Adorable Consort – Chapter 248

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Chapter 248 – The mysterious mission revealed a clue

Chu Qing-Yan quietly leaned against Xiao Xu’s shoulder. It didn’t look like a thick shoulder, but it made people feel completely at ease.

“Big Block of Ice, you sleep. Take a nice and proper nap. Tomorrow you will have the vigor to work.” Her lips pursed into a smile, with eyes closed, the cold wind wantonly ruffled the fine hair at her ear. The world was very quiet, so still, as if they could only hear each other’s breathing.

She really wished that this moment would be able to continue for a lifetime. And not be disturbed by sunrise and sunset or anything else.

However this scene could only remain in her memory.

After this moment she straightened up her body, the softness and tenderness in her eyes had already been put away. What replaced it was a strong solemn expression. She turned her head and looked toward a dark area. “Come out.”

Under the shadow of a tree, a figure walked out, it was Earth Spirit.

“Little consort, is master already asleep?” Earth Spirit slowly approached.

“En, you first bring his highness back!” She stood up and gave him this order.

“Then what about you, little consort?” Earth Spirit carried the person on the ground on his back, turned his head and asked with some puzzlement.

“The night scene here is very beautiful, I want to stay here a bit more. Don’t need to worry, I already informed Jin Xin. He should be arriving very soon.” Chu Qing-Yan smiled at him.

Earth Spirit nodded, stepping into the cold breeze under a cold moon, with flying speed he returned, using the road they came from.

This place’s deep winter weather is the most unusual season among the four seasons, because it had the winter’s night, spring like early morning, it was summer like at noon and had fall like weather in the late afternoon. Within one day, you could experience all four seasons.

And right now was the coldest time.

When Dongting Wang-Yu walked to the top of the hill, he saw the little fellow hugging her shoulder sitting on a tree branch with both legs hanging down, swaying back and forth.

Looking from his point of view, behind her back was the outline of the bent moon in its first stage. The light gathered at the corner of the eye, appearing to touch the moonlight. In an instant it was lit up, so dazzling that people didn’t dare look straight at it.

“You came.” Chu Qing-Yan’s head was lowered when she saw a person in the moonlight, her tone didn’t seem a bit surprised.

“You blew the bamboo whistle, what matter are you looking for this young master for?” Just now when he heard the bamboo whistle, he immediately rushed over and thought the little girl may have encountered something. But when he saw her safe and sound, he put down his heart. Once again, he restored his usual sloppy manner.

Chu Qing-Yan glanced at him, her tone was no longer filled with the laughter of the previous times. “Dongting, do you still remember the last time when you analyzed the current situation in Western Xuan for me?”

“Oh, you are talking about that ah. I was just speaking without thinking the matter through. You should just listen to it and not take it seriously.” Dongting Wang-Yu carelessly said as his body leaped and he sat by her side.

But once he finished speaking, he sensed something was wrong. He raised an eyebrow towards her. “You didn’t wake this young master up from sweet dreams so late at night just to analyze the boring situation in the royal court with you right? Not doing it, not doing it. This young master isn’t that bored!”

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t pay any heed to his protest, rather minding her own business, she continued to say. “Before, I had always suspected that Western Xuan emperor dispatching my family’s prince to search for a mine in Fu Li mountain range was only one part of the mission. Among this, there were other tasks. But my family’s prince had never divulged it. I have always been searching for it.”

“It’s very normal to have a secret mission, you shouldn’t think too much about it.” Dongting Wang-Yu leaned against the tree trunk and closed his eyes to rest, idly replying her.

“It’s not that I’m thinking too much, rather I subconsciously feel that this secret mission is causing great harm to my family’s prince.”

Dongting Wang-Yu couldn’t help but open one eye after hearing the worry in Chu Qing-Yan’s tone. “So?”

“Before I always couldn’t find a clue, but now I think I may know what this secret mission is.” Chu Qing-Yan felt her words weren’t carved in stone, but she felt her own guess ought to be pretty close.

“What is it?” Dongting Wang-Yu originally didn’t care, but it was rare to see this little girl being so deadly serious. His body couldn’t help but sit up straight with an appearance of listening with all ears.

Chu Qing-Yan raised her head to look at that bright moon, her tone was somewhat sorrowful but also somewhat enraged.

“To purge the vermin, to bring everything under control.”

Dongting Wang-Yu frowned and said in disbelief. “Are you certain?”

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t speak but nodded her head.

Tonight when she went in to deliver the medicine in the official business room, she saw the map placed at the corner of the table. On the map was drawn the entire landscape of Western Xuan empire. This wasn’t surprising, but what amazed her was that on this map, with the capital as the starting point, it had red lines that continuously circled several areas. They were all areas that they had arrived at these several days. But all of this wasn’t the main point, what attracted her attention the most was that, on the route to Fu Li mountain range, many counties, cities and towns in the surrounding were all circled in red. But these places they simply didn’t need to go through. It could be said that these days, the places they had passed by were simply not on the route to Fu Li mountain range.

Rather, they had always been making detours, always lingering among the cities and towns.


Clearly they could directly arrive at Fu Li mountains, why must they make so many turns? Digging out so much abuse and corruption, in fact, not a bit of it was on the way!

She suddenly had an outrageous guess. The reason why Big Block of Ice was so bold and decisive, handling matters decisively like a strict thunderous wind that brought the officials in Western Xuan under control. In fact, there were people behind him inciting this, moreover every time he uncovered a case, the people from the imperial court were able to arrive quickly and take over. Didn’t this indicate that in fact, the capital had already made preparations?

Able to have such huge power to give Big Block of Ice orders, under the heavens, there was only the Western Xuan emperor.

Therefore, the secret mission was to punish evil, killers and traitors.

If it really was like what she was thinking, then all the things that had happened along the way could be explained.

But this secret mission gave her a suffocating illusion.

“This young master feels you may have guessed correctly.” Dongting Wang-Yu stroked his chin and nodded as he immediately praised to say. “Little girl, you are really smart.”

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t feel as if she should be happy about this praise, her mood right now was extremely heavy.

Because if she had guessed right, then what awaited them could be extreme danger.

These past two months, those that were caught, which one wasn’t a huge vermin? Moreover, being able to become a huge vermin, how could they not have a bit of power? Not have a bit of ability? Big Block of Ice’s move was too ruthless, after they recuperated their strength, it would be revenge at all costs, to kill him.

Don’t blame Big Block of Ice for saying there wasn’t enough time, it’s that it’s too late!

Everything could be explained.

Punish traitors and remove evil, this was originally matters that could be expected.

But the person that stood out from among the crowd would become the target of all those people.

A centipede dies but never falls down.

When the time came for those people to retaliate, then it would be a fight to the last breath. One wave after another wave, it would simply be overwhelming.

And the person that brought about everything at that time will enjoy the gains Big Block of Ice used his heart, his life and great effort to achieve. He’ll be free of worries, only Big Block of Ice would shoulder the large and evil intentions coming from all sides.

Hatred flashed through her eyes, this was the first time in her life that she detested a person like this.

“Even wild beasts looked after their young. But I have actually seen an incomparably cruel and heartless father! No, he simply doesn’t deserve to be a person’s father!”

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  1. Panagiota says:

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    It seems hard, but I believe in her. At the very least, she can move his heart to shift position from merely accepting all hits to a more defensive and proactive stance. He needs to be firm and refuse to continue being a scapegoat. Think about it, his father can’t do anything to him after this in the open because Xu’s gaining the love of the people as they see all the deeds he’s doing.

    Xu doesn’t want to oppose his family because he craves their love, but after he experiences the true love of a family through the Chu family and his grandpa, he should realize that he’s got other people who can love him, and his family will never cease to exploit him for their own gain. Qing Yan needs to make him gain resolve to stand up to them. Those jerks need to see what great loss they’ve encountered by refusing to spare a thought for him!

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