Adorable Consort – Chapter 279

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Chapter 279 – She felt the pressure was greater than a mountain

Not long after Chu Qing-Yan called for people, Cheng Yan-Luo entered.

“Older Sister Yan-Luo, I have already accomplished it. Now you can help my family’s highness slow down the poison! I beg you!” Chu Qing-Yan said this impatiently.

Cheng Yan-Luo’s gaze swept a glance at those pair of hands that were tightly gripped together, then it landed on Xiao Xu’s body. She leaned over, wanting to examine him, so Chu Qing-Yan planned to get up and let her have the seat but found that the grip Big Block of Ice used to hold her hand was too strong. No matter what, she couldn’t struggle out of his grip, so Chu Qing-Yan very embarrassedly rubbed her own head.

“The strength isn’t small, looks like he no longer wants to commit suicide.” Cheng Yan-Luo smiled and said this in a manner that seemed to be making fun of her. She didn’t continue her examination and directly said to Little Ten. “Bring the medicine.”

“This is——” Chu Qing-Yan looked at the medicinal soup in her hand and felt that this scent was somewhat familiar.

“This is the medicinal soup that was boiled anew. The one his Highness drank before were all vomited out.” Little Ten was all smiles as he explained.


“Didn’t you say there were only enough medicinal herbs to boil one bowl?”

Chu Qing-Yan took a glance at Cheng Yan-Luo and felt that right now, the most important thing was Big Block of Ice’s health. So she didn’t ask more and once again sat down on the bed.

Sha Feng, who understood his family’s Senior Sister understood what happened by seeing Chu Qing-Yan’s expression. He couldn’t help but put his hand over his mouth and give a slight cough.

In fact, they had more than enough of the medicinal herbs in the prescription inside the medical center. But in order to ensure that the patient’s family will not waste the medicine, Senior Sister had told all the disciples to say this.

There was once a patient’s family member that questioned this and got Senior Sister’s light as a feather sentence in counter attack.

“What? Could it be that you guys don’t know being wasteful is a disgrace?”

As a result, Senior Sister’s reputation of being a miser spread outside just like this.

“That’s right, the time has already been delayed for too long. Must immediately feed him the medicine. If he doesn’t drink down the whole bowl of medicine within a cup of tea’s time, then——” Cheng Yan-Luo shrugged her shoulders, implicitly saying “you guys ought to know the result”. As a result, she sashayed in an unhurried manner and left.

Sha Feng frowned, was Senior Sister trying to fool people again?

Hearing this, Fire Spirit and the others immediately turned their gaze to the two people on the bed, as if saying seriously that this should be handed over to the little consort.

Chu Qing-Yan who was holding the straw made from green leaf heard what Cheng Yan-Luo said, and her fingers became stiff. It was impossible to finish in time if she used the straw ah!

But in front of her were so many gazes full of hope, Chu Qing-Yan felt pressure that was heavier than a mountain.

She suddenly remembered that last method.

But with so many pairs of eyes staring at her, she felt somewhat awkward.

“Earth Spirit, you guys first go out!”

Although Earth Spirit and the others were puzzled, they still obediently withdrew from the room, and in passing, they closed the door.

When only she and Xiao Xu remained in the room, Chu Qing-Yan looked at that bowl of medicine and took a deep breath. She said. “Big Block of Ice, I’m not deliberately trying to take advantage of you. These are extraordinary circumstances, so we have to deal with it in a special manner!”

Finished speaking, she drank a mouthful of medicinal soup without swallowing it, then leaned close to those thin lips. When both persons’ lips touched, she couldn’t help but tremble from the softness. Didn’t expect that the normally cold, stiff and indifferent person would have lips so soft, like the gelatin dessert from her previous world, making it hard for people not to take a bite.

Chu Qing-Yan almost jumpped from being scared by the thoughts that suddenly popped up in her head. How could she be indulging in flights of fancy at this time ah, she immediately banished and dispersed those charming thoughts.

There wasn’t any time left for her to hesitate, she closed her eyes and found a place on his lips. In the beginning, she felt Big Block of Ice resisting. But don’t know why when she became anxious and was about to leave then try again, he yielded. She immediately seized the opportunity to extend her tongue and pry open his mouth. Then she slowly passed the medicinal soup from her mouth into his.

After she finished feeding him one mouthful, she immediately raised her head to drink another large mouthful and repeated her actions from just now. Very quickly, she finished feeding that bowl of medicine to him.

Just now Sha Feng said that after feeding him the medicine, if the dark purple on his lips became lighter in color, then it means that the poison has been put under control.

As a result, Chu Qing-Yan watched the color of his lips closely. After a short while, his lips really did change to a greyish color. Chu Qing-Yan was overjoyed in her heart, but after the huge joy was a deep tiredness. She laid on top of his chest and said lightly. “Big Block of Ice, because just now you can remain for me, I really am very happy.”

“I told you before, you really aren’t someone that has nothing. You still have me ah!”

“Living is not an easy matter, don’t believe there is reincarnation in this world. Grasping the present is the most important thing.”

While she was dizzy from being tired, she didn’t know what she said. But a thought floated out in her mind without her thinking about it.

As if the person who had their tofu eaten wasn’t Big Block of Ice, rather it was her ah!”

But when she was about to fall asleep, she was suddenly woken up by herself. This won’t do, she still can’t sleep right now. She still had things she needed to do.

After settling down Big Block of Ice properly, Chu Qing-Yan got up and walked out of the room.

At this moment, the first splendid thread of daybreak penetrated through the clouds and illuminated the ground.

Chu Qing-Yan looked towards it, welcoming the sunlight. Although the morning sunlight was still clear and cold, but she still felt it was a bit warm. They finally got through the dark night after waiting so long for dawn to arrive.

Everything they had to wait for was worth it.

Little Ten stood in front of the door. Chu Qing-Yan lowered her head and smilingly asked. “Little Ten, where is your family’s Senior Sister?”

“Oh, now the medical center should be open but Senior Sister ought to be in the back courtyard.” Little Ten’s head swayed as he replied.

Chu Qing-Yan nodded, smiling slightly. “Little Ten, can you first help take care of His Highness for me? I need to go find your Senior Sister, but I will come back very quickly.”

“Okay, leave it to me.” Little Ten patted his chest.

Chu Qing-Yan looked at the little boy in front of her that wasn’t even seven years old making this motion. Even though it seemed comical, he looked really cute doing it. Her hand extended out to rub his head and smiling, she said her thanks.

Chu Qing-Yan found the back courtyard according to her previous impression of this place.

Now Cheng Yan-Luo held a small hoe, pulling out the weed in the medicinal herb garden. When she lifted her hand to wipe away the sweat, she saw Chu Qing-Yan slowly walking over. She stopped her previous actions and with one hand propped on the hoe, she smilingly made fun of her, saying. “Why aren’t you accompanying your Highness, what are you doing running over here?”

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan involuntarily recalled the matter of her feeding him medicine just now. Her face couldn’t help but turn red, she coughed lightly to cover up her awkwardness before she said. “What are you doing here?”

“Weeding ah!” Cheng Yan-Luo spread out her hand. “Normally when my mind is disordered or lacking any ideas, I would run over here to do some weeding. This helps my thoughts become calm.”

Chu Qing-Yan knew she was anxious because of figuring out how to help solve Big Block of Ice’s poison. She sincerely said. “Thank you for being willing to help us, Older Sister Yan-Luo.”

“Where’s the need for thanks, it’s not like I’m solving the poison for you guys for free. At that time, the money for the examination and treatment will be how much. You guys are not allowed to renege on the debt and it will be fine.” Cheng Yan-Luo said in a manner of completely not caring, soon after she smiled at Chu Qing-Yan once again. “Moreover, didn’t you already guess earlier that I would agree?”

Her thoughts having been seen through, Chu Qing-Yan didn’t feel embarrassed at all. On the contrary, she said with poise. “Because I believe a person’s heart that contained benevolent thoughts, when all’s said and done, won’t be cold blooded and ruthless.”

“Am I right, Older Sister Yan-Luo?” Chu Qing-Yan smiled brilliantly at her.

Cheng Yan-Luo took a glance at her, how come this brilliant smile seemed so offensively conspicuous to her?

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