprimanded him.

Finished speaking, Wood Spirit carried Chu Qing-Yan, turned and was about to leave.

“Wood Spirit.” Fire Spirit suddenly spoke.

Wood Spirit’s footsteps halted, but he didn’t turn back as if he knew what the person behind him wanted to ask. He closed his eyes as if to press down on the bitter pain in his heart, before slowly opening his eyes again. “I’m just like you and don’t want anything to happen to master. But master had already foreseen that this day would come. He dispatched the troops and will meet the enemies with all his strength. He handed the Little Consort over to us, he gave us an order that we must fulfill even if we must give up our lives. No matter what the final outcome will be, we must not fail to live up to master’s expectations.”

Fire Spirit was left speechless and he slammed his fist against the tree trunk again and again until his body was covered in colourful leaves that fell down.

Wood Spirit walked to the carriage step by step and handed her to Xi Ning. Separated by the wall of the carriage, he silently mulled in his heart, Little Consort, please don’t let master down. We all believe that such a powerful and omnipotent master will be safe and sound.

These words, don’t know if he was trying to comfort the person inside or convince himself.

“Let’s set out.” After Fire Spirit finished venting for a period, he tidied up once again and stood in front of everyone. He was expressionless as he gave the order, since the Little Consort already knew, then there was no need to pretend anymore.

This trip of theirs wasn’t to go to Fu Li mountain range, nor to return to the capital. The master’s command was for them to send the Little Consort to one of his old friends and let him protect the Little Consort’s safety, until after this crisis blows over.

The carriages started moving again, and they travelled quickly under the black paint like night sky.

A figure in purple stood on top of a tree trunk. When the horse carriage passed underneath, he drilled into the carriage carrying Chu Qing-Yan with a move that was as powerful as a thunderbolt.

Jin Xin only felt a burst of wind brush by his side, afterwards the carriage curtain behind him moved a bit. He originally wanted to open the curtain and have a look, but recalled that men and women had to maintain an appropriate distance, moreover Xi Ning was inside taking care of master, if something was wrong she would already have called out. Therefore he dropped this thought. Moreover, the security was so tight, no one ought to be able to plot anything under the watchful eyes of everyone.

As a result he was able to set aside his worries, continued to wave his whip and go forward.

At this time, inside the carriage, Xi Ning’s almond shaped large eyes were glaring at the evildoer male in front of her who had suddenly appeared. At this time, her pressure points had been pushed and she was unable to move or speak, her heart was extremely anxious.

Dongting Wang-Yu glanced at Xi Ning thinking in his heart that she was worthy of being the little girl’s servant. Sure enough, her skill of glaring at people was not common.

But right now, he had more important things he needed to do. After examining the unconscious little girl at a glance, he fished out a bottle of medicine from his chest pocket and placed it under her nose, swaying it back and forth. He then saw the little girl’s brows wrinkle, she coughed several times then slowly woke up.

Chu Qing-Yan was still a bit dizzy, but when she saw Xi Ning striving hard to make eyes at her, she turned her head and saw the calm Dongting Wang-Yu above her head. Suddenly she sobered up and got up immediately. Then she rubbed her aching neck and recalled the matters before she passed out. In a flash, she realized someone plotted against her in the dark.

She ignored Dongting Wang-Yu and immediately lifted up the window curtains. The scenery outside flitted past her eyes one after another. Their speed was so fast that no matter what, she couldn’t capture it.

She put her hand down, her heart was anxious, as if it was set on fire.

“No, I need to go back.” Chu Qing-Yan said to herself, then without the slightest hesitation she said to the person behind the carriage curtain. “Jin Xin, turn around. I want to go back to look for His Highness.”

Jin Xin who was outside heard this, and his hand paused. Just now, what happened between Fire Spirit and master, he at least knew a little bit. Although he hesitated a bit, he still followed the order. “Yes.”

“You actually accepted a very obedient subordinate.” From the moment the little girl woke up, he had become a transparent person. As the young master of Moon Palace sect that ten thousand people chased after, When had he ever gotten this kind of treatment? As a result he started to talk, giving himself some feelings of existence.

Only now did Chu Qing-Yan slant him a glance. “How come you appeared here?”

Dongting Wang-Yu suddenly felt his knee being struck by an arrow. He was somewhat depressed, saying. “Good or bad, it’s this young master that woke you from unconsciousness. Otherwise, how could you be lively enough to stage such a huge flight scene?”

Finished speaking, Chu Qing-Yan heard the sounds of horse hoofs pursuing closely, not willing to let go, as well as sounds of shouting.

“Okay, this favor I’ll owe you one first. Right now, I have urgent matters I must deal with. If you want to follow, then continue to remain here, but I’m afraid swords don’t have eyes. If you want to go, I won’t make you stay. If it’s fated, we’ll see each other next time.” Chu Qing-Yan said this very quickly, all along her thoughts and attention were outside.

“Good, this young master will remember this favor.” Dongting Wang-Yu was also not going to be polite, in any case sooner or later it will be useful.

And at this time he noticed her anxious expression and uneasy appearance and couldn’t help but say. “Do you want to go back to look for Xiao Xu?”

Chu Qing-Yan glanced at him.

“Don’t look at this young master like that. This young master merely deduced it from common sense and nothing more. Xiao Xu is not at your side, while his people remained by your side. There is certainly something fishy in here.” Dongting Wang-Yu lifted up both hands, expressing his innocence.

Chu Qing-Yan retracted her gaze, all the while thinking in her heart how she was going to explain everything to Big Block of Ice when she sees him in a while.

Being ignored again, Dongting Wang-Yu really felt distressed.

“Just relying on you alone? You think you can save him from the deep water and scorching fire?” Dongting Wang-Yu ruthlessly laid bare this fact.

Chu Qing-Yan felt that there was a hidden meaning in his words and was just about to ask when the carriage suddenly rocked. She almost had an intimate encounter with the carriage wall, but fortunately Dongting Wang-Yu grabbed her and thus steadied her body.

The horse carriage stopped, immediately after came Jin Xin’s voice and unsteady breathing. “Master, Fire Spirit brought people over and surrounded us.”

Chu Qing-Yan did not have time to manage anything else, she lifted the carriage curtain and directly walked out.

“Little Consort, ask you not to make it difficult for this subordinate.” Fire Spirit got off from his horse and said this in a respectable manner.

“Fire Spirit, I want to go back.” She said firmly.

“Little Consort, I ask that you not let master’s kind intentions come to nothing.” By this time, Wood Spirit had also rushed over.

Chu Qing-Yan thought the person that chopped her neck just now ought to be Wood Spirit.

“Okay, since you guys won’t agree, then I can only do this.” She didn’t hesitate and pulled the knife from its scabbard and placed that sharp dagger on her own neck.

“Little Consort, what are you doing?” Fire Spirit stared at her in shock and Wood Spirit was equally stunned.

“I have no other choice, I beg you guys, let me return. I’m afraid that if I don’t go back now, it will be too late.” There was a voice in her heart that was continuously calling out, go back, hurry and turn around. If you don’t turn back now, then there will only be regret for the rest of your life.”

Although she knew that Big Block of Ice would not take undue risks when handling matters, she still didn’t feel assured. She really just wanted to go back and take a look.

“It’s already too late.

Dongting Wang-Yu pushed aside the carriage curtain as he slowly walked down.

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