Adorable Consort – Chapter 273

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Chapter 273 – The promise you made to me at that time can’t be discarded

Once Cheng Yan-Luo said this, Fire Spirit and the others all became slightly stiff. Their gazes couldn’t help but turn toward their family’s Little Consort.

Seeing this, Chu Qing-Yan lifted her hand to let Fire Spirit and the others withdraw to the side. Then she faced Cheng Yan-Luo and smilingly said. “The family’s bodyguards don’t understand etiquette, I ask Older Sister Luo-Yan not to take offense. My cousin’s injury is very serious and can not be delayed. Will Older Sister lend a hand?”

Cheng Yan-Luo looked deeply at the little fellow in front of her with red lips and white teeth, and her eyes narrowed. “Little sister, Older sister likes to hear what you said. Okay, I won’t make things difficult for you guys.”

Saying up to here, Cheng Yan-Luo’s body slanted toward Sha Feng and beckoned to him. “Prepare hot water, medicinal herbs as well as a clean sick room.”

“Yes.” Sha Feng still somewhat didn’t believe these people, but an injured person comes first. Now wasn’t the time to argue about this. He immediately listened to the orders and instructed the little apprentices to go and prepare it.

Chu Qing-Yan’s heart was slightly glad. Cheng Yan-Luo believed in her words and agreed to treat Big Block of Ice, this really was ten thousands of good luck.

She stealthily wiped away the sweat on her forehead. She really wasn’t good at lying but now she could only force herself to stiffly step up. Just now was really torture.

Cheng Yan-Luo saw that her entire face was pink, lips sparkling and translucent, the thought of making fun of her rose up. “Very hot?”

“Oh, no. It’s that my body isn’t very comfortable. It’s nothing, you don’t have to mind such insignificant matter.” Chu Qing-Yan immediately shook her head.

She originally wanted to tease her some more, after all it’s rare to encounter such an interesting little girl. Only that she had to deal with more important matters first, so Cheng Yan-Luo didn’t pay more attention to her. Rather, she walked to the bed in the middle of the lobby and reached out her hand to examine the wound on Xiao Xu’s body. After her examination, she said without thinking. “The chest received an injury from an arrow, but it could be considered that his lifeline is big. Just one hundreths of a centimeter more, he would have died.”

In passing she untied that gauze, and when she saw the wound had already been treated, she felt this skill looked somewhat familiar. But after she rewrapped the wound, her gaze moved up. “Lips give off purple and black color, have signs of being poisoned.”

“Third Junior Brother, silver needles!” Cheng Yan-Luo extended a hand and Sha Feng immediately handed over a silver needle.

Cheng Yan-Luo tested the poison and when she identified the poison, she was surprised. “It is actually Snake Kiss poison.” Then she turned to say in a tsk manner. “Whose enmity did you guys provoke to make them use such a ruthless method?”

When Chu Qing-Yan saw she immediately said the poison’s name, her eyes lit up. “Is there a way to solve this poison? I heard this is one of the ten most toxic poisons in the world.”

“Currently there is no solution.” Cheng Yan-Luo looked at her with regret. She was just about to straighten her body when she suddenly saw a jade pendant on the belt falling outside at a slanted angle. She stared at it and suddenly, her expression changed.

Right now, Chu Qing-Yan had not discovered the change in Cheng Yan-Luo’s expression who had her back to her. Hearing there was no solution, her entire person stared blankly in place. She felt as if her entire world had collapsed. Once the sun rises, then the three days Air Spirit had said would arrive. This medical center was their greatest hope and also their last hope.

No, not possible. Air Spirit said today in this world, besides his master, if even his Junior Sister didn’t have a way, then there is no medicine to solve this poison.

But at this time, where could they go to find Divine doctor Luo ah!

“Older sister Yan-Luo, please think of a way, my cousin doesn’t have much time left!” Chu Qing-Yan took a step forward to grab her sleeves and earnestly asked.

But when her hand had just touched Cheng Yan-Luo’s, she saw her slowly turn to face her. Her expression had something different from the absent-mindness she had before, rather her expression was very severe. Or maybe it could be described as enduring her anger.

“Older sister Yan-Luo, what’s wrong with you?” Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but ask.

“You guys came from the capital?” Cheng Yan-Luo stifled her anger.

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t know why she would suddenly ask this question. But clearly she already knew something. Chu Qing-Yan hesitated for a bit, then nodded. “Yes.”

“He is Western Xuan’s Prince Ying?” She questioned in a tone that was certain of the answer.

Chu Qing-Yan was slightly alarmed, she remembered Air Spirit had told her before that once they admitted they had any relationship with the royal family, even if his junior sister was to watch Big Block of Ice die, she wouldn’t extend a hand to help.

How should she reply?

She already knew this, but if she were to admit it, then what would await them would be a closed door in the face.

A conflicted expression appeared on Chu Qing-Yan’s face. This was completely seen by Cheng Yan-Luo, and all of sudden, she laughed coldly. Then she slowly extracted her sleeve from Chu Qing-Yan’s hand. She turned and lifted her hand to point toward Xiao Xu laying on the bedding peacefully, as she mockingly said. “No wonder just now when I saw the mask on his face, I had a split second of familiar feeling but couldn’t recall who it was. No wonder the wrapping around his chest wound was so unique. If it was not for the jade piece on his body revealing his identity, perhaps I’d still be kept in the dark by that bastard Mu Rong-Jue.

“Those years he took unfair advantage and deceived me. After so many years, he still hasn’t made any progress. He can only use this kind of method to achieve his goals!”

Saying up to here, Cheng Yan-Luo took a deep breath then said. “I won’t save this person, you guys leave!”

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t understand why the person who was fine just a moment ago would change her face and stance so quickly. “Older sister Yan-Luo, when practicing medicine, one shouldn’t look at someone’s identity. You can not refuse us because of our identity…”

“Things related to practicing medicine, you don’t need to tell me. I never eat this kind of reasoning. Moreover, I once made a vow to never extend a hand to treat anyone belonging to Western Xuan’s royal family. I won’t discard the vow I made at that time! So you guys do as you please!” A deeply grieved expression appeared in Cheng Yan-Luo’s eyes, but very quickly, it entered into the depth of her eyes and disappeared. Finished speaking, she instructed Sha Feng to send the visitors out and turned to leave.

Chu Qing-Yan, seeing this, didn’t have time to care for anything else, she extended her hand to stop her. Her pair of eyes met that impatient gaze, not retreating at all. She said in a sincere tone. “Older sister Yan-Luo, we are all ordinary people that walk on this earth. The same eyes, the same ears, the same nose, the same mouth the only difference is the identity and nothing more. Why must you cling strongly to identity? As a practitioner of medicine, shouldn’t you have the hearts of parents, treating patient diseases equally? Could you temporarily set aside your complaints for Air Spirit and help save His Highness for Qing-Yan?”

Saying up to here, Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but turn her gaze to the person lying there peacefully. The person that may stop breathing in the next moment. Her voice when speaking was choked with sobs.

“A person’s life was like a flash of fireworks, it would pass in the twinkling of an eye, so negligible. But a person’s life can also be great. In spite of the jackals and wolves, crafty schemes and fawning, all kinds of threats, he faced all the difficulties head on. He removed the traitors and evil for the ordinary people and he never regretted it. Now he is wounded serving the people, in imminent peril, enduring such torment. Older Sister, seeing that he was injured while doing good deeds for the ordinary people, could you temporarily disregard the matters of that time?”

Although Chu Qing-Yan didn’t know what role Western Xuan royal family and Air Spirit played at that time, but she could clearly feel Cheng Yan-Luo’s loathing and deep resentment for Western Xuan’s royal family.

Things having reached this stage, she could only persuade her to let go of the loathing and resentment.

But she doesn’t know if her words would have an effect.

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