Adorable Consort – Chapter 289

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Chapter 289 – Still need to oppress the single person

Her eyes seemed to have blurred, she shook her head as if her head was very heavy. She didn’t know what’s going on, but her head seemed to feel a faint burning hotness? Moreover, her head was very heavy, she really wanted to sleep. If someone were to give her a pillow, she would likely fall asleep.

Could it be because she saw Big Block of Ice’s body that she would have such a strange feeling?

It’s also wrong ah!

But right now, she didn’t have the leisure to pay attention to this, first, the most important thing was to support Big Block of Ice into the tub.

Because she needed to support Xiao Xu’s entire body’s weight, she was unable to look down. To the extent that she didn’t see the pool of water that spilled on the floor when the little apprentice brought in the water. By the time she stepped on it and sensed something was wrong, it was already too late.

Because her foot had already slipped, her entire center of gravity wasn’t stable and she fell toward Xiao Xu.

Her eyes opened wide from fear, no, Big Block of Ice’s body had injuries, on top of the fact people’s bones in the winter were always weaker than in other seasons. If she were to fall like this, then with regards to Big Block of Ice, it would be adding more to the injury and the injury would worsen.

Under the light of the fire lamp, she exhausted all the strength in her body and switched the position of their bodies. In this instant, the scene of her wanting to save Big Block of Ice by blocking that arrow appeared in her mind. But at the last critical moment, he leaned over and covered her body.

Tears instantly rushed out, she didn’t expect that the matter she couldn’t complete at that time, she managed to complete it in this moment.

At that time, she thought, if she hadn’t rushed up, would Big Block of Ice have had the opportunity to avoid it?

But in the end Air Spirit told her, he wouldn’t have been able to avoid it. Because at that time, Big Block of Ice’s martial arts had been used up and he had no strength. But at that time, his body suddenly burst out some strength to pull her down. It could be seen how good he treated her, he could not bear to have her injured a bit.

At that time, he said he won’t allow her to be injured again. He really practiced what he preached with his promise.

He was just that kind of person with a strong sense of responsibility towards her.

The instant she hit the floor heavily, she didn’t immediately feel the pain. She only felt the heart in her chest about to jump out. Immediately following was a short period of dizziness and Big Block of Ice’s body directly landed on her body.

In order to avoid being flustered and touch his wound, she only dared to extend her hand and grab his arm. And also because of this pull, Xiao Xu’s face coincidentally touched her face.

Her hand froze stiffly in midair. Before her eyes, the scene of his face gradually getting bigger repeated in an endless loop.

His lips——

This was too coincidental ah!

In the twinkle of an eye.

Chu Qing-Yan subconciously turned her head, that breath had already streaked across her cheek.

It seemed as if she was injected with chicken blood, with a whoosh sound, she got up. Her face was so red blood could drip out. But she dared not look at him. She quickly supported him up, don’t know where the strength came from, in a daze, she propped him up and into the wooden barrel.

When she saw him peacefully sitting in the wooden barrel, Chu Qing-Yan unfolded her palm, in disbelief that she was able to do such an unimaginable thing.

If it was not for today, she still wouldn’t have known that she had the ability to become Popeye the sailor!

Sure enough, potential needs to be excited to come out.

But that kiss just now——

Was it a kiss because of luck?

Chu Qing-Yan tossed her head, this won’t do. Her mind was in a mess, what was she thinking off?

Suddenly she started to feel dizzy again, Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but lean against the wooden barrel to clear her head. She didn’t know why, but today, her body continuously protested against her. Was it possible she had fallen ill?

Maybe because recently she hadn’t rested that’s why she became like this. Chu Qing-Yan didn’t think more of it and touched the several buckets of water placed on the ground. En, En the water temperature was still too hot, reckon there won’t be any problems.

Although Chu Qing-Yan felt that just now she had been tossed around for a long time and wasted a lot of time, in fact, only a cup of tea worth of time had passed.

Because she was anxious and nervous, that was why she felt the time was very long.

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t hesitate, she lifted up the buckets of water and poured into the wooden barrel. There were three to four buckets of hot water in the room, after she finished pouring one bucket, she poured the other, not daring to stop for a rest. She was afraid the water would get cold.

The medicinal herbs sprinkled on the bottom of the barrel immediately floated up in the wake of poured water. It almost arrived at Xiao Xu’s chest before she stopped.

Because Big Block of Ice had the wound from an arrow on his chest that hadn’t formed a scab yet and so couldn’t touch water, Chu Qing-Yan very carefully avoided that gauze.

But at this time, Chu Qing-Yan saw Xiao Xu’s hair that had carelessly spilled onto his shoulder. She suddenly slapped her head and thought of something. It turned out she overlooked something. Her head immediately turned, wanting to pick up a hair pin to tie up his hair. But after searching for a while, she still didn’t find it. Then her eyes lit up, she drew out the hairpin from her hair and immediately, three thousand strands of fine black hair fell down. The bright, handsome, super cute boy’s appearance was immediately restored to an elegant and exquisite female appearance. But she didn’t pay attention to her own hair, she walked behind Xiao Xu and collected his crow black hair behind his head. A man’s hair isn’t as fine and smooth as a woman’s, it was somewhat hard but still felt very good in her hand. Before, when he was sleeping together with her, she would often pull his hair to play with, but this was the first time she tied up his hair for him.

Although she had never helped others bind up their hair, this time she was already very seriously doing her best. She took a step back to appreciate her work. Even though it was somewhat crooked and strange, because Big Block of Ice’s temperament was very good, no matter how bad the hairstyle on his head was, it was still very beautiful.

Finished admiring it, Chu Qing-Yan still couldn’t help but praise her own craftsmanship. Her face was serious, without a bit of falsehood.

Hair having been tied up, it revealed that sturdy shoulder. Chu Qing-Yan somewhat jealously poked at his face, and in a sticky voice she said. “This skin is really good. As a woman, I must express that I can’t accept it oh!”

But no matter how she tossed, that person sitting safely inside the water didn’t have a bit of reaction.

Chu Qing-Yan took back her hand and recalled what Yan-Luo said. After entering the water for fifteen minutes, she can cut the Red Stone Fruit and place the fruit into the water.

Thus she immediately turned to search for a dagger. Then in passing, she picked up the Red Stone Fruit that was on the tray.

When she turned around, hazy and indistinct vapor that arose began to look like thin smoke, as if she was watching through a faint mist.

No, no, no, just now she had already sprayed out blood once.

She gave a slight cough, this really wasn’t an experience to go through again ah!

Fortunately no one discovered it.

Only that when she walked back to the wooden barrel, she suddenly recalled a matter and that was that she still hadn’t taken off Big Block of Ice’s obscene underwear.

Huh, it seems entering the water doesn’t seem to affect the ability to absorb the medicinal herbs.

But at that time, Yan-Luo had repeatedly made it clear that she shouldn’t forget to do this thing.

She scratched her head, should she take it off?


How come she felt Yan-Luo’s expression at that time seemed to have just a tiny bit of, cough, cough, vulgarity ah!

No, no, no——

It must be that she saw it wrong. Yan-Luo is a forthright person, she wouldn’t use this kind of matter to deceive her.

Forget, believing she would rather mistakenly kill three thousand than let one idea slip by, Chu Qing-Yan still put down the dagger and Red Stone Fruit in her hand. She rolled up her sleeves to avoid getting it soaked.

At this moment, the medicinal herbs were floating on top of the water. There were flowers, leaves, in short, it was densely packed and covered the bottom of the water.

But one could still faintly see the white underwear underneath.

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